Thursday, March 19, 2015

Farewell, lovies.

Oh man, this is hard to admit to everyone, but it honestly needs to be said.
Blogging isn't fun for me any longer, and if you couldn't tell already, I've been slowly weaning myself off of blogging since last year. I've been blogging for almost two years now and it doesn't make me happy like it once did. In fact, I always felt pressed to blog about items because I wanted to make sure my loyal readers were updated on items I bought, but in doing that, I lost how happy I was. I stressed myself to no end over blogging. It just got to the point where I couldn't handle blogging and I had to pump myself up over a few weeks to get one measly blog out. It's not even just that either. In these two years, I've felt that I've done my absolute best to coming out with quality posts. I've spent hundreds of dollars making sure I have the right equipment and things to make my blogging style as clean and appealing to the eyes as possible. I've spent hours making sure I did my best. I'm not saying this to be petty, but I fell as if all my hard work to review the item, take photos, write my posts all go to waste and I say this because I've seen bloggers who barely have anything on their posts gain more of a following in a shorter amount of time than I have. It made me reconsider if I should reconstruct my way of blogging. And I do realize it's not about how many followers you have, it's about the support you currently have and what you make of it.

I really want to thank all of you for the continuous support you've given me over the years. I also want to thank the sponsors I've gained as well for allowing me to review for you.
With that being said, Obviobsessions, the blog, is on an indefinite hiatus. I cannot say if or will I will return. This is almost like another chapter in my life that I may need to close. I can't help but feel sad... I have met so many wonderful people from blogging communities...
I want to give a special thanks to two very special bloggers that have been there for me for the longest... Tiffany and Misa, thank you. Distance doesn't mean a thing for me and I cherish our friendships to the fullest. 
heart emotico
If you'd like to keep up with my current passions and life, you are always welcome to follow me on my Instagram, @obviobsessions. I also have a sale page, where I sell my new and used items, @obvisales ( currently only open to Us buyers ).
This isn't goodbye, my dear lovies, just farewell, for now. Stay Positive. Stay Beautiful. Light your world.
- Ashley
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