Friday, August 30, 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

It's totally unlike me to post two blogs within a day! However, I honestly couldn't be more honored to have been nominated for this award. I'm so thankful to have Hannah as a friend. She runs her own blog, named Beauty Sweet, where she posts many awesome reviews. Can I mention she has some beautiful nails?!?!? She's definitely one of the sweetest women I've seen on social medias. 

Let's get right into this, shall we?

The guidelines are as follows:

1 - Display the above logo on your blog. 
2 - Be sure to link back to the person who nominated you.
3 - Share 7 facts about yourself.
4 - Nominate 10 other bloggers to receive this award.
5 - Let them know you've nominated them.

Quite easy IMO!

So here's 7 facts about me [ Oh, this is so exciting!~ ]:

1 - Unlike what my skin tone decides to be, I'm actually a mixture of Black, White & Indian. I honestly wish I had a darker skin tone, but nonetheless, I'm still happy no matter what.

2 - I used to be into nail polish so bad that I'd have packages coming in through the mail EVERYDAY! I still have a lot of polish even after destashing some. Loads of untrides as well. I realized after getting out of the relationship I was in, polish seemed to just pacify me during the entire thing. I still love polish & have picked up painting my nails after taking my acrylics off in March. Now my addiction.. well, you should already know this. :D

3 - I've had every natural hair color you can think of. From black, to the now bleach blonde hair I'm going for. I've even done a black to pink ombre once before, but that faded out quickly. 

4 - I have nightmares almost every night. I'm not sure why. I'm a generally happy person, yet my dreams like to mess with me. Just the other night, I dreamt there was a visible shadow floating into my room & I immediately woke up. It's a wonder I ever get any sleep!

5 - I am currently with someone! He's shown me that I can be treated like the Queen I am. He's shown me more love in the 4 months we've been together than most of the flops I've been with. [ Yes, flops. ]

6 - I'm a party pooper. Why would I write about this? Well, it is a fact. Most weekends when I don't have my little one, I will still turn down any drinking of any kind. I'm unsure as to why that is, but I believe it's bc I'm always in Mommy Mode. 

7 - I secretly wish I was Asian and that I was born in Tokyo... so I can be kawaii. I've always had a love for Asian culture. So much that my childhood bedroom was Asian themed [ complete with red walls & black closet doors ]. One day, I wish to travel to both Tokyo & Korea.

I'm not going to lie, that was actually painful to write. I have a difficulty writing about myself ^-^;.


I love her blog! I get a lot of my wishlist items from reading her reviews!

2 - Shinesque
As new as her blog is, she writes very detailed reviews!

Another really awesome blogger with detailed reviews!

Yomi is super sweet & nice. Her blog is amazing!

5 -  Misaraisu
Absolutely one of my favorite bloggers, I stumbled upon her blog & now she's one of my leisure time reads. She's extremely sweet & her blog... OH HER BLOG~

6 - Nineteen&
SHE LOOKS LIKE NIIGAKI RISA! Her blog photos are amazing!

Chee is another blogger I swear by. Her reviews are also another reason why my wishlist is growing & growing!

A beautiful blog with an even more beautiful blogger!

Jenniya's blog is a mixture of fashion & beauty. You can never go wrong with that!

Her reviews are amazing. She hasn't been on in awhile, but her reviews are more than worth the wait!

I cannot thank Hannah enough for nominating me for this award. When I started this blog, I never expected to get the feedback I'm getting. Compared to the bloggers who've been here longer, I only hope to be like them one day & get my reviews read by people around the world. They are my inspiration. My readers are my inspiration. One day, I will give back to all you've given to me. I won't disappoint you!



MINI-REVIEW: Skin Food Cabbage Toner!

Good morning darlings! It's Friday~ ( don't get that song stuck in your head, OK? ). Hope you've all had a pleasent week. Mine was uneventful as usual, but my 3-day weekend looks promising. I have another mini-review for you today!

I got a few samples of these when I ordered from TesterKorea. What I like to do is have the samples with me when I'm spending the night away from home. They're much more travel friendly. Lugging around full sized products can be a task! ^-^;


You can kind of see the nasty it took off my face. This is after cleansing, of course.

The scent of this toner is odd. I'm not quite sure it's a genuine "cabbage" smell, but it's not unpleasant & it wears off quickly. When applying the toner, it applies really smoothly when used with the cotton round. It's also moisturizing. It didn't leave my face tight like a toner with alcohol would normally do. However, this doesn't clean as effectively as the Skin Food Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Toner [ x ] does. It's not a bad toner if you want something more natural cleansing your skin.


If I didn't already have a good amount of toners/sample toners already in my stash, I'd probably go ahead & buy this for the fact that it doesn't leave my skin feeling too dried out. My only issue is that it doesn't cleanse as well as my other toners. 

If you want to try it out for yourself: - Skin Food Cabbage Toner Samples - USD $1.56 - Skin Food Young Leaves Pure Cabbage Gift Set - USD $0.78 - Skin Food Cabbage Toner - USD $10.68

Hope you've enjoyed this mini-review & I hope it was helpful!

Have a great weekend my lovelies!



Wednesday, August 28, 2013

REVIEW: Etude House Magic Tint Balm - Magic Pink!

Good afternoon lovelies. Sorry for such a late post! Work has been hectic all day, but I'm finally able to sit down & write a review. Hope you're all having a wonderful week. Labor Day is coming up & thankfully I'm off of work that day! What are your plans? 

Today I have another lippie review. Not that I don't have enough lip products, I couldn't help passing this one up. CHECK OUT THAT PACKAGING. I used to be really into holographic nail polishes, even so that I still have tons of them, so the holographic accent on the packaging definitely had me sold. Anything holo is perfect. :P

Out of the four shades of Magic Tint Balms, of course I'm going to fall in love with the pink version.

Such pretty colors, number four looks interesting as well. 

I couldn't find an English description on this product, but it's quite self explanatory. Just like any other potted lip product, you lightly rub your finger across the surface of the product to grab some of the product & swipe that across your lips. Pretty simple! However, this may be very unhygienic to some. I don't mind since I'm the only one using this & I have a tendency to wash or sanitize my hands before applying any makeup to my face.

[ NET WT. ] 10g.

Awaaa~ such a pretty pink. I almost didn't want to touch this bc of how pretty it looked! The product is really smooth & not sticky at all. The smell reminds me of cherry candies, a little fake smelling, but still smells rather nice. 

[ I took this photo when I had brown hair ]

It definitely makes my lip much more pink. I like applying this over other tints to moisturize my lips so they won't dry out too much. I also apply this when I don't have time in the morning to do full on lips. It's very convenient, but I don't think this tint actually tints my lips. I feel like this is more of a lip gloss than a tint, but I love it regardless.

Overall, even though this tint doesn't completely tint my lips, I still use this from time to time. I normally keep this in my makeup bag for everyday wear. There's a lot of product, so I don't see myself running out anytime soon, but I would purchase the other colors!

****/5 stars. I've used better tints, but I still like this one. I'll definitely keep using it!

If you want to purchase this: [ x ] USD $3.90 [ x ] USD $3.89

Hope you've enjoyed this review.

Hope you have a wonderful day, have an even better one tomorrow!



Monday, August 26, 2013

REVIEW: The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask!

Good morning lovelies. Hope you've enjoyed your weekends. I had a pretty enjoyable weekend. Helped two of my friends move into their new house & I couldn't be more happier for them! Anywho, today I'm reviewing The Body Shop's Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask!

My mother got this for me when they were having a sale. I really like the Vitamin E line they have & decided to try out their face mask from that line. Vitamin E is amazing. It's one of the most powerful antioxidant vitamins you can put on your face! With that, you'd think this mask is nothing short of amazing.

The mask is slightly thick, as it applies really nicely to the skin. It has a slight pink color [ as do all of the Vitamin E products from The Body Shop ].


Sink some antioxidant Vitamin E into your skin. Bring skin back to optimum moisture level with this intensely hydrating mask.


Apply a thin layer over your face and leave on for ten minutes. Tissue off excess or blend into skin.

[ NET WT. ] 3.38 oz

The mask is nice. It has a light scent. As for moisturizing... IT'S AMAZING. It's such a great mask to use practically every day or every other day, especially if you live with dry skin. Perfect for the fall & winter seasons. However... [ yes, there's a however ] the description says to either wipe off excess or blend into skin. I, personally, WILL NOT blend this into my skin any longer. I've noticed as I've tried to "blend" it starts to form small balls of... dirt.. skin? I'm not sure, but it takes something off of my skin I wasn't looking forward to taking off. It's not that it's a HUGE problem, I just wasn't expecting this product to do that. It's still a wonderful mask none the less.

Overall, I'd still use this mask multiple times a week, as it's moisturizing properties are amazing. I plan to try more mask products from The Body Shop soon. Their Tea Trea Face Mask sounds pretty cool, even though my mom swears she'd never put anything like that on her face. It's top-rated, so it HAS to be good! :D
If you want to try this:

Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask [ x ] USD $22.00

The current sale going on:
 Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Buy 1 Get 1 50% off

I'm giving this  4/5 for the odd skin/dirt that seems to rub off when I try to blend this into my skin. Still a wonderful product that I'd continuously use.

Hope you've enjoyed this review!

Hope you have a wonderful day, have an even better one tomorrow!



Friday, August 23, 2013

MINI-REVIEW: Skin Food Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Toner!

Good morning lovelies. Today starts my new mini-reviews on the sample products I've collected & bought over the past few months. I mainly decided to start buying samples instead of full sized products due to the fact that I'm low on money & I thought about how I may not like a product. That'd mean I'd be stuck with a product I couldn't fully use. I'm hoping that every sample I try, I do like. So far, so good!

As far as what toners I've been using, the only "toner" I've used is Witch Hazel. So I thought about trying out a new one to see how I liked them. Which lead me to Skin Food's Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Toner. This is one out of a series of Sparkling Apple skin care products that Skin Food carries. 


This is the excess dirt the toner got off of my face after cleansing. Gross right?!?

I really love this toner. I love the fresh apple scent it has & how the scent only lasts for a little bit. This toner cleans all the dirt & nastiness off my face that cleansing alone couldn't do. My face felt really fresh & completely clean after using. Not dry at all, but my face didn't feel very moisturized after, but I expect that with a facial toner.


Unfortunately, the websites I normally buy from aren't carrying this toner in the full sizes at the moment, & the website I found that does, the shipping cost is abnormally high for me. eBay is my best bet on getting this particular toner, so I'll probably wait until another day to purchase the full sized version. I ended up buying Skin Food's Peach Sake Toner [ x ] & a few Mini-Gift Sets [ x ] of the Toner & Emulsion in place of a full sized Apple Pore Toner.

If you want to try it out for yourself: - Skin Food Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Toner Samples - USD $ 1.36 - Skin Food Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Gift Set - USD $ 0.59 - Skin Food Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Toner 160ml - USD $ 12.88

Hope you've enjoyed this mini-review! Let me know in the comments if you like seeing mini-reviews here. I hope to make this an every Friday or every other Friday depending on how many samples I have to review! I'll figure it out!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Wednesday, August 21, 2013

REVIEW: NYC Cosmetics Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stains!

Good morning my darlings. Hope you're having a wonderful week. Nothing has happened lately, except the massive amounts of mosquito bites I got the other night at a bonfire. Remind yourself to always have bug spray around. These bites are no joke! Today, I have for you three lip stains by the brand NYC. They're a fairly cheap brand, ranging from eye products, to face products. Some of the items are of very good quality. Others I just haven't been able to enjoy.

There are many other shades in this line. Originally, I purchased the middle one, called Rock On Ruby [ 497 ] to do the Uzzlang lip gradiation look. I was given the other two as a gift from my mom.

Let's start in order by number:

 [ 496 ] Forever Fuchsia

Definitely a hot HOT pink color.

[ 497 ] Rock On Ruby

A basic, everyday red. 

[ 503 ] Unstoppable Red

A much more vibrant, coral/pink red.

These lip tints are amazing to say the least. Easy to apply with the felt tip applicator. Very precise when applying. They dry quickly & aren't drying to the lips at all. They have almost a cherry candy scent. Not overpowering & fades quickly after application. What I normally like to do is either use Rock On Ruby for the center of my lips & the others for full on lip tinted lips. I layer the color as well, blotting in-between layers to insure the tint has actually tinted my lips. However, eating is a problem. You will have to reapply after eating or drinking, which, in my opinion, isn't that big of a deal. 

Overall, I LOVE THEM. I have at least one on me no matter where I'm at. They don't cost much either. around $6.00 at most. NYC sometimes has sales & you can get buy 1 get 1 free deals. I'm pretty confident that you can get these at most drug stores that carry NYC products. 

*****/5 stars. I'd  recommend these to anyone who wants to try out vibrant lip stains that are affordable & won't break your bank. I'm even thinking about going back & getting the nude color they have. 

Hope you've enjoyed this review, even though it was sort of short. Mini-reviews will be starting up probably this week or next week. 

Hope you have a wonderful day, have an even better one tomorrow!



Monday, August 19, 2013


Good morning darlings! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I suffered with a bad headache most of the time, but thankfully my hunnie was there to be with me & take care of me. My little love had a virus for the last few days & had to go to the doctors on Friday. He's been running a fever as a result of teething. My poor baby, but now he's doing better, so momma is content! :D Let's get on with the haul & review!


I don't exactly remember where I heard about TesterKorea, Tumblr maybe, but I'm extremely happy I decided to check the website out. I love this website. I love it just as much as I love Kpoptown, but what I like about this website more than others, is the sample section! 

Instead of buying an entire product you may not even like, they have a specific section for samples & it's not just 1-5 samples, it's 10 samples that are very, very affordable! TesterKorea has many lines of cosmetics, some I've never even heard of & they don't just have cosmetics! TesterKorea also has home goods, foods, & jewelry. 

Site navigation is simple & easy. Everything is easy to find. Prices are set on won, but on the sidebar is an exchange rate table, which makes it easy to figure out accurate prices of the products. What I also just found out, was that if the website doesn't have a particular product you're looking for, you can request that they put it up on their website in the Want Board & it will show up in the Want Section. Convenient right?! That's why I love TesterKorea so much [ so much I've already placed another order ].

Now onto the products!:

These are all the full sized products I bought.
From left to right:

- Etude House Honey Wash Off Pack [ x ]
- It's Skin Babyface Pore Powder [ x ]
- It's Skin Baby Face One Step Base - Lavender Pink [ x ]
- It's Skin Babyface BB Cream - Silky [ x ]
- Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice-Cream Shower Ball [ x ]

Now onto the samples I bought.
From left to right:

- Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish [ x ]
- Baviphat Mini Lemon Whitening Sleeping Pack [ x ]
- Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Toner [ x ]
- Tonymoly Red Appletox Honey Cream [ x ]
- Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base [ x ]
- Tonymoly Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint 
- Etude House Shea Butter Nutriful Cream [ x ]
- Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash - Chocolate [ x ]

Lastly, we have the freebies!
From left to right:

- Missha The Revolution Aqua Youth Cream 2x [ x ]
- Skinfood Watery Berry Eye Cream 2x [ x ]
- Skinfood Watery Berry Ampoule 2x [ x ]
- Missha Geun Seol Giyun Essence [ x ]
- Skinfood Broccoli Toner 2x [ x ]
- Skinfood Cabbage Emulsion 3x [ x ]
- Skinfood Cabbage Toner 3x [ x ]

It's quite a lot of stuff, especially the sample packs & freebies. This site is wonderful for getting a good amount of samples for a low price for a product you're thinking about trying. Definitely a gem to find. The shipping can also get you here, but it's to be expected since the items are shipping from another country. 

Overall, I definitely will [ & already have ] repurchase from TesterKorea. I love this website so much! Be on the lookout for reviews of the bigger products & mini-reviews on the samples. I have to figure out a date on when to post a review about them. I've already started using all these products as well. I can't wait to repurchase from this website.

I hope you've enjoyed this haul & review.
Hope you have a wonderful day & an even better one tomorrow!



[ DISCLAIMER ] These products were bought by myself. Testerkorea did not sponsor these products. I plan to post reviews on these products with my honest opinion in mind. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

REVIEW: Holika Holika Water March Moisture Full Cream - Pink!

Good morning darlings. Hope you're having an enjoyable week & CHEER UP, it's Hump Day! I had a few reviews in mind for today that I couldn't quite decide which one I wanted to do. I've been doing a lot of lip related reviews lately & decided it was time to review a skin care item. So, today, I have Holika Holika's Water March Full Moisture Cream, the pink version.


I believe this cream is tailored to people having combination/oily skin, which I do have. I get very oily in my T-zone area, excluding the sides of my nose & my chin, which seem to be a bit more dryer than other parts of my face. My cheeks, however, never seem to have a problem retaining moisture. When I was searching for reviews on this moisture cream, all that came up with was the green version of this, so I figured " Hey, why not? You need a new facial cream anyway! "


The box & the container is so fancy smancy! The product comes in a rather heavy glass container with a gold cap adorning it like a tiara. I'm always afraid to drop it bc it's so pretty & I plan to keep the container once I've used the entirety of it. I don't see that happening any time soon though. It also comes with a small spatula for hygenic purposes, but I ended up misplacing it. I ended up buying a cosmetic spatula so I don't contaminate the product.
Description on the box:
 Holika Holika
Water March Moisture Full Cream [ Moist full & Nutritive ].
This high capacity moisturizing cream fills the dry skin on the verge of being chapped with rich amounts of nutrients and moisture. The cream, which includes pink moisturizing ingredient and rare Ximenia Americana seed oil found in cold and dry Finland, presents your skin with moisture and nutrients, making it resilient and glossy.
[ DIRECTIONS ] Take out the right amount, apply it softly along the skin texture, and let it be absorbed by lightly tapping on your face.
 You get 120 ml of product.
The actual cream is pink in color, but once rubbed in, it's completely clear with no color at all. The smell is quite strong, however it fades as time goes by. In my opinion, it does smell as they say: like raspberries. Now, I'm not too keen on what raspberries smell like, but if they smell like this, I'd be more tempted to try them.
As for it moisturizing chapped skin, it doesn't quite do that for me. During these summer months, my skin is peeling around my nose & chin more than it normally does. It's the humidity that does it! I find myself having to exfoliate everyday to keep the crusties away. However, when using it around my T-zone & my cheeks, it hydrates nicely and controls my oil production fairly well. I'm back to using my Aquaphor, which I had hoped I wouldn't need to anymore, but c'est la vie. One day, I will find a product that helps my skin out completely! Perseverance at it's finest.
Overall, even though this cream doesn't fulfill my hopes of a crust free face, it does hydrate the other parts of my face well, so I'm not complaining at all about that. The smell wears off after awhile, so no complaints there either.
 I'll give this a 3.5/5, simply bc I had such high hopes for it saving the dry areas on my face.
 Would I repurchase? I don't see myself running out of this any time soon, but after running out, I probably wouldn't. I'm starting to have commitment problems with my skin care products. I keep buying new things to try. ^-^;
 I hope you've enjoyed this review!
Hope you have a wonderful day, have an even better one tomorrow!

Monday, August 12, 2013

REVIEW! Misty Night - Brown Lenses from! [ SPONSORED ]

Good morning darlings. Today, I have a very special review! sent me these beautiful lenses for me to review for them. I'm so very thankful for the opportunity & as this is my first sponsored review, I will always value them for their kindness. Before getting into the actual review, allow me to give you some back information on

 - BeautyLenses is the sister store to, except BeautyLenses solely focuses on lenses. They're located in South Korea, which is also where their lenses are made. 

- DUEBA is their manufacturer, which is directly related to Baushch&Lomb. High quality & safe lenses! [ I use a contact solution made by the Baushch&Lomb brand ]

- As new as they are, they are adding more & more lenses to their website as they receive them. I've gone to check them out many times & have seen new lenses added. I'm positive they will have a much more expanse collection as their new website grows.

- In terms of pricing & shipping, for one-day lenses, they're $3.50 a pair. 1 year lenses, I've seen from $13.90 to their highest priced pair maybe close to $25. Prescription lenses are the same pricing as non-prescription lenses. Shipping, you ask? Oh, it's free. Worldwide free as well. 

- They specialize in many lenses INCLUDING trending lenses you see famous KPOP idols wear, such as 2NE1's Park Bom & Girls' Generation's [ SNSD ] Tae Yeoun. Pretty nifty in my opinion!

- My personal thoughts on the website : Simple & easy to navigate. Everything is labeled correctly. I highly enjoy how  almost every lens is shown being worn by a model. I thought that made an awesome touch that I don't normally see. Also, customer service is amazing. They're very nice & are willing to help out any way they can.

As you may or may not know, these cosmetic lenses, or circle lenses are very popular among many young people, especially young females. They may you look more young, much more vibrant. Different lens color, shape, & design can give a different look than your normal, everyday look. They make your eyes look MUCH bigger & brighter. Now, let's get onto the review!

Let's talk about the packaging first!

I'm going to have to describe the envelope the lenses came in, somehow the file got deleted. The lenses came in a yellow, standard packing envelope. Nothing too fancy.

All nicely packaged in bubble wrap for secure shipping. Nothing was harmed or broken when I received the package. 

As you can see, BeautyLenses went as far as to make their own lens boxes & lens labels. It makes everything much more person. They even sent a lens case along with the lenses. I, personally, like these cases more. They don't leak as much as the animal cases tend to [ I've had a previous pair of lenses dry up on me due to the animal cases ].

I have great vision, so there was no need for me to get prescription lenses, however, you are able to get these & other lenses with your prescription if needed.

Product name on the bottom of the box.

Onto the actual lenses themselves!

Misty Night - Brown

It took me a bit to figure out which lenses I really loved the most. I've always wanted to see how I looked with brown eyes. These lenses are so pretty & remind me of glinting amber or, as their name complies, mist!

Check out the detail in these lenses! 

Some background information on the lenses themselves.

[ BRAND ] Beauty Lenses.
[ MANUFACTURER ] Dueba Contact Lens.
[ MATERIAL Soft hydrogel (Poly HEMA), saline.
[ MOISTURE CONTENT ]  38 ~ 42% Water.
[ DIAMETER ] 15.0 mm.
 [ BASE CURVE ] 8.8.
[ DISPOSABLE ] Up to 1 year, depending on how frequent of use.
[ COUNTRY OF ORIGIN ] South Korea.

One in. 

Natural lighting.

Inside lighting.


Let's get into some ratings!

[ DESIGN ] 5/5. These are the most intricate lenses I have. The detail on these is pretty, & as I stated before, remind me of glinting amber in the sun. They blend in well with my naturally Hazel eyes. 

[ COLOR ] 5/5. Such a pretty brown. I've never had a brown pair of lenses before. The color on these caught my eye & I really enjoy having these for the color.

[ COMFORT ] 5/5. My eyes have a lot of problems due to my allergies. Before putting these in, I have to apply an allergy drop to both my eyes & rinse the lenses in solution before putting them in my eyes. I have to say, these are the most comfortable lenses I've had to opportunity to have. You can tell about 6-8 hours after wearing how dry your eyes are, but that's normal to me.

[ ENLARGEMENT ] 5/5. Seeing as these are 15.0 mm, they are the biggest lenses I own to date. I love how big & dolly they make my eyes look. These lenses have become my everyday pair.

[ OVERALL ] 5/5. What can I say? These lenses are the bees knees!


I have not one negative comment to say about these lenses or at all! Customer service is amazing. Site navigation is a breeze. I am thoroughly pleased with both the lenses as well as the website. To purchase these lenses, head on over to to purchase! 

To get a discount on your order, use the code ASHLEY when checking out! Anything to help my amazing readers!

I really hope you've enjoyed this review. I really enjoyed writing this up. I'm very thankful to for this opportunity!

Hope you have a wonderful day, have an even better one tomorrow!



[ DISCLAIMER ] These lenses were sponsored & sent to me by for review purposes. All thoughts on the website & lenses are purely mine & mine alone.