Wednesday, August 14, 2013

REVIEW: Holika Holika Water March Moisture Full Cream - Pink!

Good morning darlings. Hope you're having an enjoyable week & CHEER UP, it's Hump Day! I had a few reviews in mind for today that I couldn't quite decide which one I wanted to do. I've been doing a lot of lip related reviews lately & decided it was time to review a skin care item. So, today, I have Holika Holika's Water March Full Moisture Cream, the pink version.


I believe this cream is tailored to people having combination/oily skin, which I do have. I get very oily in my T-zone area, excluding the sides of my nose & my chin, which seem to be a bit more dryer than other parts of my face. My cheeks, however, never seem to have a problem retaining moisture. When I was searching for reviews on this moisture cream, all that came up with was the green version of this, so I figured " Hey, why not? You need a new facial cream anyway! "


The box & the container is so fancy smancy! The product comes in a rather heavy glass container with a gold cap adorning it like a tiara. I'm always afraid to drop it bc it's so pretty & I plan to keep the container once I've used the entirety of it. I don't see that happening any time soon though. It also comes with a small spatula for hygenic purposes, but I ended up misplacing it. I ended up buying a cosmetic spatula so I don't contaminate the product.
Description on the box:
 Holika Holika
Water March Moisture Full Cream [ Moist full & Nutritive ].
This high capacity moisturizing cream fills the dry skin on the verge of being chapped with rich amounts of nutrients and moisture. The cream, which includes pink moisturizing ingredient and rare Ximenia Americana seed oil found in cold and dry Finland, presents your skin with moisture and nutrients, making it resilient and glossy.
[ DIRECTIONS ] Take out the right amount, apply it softly along the skin texture, and let it be absorbed by lightly tapping on your face.
 You get 120 ml of product.
The actual cream is pink in color, but once rubbed in, it's completely clear with no color at all. The smell is quite strong, however it fades as time goes by. In my opinion, it does smell as they say: like raspberries. Now, I'm not too keen on what raspberries smell like, but if they smell like this, I'd be more tempted to try them.
As for it moisturizing chapped skin, it doesn't quite do that for me. During these summer months, my skin is peeling around my nose & chin more than it normally does. It's the humidity that does it! I find myself having to exfoliate everyday to keep the crusties away. However, when using it around my T-zone & my cheeks, it hydrates nicely and controls my oil production fairly well. I'm back to using my Aquaphor, which I had hoped I wouldn't need to anymore, but c'est la vie. One day, I will find a product that helps my skin out completely! Perseverance at it's finest.
Overall, even though this cream doesn't fulfill my hopes of a crust free face, it does hydrate the other parts of my face well, so I'm not complaining at all about that. The smell wears off after awhile, so no complaints there either.
 I'll give this a 3.5/5, simply bc I had such high hopes for it saving the dry areas on my face.
 Would I repurchase? I don't see myself running out of this any time soon, but after running out, I probably wouldn't. I'm starting to have commitment problems with my skin care products. I keep buying new things to try. ^-^;
 I hope you've enjoyed this review!
Hope you have a wonderful day, have an even better one tomorrow!


  1. I lost all my hopes for holikaholika products now...

    1. Don't lose hope for all of them. This product just doesn't work as I expected it to & it may work differently on your skin type. It's all about trail & error! Don't give up Yomi! <3

  2. The packaging is definitely cute! Too bad it didn't moisturize as well as expected. I like Holika Holika, but their products are a hit or miss for me. :P
    Thanks for the review Ashley!

    1. I hope to find other Holika Holika products that work better for me. I wish we had a store where I lived. I've seen so many pictures & I love the overall theme. Thanks so much for reading Chee! :D

  3. It looks nice in the packaging, but good luck for the next time :)

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.

    1. Yes, the packaging is so pretty, & thank you for reading! :D

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