Monday, August 5, 2013

REVIEW: Tony Moly's Tomatox!

Well, hello there my darlings. I'm back with reviews! No big updates on my move just yet, but I plan to make sure the room I move into has room for a nice vanity/desk! It's been a dream of mine to have a place to put all my lovely make-up items ( They've been sitting in a medicine cabinet :x )! I have my eye on a desk with hutch that would be perfect! Let's get on to the review!

If you've read some of my earlier posts, you know I deal with hyper-pigmentation on my chin. I also have a few dark spots around my face as well. I've dealt with it for as long as I could remember. It's never been that big of a deal, except in the more humid months, when my skin tends to me more flaky in my T-zone. Tony Moly's Tomatox has greatly helped with the discoloration of my skin!

How cute is the packaging? Shaped like a ripe tomato with the stem attached. I have to applaud Tony Moly for their packaging. This is too cute! I predict I'll keep this container for other uses after the product has been completely used.

The directions in Korean as well as a pictorial on how to apply & use this face mask.

English directions as well as a full ingredient list.

TOMATOX Magic Massage Pack

Containing Tomato extracted water and Tomato ingredients, this multi-functional massage pack brings instant magic vitalizing effects to the skin.

Being as a multi-funcional product of soft massage & clearly wash off mask, Tomatox magic massage pack delivers highly vitalizing, truly clarifying, skin hydrating, and protecting effects to the skin, leaves the skin amazingly clear and supple.

[ DIRECTION ] After washing and towel dry the face, take an adequate amount of the product and gently massage with fingertips about 1~2 minutes. After massage, leave it as a pack for 5-10 minutes. Then gently wash patting motion ( Do not hardly rub ).

[ VOLUME ] 80g

It comes with a spatula for hygienic purposes. I don't use the spatula it came with. Instead, I use this to scoop out the product into a sanitized bowl & apply the mask with a facial brush.

The product is completely white. It's thick as well, but very easy to spread on your skin. As for the smell, it's pleasant. To me, it kind of smells like the facial moisturizer by Olay. Others say it smells like fresh tomatoes. I wouldn't know seeing as I don't like actual tomatoes. ^-^;

A swatch of the product on my hand. The right is the product after it has been massaged for the allotted time. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to wait another 5-10 minutes for the actual whitening to take place since I had to take care of my little one after taking these photos. I assure you, the whitening factor DOES work. 

Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants their face to be clearer & brighter. I normally used this about 2-3 times per week as stated in the directions on the box & I have noticed a difference in my skins tone. It's much brighter & has a glow. It also is quite moisturizing. I don't mind the smell while on my skin, as it isn't an extremely potent smell. Just like Tony Moly's Latte Art Milk-Tea Morning pack ( REVIEW HERE ) , this is one of my holy grail, go-to items. 

You can get this on any Korean Cosmetics website, Amazon, as well as eBay. I got mine on eBay. Tony Moly Tomatox on eBay

5/5 for being pure amazing-ness. Now, I really want to try their Apple products as I've heard great reviews on them as well!

Hope you've enjoyed this review.

Have a wonderful day & and even better one tomorrow!




  1. Wow great and cute packaging! Love it. :) I followed you via GFC. Come see my blog and maybe follow me, too? See you in my blog. :)

    I am Jenniya

    1. It seems all Korean products are packaged so wonderfully! I followed you as well! Love your blog! :3

  2. I don't have any Tony Moly products but I often read very favourable reviews from beauty blogs. This pack sounds really refreshing. I wonder how it could smell like tomato and Olay too but probably the Olay I smelled was from years ago. =)

    I would also probably keep the cute container after the product is used up. It could be used to store rings and other accessories perhaps?

    1. You definitely should look into purchasing some! I swear buy Korean cosmetics. This pack really is refreshing. & the smell? I'm not even sure, but I've never had the chance to smell a tomato that smells close to what this pack smells like.

      Absolutely! I might store all my earrings in this one or something, maybe lean the top of the container on the actual container & fill it up with some fragrance beads! :D

      Thanks for reading Jo!