Wednesday, June 26, 2013

REVIEW: Tony Moly Latte Art Milk - Tea Morning Pack!

Before this product entered my life, I knew nothing about how to combat the extreme flakiness my skin had, especially my chin & nose area.

Now before RAVING about the wonders this products has done for me, let me first elaborate on what I was using before I added this into my morning routine.

I exfoliate on a nightly basis. In the morning, I lightly exfoliate with a baby washcloth. I use Aquaphor, a healing ointment, on my dry spots, a skin brightning/whitning serum by some company I can't seem to remember the name of, I use a skin tone correcting facial lotion by Clinique amongst other day lotions I switch around monthly. You would think all that alone, ESPECIALLY the Aquaphor would help my "crusties"... not even maybe...

Until this beautiful baby decended the heavens above & landed into my hands.

As you can see by the box, I have used this product a lot. I've brought it along with me like it's my second child.

Here's a back view of the packaging. All in Korean. ( It helps to find websites that translate what the products do before you purchase. )

The directions of usage in English.

"Make-up stater for ideal facial expression"

Concentrated Skin Whitening & Anti-wrinkle System

This creamy pack type make-up starter is speedy skin boosting primer with instan moisture veil, hydrating touch and silky finish, it prepares the skin for following steps of make-up with smoothing effect on rough surface. Containing black tea extract, this multi-purpose formula delivers plenty of nourishment and activavting elements into the skin. leave the skin amazingly raident and supple. Also, it makes the skin to be ready for wonderful make-up fit and touch, it includes corn hair extract and caffine to make the lifted face line.

[ DIRECTIONS ] Take an adequate amount of the products, gently apply all over the face for about 20 seconds and softly pat to penetrate.
You get 100ml of product.

Nothing fancy about the way the products comes out of the tube. It is hygenic in my opinion.

Here's a little blob of the product on my hand. To me, it's a light beige color. It has a think texture, but it feels very moisturizing as you apply it to your skin.

As you can see, it goes on clear. It's not used to hide imperfections, but I do find that it covers the pores on my nose well.

I literally have NOTHING bad to say about this product as it does exactly what it says. Once applied, my skin feels soft & my "crusties" have vanished completely. All around, this product is absolutely amazing IMO & I'm extremely happy to have found this. I had a feeling when I bought it that it was going to be my go to facial product... now to just buy a few more... I'm so worried about running out already.

You can get this on eBay, Amazon, or my personal favorite, I got this on eBay for $8.33 from an eBay seller that goes by the name cosmeticmarket2012. Free shipping & samples with every item purchased.

Overall, I give this product a 5/5!
Hope you have enjoyed.
Have a wonderful day. Have an even better one tomorrow.



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