Monday, June 24, 2013

What's a blog without a proper introduction?

I guess I got into this not because I feel the need to have something to do, but simply for the fact that I'm highly unsure that anyone around where I live knows the luxuries I do.

My birth given name.. Ashley. Too common. My best friend of 7 years adorned with me the name "Mickee" as to sort of... break me out of the mold, and it did. 21 years of age. I currently reside in Lousiana. It's hot.. humid.. sticky, but it's home. The only thing it's not good for is my weight & my skin ( the food is way too good down here ).

Ever since I was a child, I was obsessed with Asian culture. My entire room from years 11-21 was based on Asian culture, but this blog isn't about the actual culture itself. It's more on the discoveries I've made in the last few years due to Asian, more precisely Korean BEAUTY products ( I only mentioned the obsessions since childhood because I was THAT into it. ) .

My Beauty Diary was what set me off. I realized it was the only product that sank into my skin & allowed my "crusties" to subside for a few days, as my skin would start to dry, mainly in my T-zone, way too much. It got to a point where I didn't care anymore, the hyperpigmintation on my chin along with the dry skin was obviously never going to go away. The sheet masks were working, but only for a limited time. That is until I started a skin regimine that I should have started YEARS ago.

It's not just that Korean skin products that have me sold either, it's their cosmetics that really set the stage. The cute packaging, the cute Korean pop stars advertising the brands' products. How could I pass these things up? I honestly didn't know what I was missing out on all these years.

Since discovering Korean skin care & cosmetics, my skin has taken a turn for the better. It's only been a few months since I've started adding in certain products into my morning & nightly regimine. I have more on the way now to try out.

Ultimatley, what I'm trying to get out of this blog, is a way to connect with my friends about the benefits of the cosmetics I'm trying & have tried. Makeup in the states can be pricey, if you want the good stuff. -.- I hope that by reviewing the products, it gives insight to the people I care about most & to whomever runs across this... blog that I have spontenously started.

I'm wondering if I even have time for all this ^_^;
How about we just see how this goes?

I promise my next posts won't be as long & boring...
huehue I love you doe <3

- mickee


  1. Hi Ashley ;D I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching and reading reviews on Korean cosmetics. I'm following you on bloglovin and GFC.
    Do check out my blog, k ?

    1. Hello ShenEe! Thanks so much for following me. I'm following you now as well! Love your blog! <3