Friday, June 28, 2013

My CURRENT Morning/Nightly Routine!

Good morning. :)

Thank goodness it's finally Friday. Time for another lazy weekend since I never plan to do anything major. I'm just not that into major events. ^_^;

Anyway, today I decided it'd be best to show my morning & nightly routine, just to give an idea of what I use that has been working on me since starting this routine. Before truly caring about my skin, I didn't do much except wash my face with Dove soap & use whatever moisturizer I could find. Thankfully, I've learned the benefits of having nice looking skin! ( I get many more compliments now on how smooth my face looks )

I've also listed where I got each item from just in case anyone was wondering. I primarily use eBay & for my orders.

Morning Routine!
I refuse to wash my face in the morning since I have already washed it the night before. I'm not sure if I'm just weird like that, but I personally belive I don't need to. Here's the order of use:
- Witch Hazel [ any drugstore ]- it's an astringent & a light one at that. It also helps with reddness.
- Aquaphor [ any drugstore ]- I use this on my dryer ares, my chin, around my nose, in between my eyebrows.
- Skin Candescense [ purchased from a thirft store; it was unopened ] - It's a skin whitening cream, but it also leaves a glowy finish once applied. I belive it also has anti-aging benefits as well.
- Clinque Even Better Skin Correcting Face Lotion [ Dillards; Macys ] - It doesn't really correct my skin color, but it does have a good amount of SPF in it.
- Tony Moly Latte Art - Milk Tea Morning Pack [ eBay, Amazon, ] - I've already done a full review of this product & why I'm in love with it.
- The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream [ The Body Shop ] - It's got Vitamin E in it. My mom just gave me it & I've been using it ever since. I must say, it does work.
Nightly Routine!
It's not very different from my morning routine. I do, however, wash my face.
- Clinque Take the Day Off Makeup Remover [ Dillards, Macys ] - It's oil based, so it takes whatever eye makeup I have on completely off. I've used this remover for years.
- Cetaphil [ any drugstore ]- It's gentle on my skin. I use this with a scrubby to gently scrub the dead skin off my face.
- Witch Hazel [ any drugstore ]
- Aquaphor [ any drugstore ]
- Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate [ Sephora, Dillards, Macys ] - Deluxe sample from Sephora. I'm unsure of how well this works, but I believe if I start using an anti-aging serum now, it will benefit me in the future.
- YESto Carrots: Repairing Night Cream [ found at Ross; select drugstores. Target ] - I love this night moisturizer. Really does leave my skin feeling smooth. It does sting a little at first but that's something I overlook.
- The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream [ The Body Shop ]
Really, it's nothing too spectacular, but I use all these religously, morning & night. I look forward to doing my makeup in the morning now that I have a smoother canvas to work with. BB creams go on much better & my skin just over all looks much healthier.
I also use a few facial masks when I really wanna kick my skin into shape. I didn't picture My Beauty Diary bc... I forgot... :p

 - CVS Brand Purifying Mint Maque - [ CVS stores ] ( dupe for Queen Helene )
- Queen Helene Grape Seed Extract Peel Off Mank [ Ulta, beauty suppy stores, any drugstore ]
- YESto Tomatoes Clear Skin Mask - [ found at Ross, select drugstores, Target ] - ( this one makes my skin itch, so I don't use it often )
- Tony Mold Latte Are - Cacao Pore Pack - [ eBay, Amazon, ] ( I use this one the most )

I plan to incorporate more Korean based skin care items into my morning/nightly routine as I get the chance to purchase them. As for now, this is what I'm working with & it has worked for me.

Boring? I know right :D huehue
Hope you have a wonderful day, have a wonderful weekend!

<  lubyou 3

- mickee

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