Wednesday, October 2, 2013

REVIEW: It's Skin Babyface BB Cream!

Hello darlings. I'm late at another post again, please forgive me. I contemplated on whether or not I should post something since I've been so busy this past week & decided I had some free time to post. Moving is taking the life out of me & I cannot wait until I'm completely done. If I don't get a chance to post Friday, you'll know why! :P

This Babyface line is absolutely adorable! I'm slowly collecting all of them, at least I would like to! This is the BB cream from It's Skin's Babyface line. It was fairly affordable on & I'm always looking for awesome BB creams to try out so I settled on getting this one. The packaging, as adorable as you can see. This also comes with the little winged plastic packaging like the One-Step Base had [ x ].

The back of the packaging doesn't have any directions or a description, so I pulled one from


Babyface BB Cream 
UV SPF 36 PA ++

Helps to maintain clear skin naturally covers blemishes to give, not a long time Dark Ning. [ what? ]

UV A and UV B SPF36 PA ++

Angel Steere good extract contains skin softening effect moisturizing grant safflower extract on the skin and softens the skin shows.

[ The translation they did was quite rough, LOL ]


Contents taken a good amount, it will spread by hand or puff or brush.

I love when I get products that come sealed like this!

There are a selection of two types of BB creams you can choose in this form: Moisture & Silky. I ended up choosing the Silky option. 

This BB cream is much thicker than other BB creams I've used. Coverage is light to medium, but buildable. I'm sure with one more coat, you can achieve full coverage. I first applied this with a brush & the cream didn't spread as evenly & as easily as applying it with my fingers. Cream applies smooth as well. Easy to blend. It also settles very fast & doesn't smudge when I happen to touch my face. 

However, there is less product that I had imagined. There is a lot of air in the container.

Overall, I'm highly pleased with this product, but the fact that there is a lot of air in the container definitely makes me feel a little annoyed. If I would have paid full price, I kind of would have felt cheated. I still will use this BB cream when I feel like switching up! Giving this a 4/5!

If you would like to try this product out for yourself: - It's Skin Babyface BB Cream - USD $5.35 [ on sale ]

I hope you've enjoyed this review.

Have a wonderful day/night! <3




  1. So cute it's addicting! Thanks for reading Hannah!

  2. The packaging omg soooooo adorable thanks, I'll defo check it out!!

    恵美より ♥

    1. Thank you for reading Emi! Glad this review was helpful :D

  3. The BB cream sounds pretty decent - I actually thought this was a hand cream at first, Ashley! o.o LOL~ Anyways, it sucks that it was filled with air... hm. Definitely a downside to buying this. >-> Merp. Thanks for the honest review! :D <3

    1. I wonder if they have a hand cream now ^^;. It totally did suck it was filled with air, but the BB cream is decent IMO. Others may not be so hot about it tho. I'm sure there are other BB creams that surpass this one. Thank you for reading darling!

  4. Thanks for the review :D such a cute packaging! I like the idea of the small BB cream because I could never really finish one full tube of BB cream :X

    1. I know how you feel about BB Creams & their packaging. Some of them are so bulky. Then you end up wanting to try others when you already have so many BB Creams. This one seems pretty easy to travel with though. :)

  5. Since you've mention that this BB feels thicker than other ones you have used before, does it bother you? I'm currently using Misha and it feels like I'm not wearing it at all. I really want to give this one a try, but I'm afraid that it would feel too thick. I used 79 BB cream (hot pink) before and I hated how thick it felt on my skin.