Friday, October 25, 2013

ACCESSORIES HAUL: Forever21, Charlotte Rousse, Ulta!

Beautiful babies!

Just posting a quick mini-haul of what I purchased today at the mall. I initially went in looking for a black lace dress for a Halloween party I'm attending this weekend, but decided some accessories would suffice & that I would find something out of my own clothes to wear. NIFTY!

Let's start with Forever21 !

I've been in search for some cute midi-rings for awhile & luckily, Forever21 now carries them. I bought the Hope bracelet bc I love the link chain SO MUCH!

Next, Charlotte Russe. I bought a ton of headbands! Thankfully they were having an accessory sale!

Cutie rose kitty ears.

Gold & diamond devil horns. Love these.

Spikes! I didn't know one was missing but it's a good thing I don't plan to wear this all the time!

Gold & Pearl kitty ears. I have to do work on this one as well. I might replace the pearls with other pearls. I've been looking for one of these forever. I can deal with fixing it up!

I don't quite know how to describe this headband. Definitely reminds me of the 50s.

Now lastly, Ulta!

Just picked up the lightest shade of foundation I could find for a "dead" look for tomorrow as well as some Urban Decay Setting Spray so my makeup doesn't go haywire in the middle of the party.

I might decide to do these more often when I'm able to go to the mall. I hope you'll enjoy these little posts!




  1. I like the headbands you chose! Especially the vintagey one. :)

    1. That one is my favorite I think! Thanks for reading Rebecca!

  2. I really like the rings you bought. I'm not a big headbands person but I think the once you picked are definitely very cute.


    1. I want to find more midi-rings now. Thanks Amelie. & Thanks for reading doll. :)

  3. How awesome! Your headbands are so nice! And I adore Forever2, though there's no shop in our counrty :(
    I'm going to but a kitty headband too:)

    From Russia with love ♥

    1. Thanks Olga! That sucks you don't have a shop where you are! Thanks for reading lovely! <3