Wednesday, September 18, 2013

REVIEW: It's Skin One-Step Base in Lavender Pink!

I can't start off by saying good morning or good afternoon since I'm posting this review extremely late. I finally went seen a doctor for why I was sick, so now I'm on 5 medications to help battle the sinus infection/headache, etc. that seems to just have suddenly made itself home in me. So for tonight, I'll be reviewing It's Skin's One- Step Base in Lavender Pink.

I admit, the packaging is what really caught my eye & made me buy this, but for what it was worth, I decided to try this out. I love the cutie little angel wing plastic covering these Babyface products come with. 

I knew nothing about It's Skin products before discovering this, the BB cream, & the pore powder. I still don't know much, but I enjoy this base a lot.


Apply a good amount of it and widen with puff or brush.

This base also has:

- SPF 15
- Has 7 kinds of white flower extracts : cosmos, peach len's, jasmine, rose, etc.

The product comes sealed, so just like the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream, I advise if the seal is broken when you receive this product, to not use it.

The base definitely brightens up my skin tone & makes my face look much more fresh & glowing. Also, the base is much more liquid than the bases I've used from Holika Holika & Etude House, not that the texture of it makes a difference. It's easy to spread onto my face & allows my makeup to spread easier as well. It also has a light, fruity scent.

However, my only complaint is that this base doesn't last long, even under makeup, so my makeup starts fading faster than using other bases. I still like this base & use it for travel.

Overall, I'd have to give this product a 4/5 since it tends to wear off after a few hours of wear time.

If you'd like to try this product out for yourself: - It's Skin Baby Face One-step Base - USD $5.00 - It's Skin Baby Face One-Step Base - USD $6.09

I'm so sorry for the delayed post. I hope to be better really soon & be back at work as soon as I possibly can. Please send all the love you can my way!

Goodnight lovelies.




  1. Hi Mickee :D thanks for the review! I really adore this cute packaging. Although I don't usually use base make up. This is affordable and I might wanna try it ^_^

    1. Thanks for reading Joyce! I definitely recommend getting a base for your makeup, it does some wonders!

  2. It's sooo cute <3 I thought you draw those wings !

    1. I want to purchase all the Babyface products from It's Skin now! I wish I drew those wings!