Saturday, September 21, 2013

Quick Update - What's Going On, What's Going To Happen.

Hello lovelies. I know, I forgot to post Friday. I'm so sorry. It looks as if I'll be moving a month earlier than planned due to some personal problems, so I've been dealing with that for the past few days. Thinking about what I'm going to be doing with everything & making sure I have everything & everyone on standby for when the move will happen. I'm more than ready for the move. It won't be a permanent move, but it will help me get back on my feet.

I also had to take 6 days off of work due to being really sick. :X The doctor has me on 5 different medications & I plan to stay on one of them permanently for my asthma & allergies. I hope to return back to work & back to blogging as well. I have another mini-haul in the works as well.

Again, I'm so sorry I didn't post on Friday. I definitely won't be letting this blog go any time soon, so please don't give up on me ^^

Love you all~



  1. Hi Mickee :D hope you'll be fine soon!

    1. Thanks Joyce, I'm definitely feeling much better now :D