Wednesday, September 4, 2013

HAUL: - Round Two!

Good morning lovelies. Let me first apologize for not posting anything Monday. Since it was Labor Day, I didn't get a chance to properly blog, but thankfully, my USB drive had one of my folders loaded onto it! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend! I ended up hanging at the new house I will be staying at. Can I just say how ready to move I am? LOL

If you haven't already read my full review on, my last haul & review can be found here. This is my second order from them & I'm in the process of making another order once I get a good amount of use out of these products. Let's get started:

In the photo posted above:
From left to right:

- Holika Holika Tea Cafe Mask Sheet [ Sweet Milk Tea & Lavender Tea ] [ x ] USD $0.97
- Holika Holika Bulgarian Rose Petal Moisture Mask [ x ] USD $12.62
- Skin Food Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Gift Mini Set [ x ] USD $0.58 [ x2 ]
- Skin Food Magic Hair Pad [ x ] USD $0.97
- Skin Food Peach Sake Toner [ x ] USD $8.74
- Skin Food Gold Kiwi Hydrating Mask [ x ] USD $0.39 [ x2 ]

Lots of Skin Food & a touch of Holika Holika. I mainly made this purchase for the peach toner, but the rose mask was in my budget & had been on my wishlist for quite some time, so I caved & got it. I didn't buy any sample sizes of anything except the Fresh Apple Gift Set, which I plan to do a review on just the emulsion from that set, since I've already done a review on the toner here. TesterKorea sent me some samples as well!

From top to bottom:

- Skin Food Watery Berry Sun Lotion SPF 30 PA++ [ x ] USD $1.75 [ for 10ea ]
- Skin Food Watery Berry Toner [ x ] USD $1.36 [ for 10ea ] 
- Skin Food Watery Berry Emulsion [ x ]USD $1.36 [ for 10ea ]
- Missha Geum Seol Eye Cream [ x ] USD $2.91 [ for 10ea ]
- Missha Time Revolution Aqua Youth Cream [ x ] USD $1.94 [ for 10ea ]
- Skin Food Young Leaves Pure Broccoli Emulsion [ x ] USD $1.75 [ for 10ea ]
- Skin Food Young Leaves Pure Broccoli Toner [ x ] USD $1.75 [ for 10ea ]
- Skin Food Royal Honey Hydro Cream [ x ] USD $1.94 [ for 10ea ]
- Skin Food Young Leaves Pure Cabbage Watery Ampoule
- Skin Food Cabbage Emulsion [ x ] USD $1.55 [ for 10ea ]

Still a lot of Skin Food goodies. I'm not complaining at all. Shipping was fast as usual! There's not really much else to say, I love Testerkorea a whole LOT & plan to continuously do business with them. Don't worry, I still have love for Kpoptown!

Hope you have an amazing rest of the week! Sorry for the no post on Monday again. I'll be back at it next week as well as posting a mini-review this coming Friday.



[ DISCLAIMER ] These products were bought by myself. Testerkorea did not sponsor these products. I plan to post reviews on these products with my honest opinion in mind.