Friday, September 6, 2013

MINI-REVIEW: Etude House Milk Talk: Choco & Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Shower Ball!

Good afternoon lovelies! This morning has been hectic! Thankfully it's Friday. Me & little man are going to visit my parents for the weekend, so I'm pretty excited to be out in the middle of nowhere to just relax & let go. Unfortunately, Hunnie couldn't come with due to some surprise events D:, but all is going to be well. Today for my mini-reviews, I'm actually bringing you two! Both products are from Etude House!

First, I'm starting off the Etude House's Milk Talk in Choco. I bought two packs of 10ea from TesterKorea to see how they fair up to most of my really expensive body washes. Before, I didn't have a chocolate body wash, so this was definitely a treat to have. The sample packet is good for one shower if you like to use a generous amount of the body wash, but you can definitely make it stretch for another wash if you want to.


I didn't get a change to capture the color of the soap in a photo, but it's a slight brown color, but a clear brown. It smells EXACTLY LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK! It's quite moisturizing as well. However, [ & as many other reviews have stated ] the scent doesn't last long coming out of the shower. It also soaps up well with the Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Shower Ball.


This smells way too good not to repurchase. I'd also like to check out the Strawberry & Banana scented Milk Talk Body Washes as well! 

If you want to try it out for yourself: - Etude Milk Talk Body Wash 3ml - USD $0.97 [ for 10ea ] - Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash 200ml - USD $5.34 - Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash 200ml - USD $5.50 - Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash - USD $6.44

Keeping up with the shower theme I have going on, I'm also going to be reviewing Etude House's Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Shower Ball! I looked everywhere for this beautiful shower ball. Finally, after searching forever, I stumbled upon a picture on Tumblr of someone who purchased it, which lead me to TesterKorea... now thinking about it, searching for this shower ball is the reason I found TesterKorea!



This shower ball is the cutest shower ball I've ever seen in my life. It soaps up any soap very well & the soap last quite a long time when using the shower ball. However, I noticed after constant use, the shower ball [ the part you wash yourself with ] is detaching a little from the Ice Cream Cone base. It's attached with a string instead of being sewn onto the base. I believe maybe a little waterproof glue will take care of that problem, but it is a little annoying that that has to be done. 


I'm definitely going to see how it holds up once I fix it with some glue. This shower ball is too cute not to have around. It especially would make a wonderful gift!

If you want one for yourself: - Etude Sweet Recipe Ice-Cream Shower Ball - USD $3.40

I was only able to successfully find this on these two website that I normally use. I'm pretty sure with a more in-depth search, you could find this shower ball on other websites.

I hope you've enjoyed these two reviews! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!




  1. Omigosh that shower ball is absolutely adorable!!! :D I now need to get it xD
    Nice reviews ^.^ I love the strawberry milk talk shower gel, it smells absolutely delectable~

    1. Now you're making me want the Strawberry shower gel now ^^;.
      Thanks so much for reading <3

  2. That stuff is so cute!! I love this review :) check out my blog below please!