Wednesday, August 28, 2013

REVIEW: Etude House Magic Tint Balm - Magic Pink!

Good afternoon lovelies. Sorry for such a late post! Work has been hectic all day, but I'm finally able to sit down & write a review. Hope you're all having a wonderful week. Labor Day is coming up & thankfully I'm off of work that day! What are your plans? 

Today I have another lippie review. Not that I don't have enough lip products, I couldn't help passing this one up. CHECK OUT THAT PACKAGING. I used to be really into holographic nail polishes, even so that I still have tons of them, so the holographic accent on the packaging definitely had me sold. Anything holo is perfect. :P

Out of the four shades of Magic Tint Balms, of course I'm going to fall in love with the pink version.

Such pretty colors, number four looks interesting as well. 

I couldn't find an English description on this product, but it's quite self explanatory. Just like any other potted lip product, you lightly rub your finger across the surface of the product to grab some of the product & swipe that across your lips. Pretty simple! However, this may be very unhygienic to some. I don't mind since I'm the only one using this & I have a tendency to wash or sanitize my hands before applying any makeup to my face.

[ NET WT. ] 10g.

Awaaa~ such a pretty pink. I almost didn't want to touch this bc of how pretty it looked! The product is really smooth & not sticky at all. The smell reminds me of cherry candies, a little fake smelling, but still smells rather nice. 

[ I took this photo when I had brown hair ]

It definitely makes my lip much more pink. I like applying this over other tints to moisturize my lips so they won't dry out too much. I also apply this when I don't have time in the morning to do full on lips. It's very convenient, but I don't think this tint actually tints my lips. I feel like this is more of a lip gloss than a tint, but I love it regardless.

Overall, even though this tint doesn't completely tint my lips, I still use this from time to time. I normally keep this in my makeup bag for everyday wear. There's a lot of product, so I don't see myself running out anytime soon, but I would purchase the other colors!

****/5 stars. I've used better tints, but I still like this one. I'll definitely keep using it!

If you want to purchase this: [ x ] USD $3.90 [ x ] USD $3.89

Hope you've enjoyed this review.

Hope you have a wonderful day, have an even better one tomorrow!




  1. I love how pink it is!!
    It looks great on you^_^
    Good to hear that it's
    moisturizing also(:
    Thank you for the great review!!

    1. Thanks for reading Dianna!
      Glad this was helpful :)