Wednesday, August 21, 2013

REVIEW: NYC Cosmetics Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stains!

Good morning my darlings. Hope you're having a wonderful week. Nothing has happened lately, except the massive amounts of mosquito bites I got the other night at a bonfire. Remind yourself to always have bug spray around. These bites are no joke! Today, I have for you three lip stains by the brand NYC. They're a fairly cheap brand, ranging from eye products, to face products. Some of the items are of very good quality. Others I just haven't been able to enjoy.

There are many other shades in this line. Originally, I purchased the middle one, called Rock On Ruby [ 497 ] to do the Uzzlang lip gradiation look. I was given the other two as a gift from my mom.

Let's start in order by number:

 [ 496 ] Forever Fuchsia

Definitely a hot HOT pink color.

[ 497 ] Rock On Ruby

A basic, everyday red. 

[ 503 ] Unstoppable Red

A much more vibrant, coral/pink red.

These lip tints are amazing to say the least. Easy to apply with the felt tip applicator. Very precise when applying. They dry quickly & aren't drying to the lips at all. They have almost a cherry candy scent. Not overpowering & fades quickly after application. What I normally like to do is either use Rock On Ruby for the center of my lips & the others for full on lip tinted lips. I layer the color as well, blotting in-between layers to insure the tint has actually tinted my lips. However, eating is a problem. You will have to reapply after eating or drinking, which, in my opinion, isn't that big of a deal. 

Overall, I LOVE THEM. I have at least one on me no matter where I'm at. They don't cost much either. around $6.00 at most. NYC sometimes has sales & you can get buy 1 get 1 free deals. I'm pretty confident that you can get these at most drug stores that carry NYC products. 

*****/5 stars. I'd  recommend these to anyone who wants to try out vibrant lip stains that are affordable & won't break your bank. I'm even thinking about going back & getting the nude color they have. 

Hope you've enjoyed this review, even though it was sort of short. Mini-reviews will be starting up probably this week or next week. 

Hope you have a wonderful day, have an even better one tomorrow!




  1. Ashley! I always love your voluptuous lips haha so pretty and hot! And I love the first color it's so pretty I didn't expect it has marker brush ;D thank you for the review! ^^


    1. Awwwe~ Thank you Misa! These stains are really awesome! Thank you so much for reading! <3

  2. thank you for the review! ive seen these a lot in stores and might get one now ^.^
    Shinesque - a new korean beauty blog (xx)

    1. Thanks for reading Shin! I highly recommend getting these. They're awesome!

  3. Cools! :) How long does delivery take?

    1. I don't know how long it would take for these to be delivered to a household bc I bought these from the drugstore. Thanks for reading!