Thursday, July 25, 2013


Good morning. I almost forgot about posting today. I guess I'm not feeling up to par since I've had to take off the entire week from work. Sad to say, but I actually want to work! I'll be back up & running by next week. Hope you all are enjoying your week days. :)

Today, I'm going to be doing a mini-haul post & a post of my The Body Shop collection. My mom hoards bath & body stuff from their store & had turned me into a TBS junkie as well. First, I'll show you the new stuff I was bought, thanks to my mother.

From left to right:
- Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask
- Buriti Baby Body Butter ( to be discontinued )
- Vitamin E Body Butter

I love all their Vitamin E products they sell! As for the actual website, navigation is quite easy. They also have a sale going on right now that I HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of. Normally, their body butters are at least $20 USD. Their current sale going on is Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off, & Buy 2, Get 1 Free. That initially means you are able to get three products under the sale for less than what you would normally pay. Three Vitamin E body butters normally cost $60 USD, but with the current promotion, my mother was able to get three for only $10 USD. How nifty! I hope this sale stays by the time I get paid. :P

Now onto my TBS collection!

You can clearly see what my favorites are. :3
I'm a sucker for Shea Butter & Almond. Unfortunately, I believe the Almond line has been discontinued, so thankfully, my mom was able to get what she could get at the time another sale was going on.
This picture does not picture the other TBS items I have. At my fathers, I have a Coconut Set ( body butter, body scrub, body wash, & lip butter ).
Also missing from this picture is a handful of lip butters I couldn't locate at the time of taking this photo. I'm unsure as to how many I have, but if you know my mom, you know I have quite a few. I even might be missing a small body butter or two.

I can definitely say that I love The Body Shop & their products. The quality is wonderful. The price is something I can live with for such high quality products, but seeing as I didn't buy any of my collection, I have no room to complain. So a big thank you to my mother who has given me the opportunity to have such an extensive collection of TBS products. ( You should see her collection! They're so well organized in her bathroom. Like a mini shop! )

Please check out The Body Shop whenever you can. I highly recommend you take advantage of their promotion right now.

ATTENTION: The body shop has changed their promotion. Their current promotion is as follows:

Buy 2, Get 2 Free
Buy 3, Get 3 Free

Still a wonderful deal!

I hope you've enjoyed this blog post. Please do not think I'm boasting about what I have, I just thought it'd be interesting to show my readers. 

Hope you have a wonderful day. Have a better one tomorrow.
Don't forget to check out The Body Shop!



This post is dedicated to my mother, for without her, I wouldn't have as much as I have. Thank you mom. Even knowing my flaws & how hard I've been trying to make things right, you've never given up on me yet, I love you.


  1. WHOA - that is an impressive collection! I would love to have one like that, ahaha! Thanks for sharing! *__*

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    1. Thank you ^-^ I'm truly proud of it. It took awhile to build it up, but I'm sure I won't need any bath & body products for awhile :3.

      & yes, of course! Here's the link to my blog. I'm definitely going to check your blog out! thatsobvimickee

      Have a great day!