Monday, February 24, 2014

OBVIobsessions First Solo Giveaway!

I am finally ready to hold my very first solo giveaway on my own!
It's time to give to my wonderful readers.
You've all been wonderful to me!

It's taken me quite awhile to be ready for a giveaway of my own & today is the day!
I decided I would make this giveaway a Full Face giveaway, giving away items that will allow you to have all the items you'd need to do a full face of makeup.

Let's start with the products!

Etude House Look At My Eyes 3 Color Palette

I think these trios are wonderful for everyday makeup.
You will get to choose one of the three trios of eyeshadow!

Etude House Skin Fit Foundation

One of Etude's newest Foundations. I really want to try this out.
You get to pick your shade.

Etude House Color Lips Fit

I recently ordered one of these & am so excited to get it. I'm hoping these are similar to the Lime Crime Velvetines.
You get to choose one of the seven options.

Etude House Cupcake All Over Color

One of my Holy Grail products. Between me & my mom, we have all but the orange.
You get to choose one of the five options.

Etude House Doldol Mascara Lash Perm 3 Steppe Volume Kara

I think the adjustable dial is a pretty cool way to determine how much oomph you want your lashes to have!

All Etude House products!

Only one winner will be chose for my first giveaway, so don't worry. Once I have another giveaway, I will definitely have more than one winner!

The winner receives :
1x Etude House Look At My Eyes 3 Color Palette
1x Etude House Skin Fit Foundation
1x Etude House Color Lips Fit
1x Etude House Cupcake All Over Color
1x Etude House Doldol Mascara Lash Perm 3 Steppe Volume Kara

Copy & Paste the HTML code on the side of your blog!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I hope you all will enjoy the giveaway!



  1. I love your blog design and i want to see skincare reviews more... :D

  2. I think the blog design is a bit too distracting, too much going on there, sorry ^^; As for what I would want to see more of, I like reading reviews of make up ^^

  3. I would like to see a review here on the blog, products for dry skin.

  4. I love with your review on the blog. I would like you can review more about make up and to application make up too..thank you ^^

  5. I like all your posts, but I most love to read your review and haul :) thank you for amazing giveaway Mickee, wish me luck :)

  6. I really like your blog ^^ The only thing I would change however is to widen the white area of the background a bit, since the words flow onto the flowers right now and is a bit distracting. Other than that it's perfect :) I'd love to see some more skincare reviews!

  7. Congrats on your first giveaway Ashley the prize is so great ^^ I would like to see more makeup tutorials and possibly skincare reviews from you ^^

  8. Hm I like your blog the way it is, because the blog represents the owner so I think I can't have much to say about it, if you like it then I do too :) I like to see more reviews about new products maybe, because I can consider if I want to buy them too haha :D

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway and good luck to all of us! ^^
    ☼ ☀Summer Solstice☀ ☼

  9. Amazing giveaway girl!!! I love when I'm already following friends on everything for their giveaways. :P I really want to try the new eyeshadow palette in red, and I'm curious how different Etude House's foundation is from BB Cream.

    As far as content, I love makeup and skincare tips--like even simple tricks and stuff. I like DIY stuff too, and I'm always interested in seeing reviews on Hanbang brands because girls our age don't usually review them.

  10. Hi Ashly! I like your blog but your blogger template takes so a little bit long time to upload :(
    Besides, I don't have an instagram account but mistakenly I've earned entry for it :( What should I do?

  11. i really like your blog the style and everything i would like to see more of your reviews and photography
    ehrr, i have a question what version of ponponpon is in your playlist? i been searching this cover but i cant find it

  12. Really nice giveaway!

    I have wanted to most of the products on your giveaway <3

  13. i really like your look.. i am also a fan of the look of korean style makeup! it's very cute. i love makeup tutorials so please post more!

  14. Skincare review! *A* If you have the money for it, maybe a new camera? 8D I really love your photos, but they're a bit blurry. ;v;
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  15. Thanks for the giveaway!
    I'd love to see more makeup tutorials and skincare reviews.

  16. Thanks for this giveaway!
    i'd like to see more makeup tutorials and beauty hauls
    Laura Azevedo xx

  17. Hello!! ^_^ first, thank you for the giveaway!! I like your blog because si super cute and you talk about korean products. I like reviews and previews of new products. Desing is nice, but I think the sides are too wide >_< only my opinion.

  18. wow, your giveaway are really nice...
    your blog design also beautiful...
    i like your makeup tutorial....

  19. Kyaaa! So many cute things! I love it! >w<
    I like your blog, is so cute! :D And your reviews because are well explained and contains many pictures! :)
    Thanks for the giveaway honey ^^

  20. Hi! :) I like your blog but your blogger template takes so a little bit long time to upload :( It is difficult to see your blog on a tablet or mobile phone
    I love your reviews ^^

    Thank you!

  21. Hi~ Thanks for giveaway... ^^
    I like review about skin care products...

  22. I love you and everything you're doing <3

    -Your best friend

  23. please do more skincare reviews or product reviews from etude :)

  24. Hi Ashley :) I think you need to update the instagram account info because it still connected to @thatsobvimickee
    Hmmm.. feedback from me.. maybe you should change your background because it's too crowded and I can' see the sidebars clearly >_<
    Please write more DIY and drugstore reviews ^_^

  25. I think you should make some unique beauty tips you know, since we live far far away and I believe that you must know some beauty tricks that are popular among the place you are living in. Maybe we--from another countries--could find it unique and interesting?^^

    Also mud mask review would be nice! I'm really confused which mud mask I should try and where could I buy it T.T

    Thank you for the giveaway!^^

  26. hey, I can't find your Instagram. Could you please follow my instagram @tanya_soyer and I will follow you back?

  27. by the way. I'd like to see some hair care products review.

  28. I would love to see review on hourglass blushes!

  29. I would love to see makeup hauls!

  30. Thank you for this giveway~ I probably am really late on entering, but it's fine~ I'd like to see more personal posties about your life actually~ And maybe even some lip products you have or favorites of the week.

    Love, Aimee