Wednesday, October 15, 2014

♥ [ REVIEW ] Popping Candy Gray Lenses from ! [ SPONSORED ] ♥

Hello again lovies! It's the middle of the week and I'm already ready to relax this weekend. I've gone these past two days without making macarons and I'm really itching to make some! I have so many flavor options I want to try out!

Today, I'll be reviewing another pair of lenses sent to be from Beautylenses! This time, it's Popping Candy lenses in the color option, Gray!

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In usual fashion, the lens vials come packaged in Beauty Lenses iconic pink polka dot pattern with their logo on the front and type of product and brand on the back. The name of the lens and the color/color number is on a sticker, on the bottom of the box.

The vials also have the pink polka dot print on the labels, as well as the Beauty Lenses logo on the front, while the back shows all the information you need about that particular set of lenses. The top of the vials also show the power of the lenses. I always get no powered lenses.

Average information that I'm used to. I'm all about the 14.5mm lenses.

I can honestly say I've never seen lenses like these before. The inner rim is a tan-ish/brown circle that gradates into a gray middle circle. The gray then gradates into a black outer rim. The detailing on these look like small strokes/lines of color in small clusters. It's really fascinating how these lenses look. 

[ Design ] 5/5. I seriously haven't had a pair of lenses like this before. I like the cluster of lines that make up the overall look of the lens.
[ Color ] 4/5.  I can't say that the grey color actually shows up on my green eyes. However, the black outer rim and tan/brown inner rim really show up well.
[ Comfort ] 3/5. With all lenses, they aren't good with wear the first few times you put them in, at least, that's what I experience. For me, for about a week, I can do maybe 2-4 hours of wear. After that week, I can go up to 6 hours. I find they are drying. Some days, I can't wear them for long at all and find myself wanting to take them out.
[ Enlargement ] 4/5. The standard 14.5mm lens I always go for.
[ Overall ] 4.5/5. I love the way these lenses blend into my natural eye color, and even though the grey isn't too prominent on my eye color, these lenses still look great. The only unfortunate thing is that I had to stop wearing lenses as much as I used to. Not to say these lenses aren't great, I just think my eye sight isn't doing so well. 

Hope you've enjoyed my lens review :)

As always, you can use my code " ASHLEY " to get a percentage off of your Beauty Lenses order!

Have a wonderful day, my lovies!

DISCLAIMER ] These lenses were sponsored & sent to me by for review purposes. All thoughts on the website & lenses are purely mine & mine alone.


  1. Lovely review ^.^ The lenses look lovely on you~
    The design is really interesting- I've seen few lenses like these. I'm not sure how much I'd like the broken up limbal ring look on my eyes though >u<

  2. Really cool lenses! You look lovely :)

    x vonyll