Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Website Highlight - Q-Depot : Online Store for Korean Cosmetics

Guess what lovies, I'm back!
I've missed blogging. In these 4+ months I've just been thinking of if I would like to continue blogging. I've started managing my time better, so hopefully I can be back permanently. This time, I'll be incorporating anything and everything I want to instead of solely focusing on K-Beauty

With that being said, my first introduction and review is going to be all about Q-Depot. A few weeks ago, they contacted me to do a product review for their website and they asked at the perfect time. While the review for the item will come later, I, first, want to give you some more information on Q-Depot and why you might want to purchase from them.

The interface is pretty easy to navigate. It's laid out perfectly for no confusion. On the right side of the page, you can see some of the benefits for shopping with Q-Depot
Some of my favorites are :

  1. - Worldwide free shipping over $69, which is pretty good if you're planning on making a pretty substantial order of K-beauty items. Any order under that, the shipping will vary, so I highly suggest checking into that if you're unsure how much shipping will cost you. In most Asian countries, however, the shipping will start at $2.99.
  2. - Tons of free samples. Who doesn't love samples? It's always wonderful to get some extra goodies stashed into your products. 
  3. - 30 day free return policy. This is really awesome. Of course, if you don't like the item/s you've purchased, you'll have to front the cost it is to ship back for your refund, but if the item/s were wrong, defective, or damaged, Q-depot will cover the entirety of the shipping and refund you.

Another really awesome thing that Q-depot does : they donate 3% of the profits they make to social causes. The more you purchase, the more they donate! Making sure they have cruelty free brands, such as Laneige, Hera, and Innisfree are key for them as well. Among those brands are plenty of other brands for you to choose from, some I've never even heard of before.

For any other information on Q-depot, head on over to their FAQ to learn more about them!

Here's a list of brands that Q-depot carries. Many well known brands like Etude House, Skin Food, and Holika Holika, as well as some brands I'm not too familiar with, like NoTS and Claire's.

The price point of all the items, I feel, are decently priced when compared to other websites' prices, especially when you mention the fact that you get free shipping over a certain amount. Q-depot isn't the cheapest, but for what they're offering, I can honestly say they offer a great alternative if you're planning to make a big order and don't feel like paying outrageous shipping fees.

Let's move onto shipping times!
Q-depot was kind enough to send me something to review for them and I wanted to note the shipping time from their warehouse, to my office. 

The last I spoke with them about shipping the item was on June 30th, 2015. It went out that same day. It arrived in my hands on July 15th, 2015.

June 30th to July 15th.
Two weeks and a day is the time it took for the package to reach me, which isn't uncommon for a package from overseas. It's definitely to be expected. This is pretty much a normal time for me to wait for a package to arrive. 
I want to touch back on the shipping prices. 

I decided to put the item I was sent into a cart and calculate the shipping price of that.
$6.99 for delivery with no tracking, registered airmail, an extra $2.50 for tracking totaling $9.49, and if you're impatient, EMS shipping will set you back $27.84.
I then added another two items to my cart, a cream shadow and a lipstick and the prices were the same. I then went back, deleted the two new items and added something with a heavier bottle to my bag and got the calculations for the shipping and they were still the same. Remember, shipping is free over $69! 

I did a little experiment with Q-depot and another K-beauty website. I added the same items in the cart until I reached the $69 mark on Q-depot's website. While the total for the competing website was lower, even with shipping, the more you add to the other site, the more your shipping goes up as well. Since Q-depot has that set total price for their special shipping option, you can add as many items as you want and still receive the free shipping option. It's really something to think about when you're shopping for your K-beauty needs.
Onto the package itself!

My item came packaged in a pretty good sized box with the brand name of the product I got on it. The box was a tiny bit damaged, but that's a result of it being shipped from overseas.

Upon actually opening the package, you can see that though there isn't much packing to protect the product, the product is bubble wrapped tightly. I'm sure if it were a heavier item or more than one, there would be more bubble wrap/packing. There were just some Styrofoam sheets, which was okay since the extra addition of bubble wrap helped protect the product from any damage. Q-depot even sneaked in some NoTS samples!

Here are the contents! There will be a complete review on the item they sent me, so be on the lookout for that within the next few weeks. My first impressions are really good, so I'm really excited to put this BB cream to use. 

In Conclusion...

Q-depot, as new as the website and company is, is a very good K-beauty contender. With the addition of free shipping when you reach $69 and the wide array of cosmetics and skincare items, you really can't go wrong checking them out. Shipping was decent for shipping overseas and even the price of shipping before the $69 mark is fairly cheap if this is the website you choose to purchase from. Interface is easy and simple to navigate. Customer service was a breeze to converse with. I honestly have nothing to complain about!

Alrighty, lovies, I'll be taking my leave here! Hope you've enjoyed reading and learning some key points about Q-depot! I definitely think you should check them out!
Have a wonderful weekend.

- Ashley


  1. Nice new layout and welcome back. Looking forward to read your reviews again. So far I'm very happy with Q-Depot. Super quick customer service and Email response and nice selection of products.

    1. Ah, thank you for the welcome back. It feels really good to be back. :D
      I totally agree with you, customer service and the selection of products are and have been awesome. Q-depot gets an A+ from me. Thanks for reading! I hope to be back for good this time <3