Thursday, May 29, 2014

REVIEW : Baviphat Urban Dollkiss I Love Secret Dress !

Hello again my lovies. Hope you're all doing wonderful. Things have been pretty stressing on my wing, but I've been dealing with them the best way I can. I FINALLY finished setting my room up. Everything has a place now and I can rest easier. Who knew I could keep a room clean?! LOL

Today, I'll be reviewing something fairly new to the brand Baviphat. They have a whole bunch of the Urban Dollkiss line. Primers, CC Creams, etc. And yes, they all look THAT cute. Which is mainly the reason why I initially purchased this Baviphat Urban Dollkiss I Love Secret Dress.

I actually didn't REALLY know what this was until I looked up a description on it. As I said, I really wanted this because I thought the packaging was the cutest and would look really great on my vanity. 

The packaging has two-toned wood grain all over it. I'm think this is to signify what a tree looks like on the outside and the inside. The cute little retro woman on the side of the box is saying.. 

Presenting an apple...
To All the Girls
dreaming to be the Snow White "

Pretty adorable if you ask me. The concept is like the apple and Snow White, how her skin is the fairest in the land. I'll talk about the products container when we get into the actual product.

Unfortunately, there was no English description on the box, so I had to do some searching for a full description. Thankfully, TesterKorea has an English description!

Urban Dollkiss
Whitening Pack
Instant Brightening In Just 3 Minutes

I Love Secret Dress
Perfect Correction / Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle / Soothing

- Snail Secretion Filterate : Instant smoothening skin texture with mucin, NMF.
- Saponin : Whitening and suppleness.
- Bifida Ferment Extract : Lactic acid, Protecting skin damage and maintaining healthy skin.
- Colorants & mineral free oil, hypo - allergenic

It presents 10 hour brightness instantly after applying the pack and light face-washing.

Upon reading what the main ingredients are, we already know that the Snail Secretion Filtrate is good for our skin. I swear by my Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream. I'm almost out!

Researching Saponin lead me to a Wikipedia page. It tells me that Saponin is a a kind of chemical compounded soap? I'm so confused!

Bifida Ferment Extract is used as a humectant, which keeps the skin moist. 

Lovies, I'm not going to lie to you. I'm not even sure how this is really supposed to be used... I'll explain more in my final thoughts.

As you can tell, the packaging was one of the main reasons I decided to buy this. I wasn't really sure what the product was until I received it... Pretty sad in my opinion, but I couldn't pass this cutie up. The bottle has a white to pink gradient with a gold pump wit adoring gold leaves. REALLY fancy looking. If it was glass and metal, I'd be even more in love with the packaging.

This is a whitening cream/pack/facewash?
I'm unsure, but I can assure you that it does help in the aid of balancing the skins discoloration and brightens the skin fairly well. There's no weird texture to this. It's just a very easily spread cream with an apple scent, maybe a small bit of citrus in there as well.

Okay... I'm not sure about this cream/pack/facewash anymore. Saponin? One source tells me it's toxic, another tells me that it's good for your skin. Since Baviphat didn't include an English description on the packaging, I couldn't tell you how good or bad this would be for your skin.

Personally, I CANNOT use this. Since I'm not even sure what this is to be used for, or even how to accurately use this, I applied it as a brightening base... BIG MISTAKE. My mom was looking at my skin and asked me if I wasn't taking care of it anymore because I had gone flakey around my nose and mouth area. I got really freaked because I don't use many things that are drying for my skin. So the day after, I did my makeup just as I had the day before, EXCLUDING this... cream? I found that it was actually the reason behind my skin becoming so dry and immediately knew that I cannot use this any longer. It's sad, because I do like to have brighter, more even skin when putting makeup on and I'm unable to use this.

Thank goodness the product container is so cute. It makes really great decor around my vanity area. Or, as I was just thinking, I could empty the cream out and wash the container and put something else in it to get use out of it. Other than that, I WON'T be using this.

Cute packaging.
Does whiten.
Smells fresh and fruity.

Dried my skin out way too much.

I don't think I would recommend this to anyone seeing as I don't even know how to properly use the dern cream. If ANYONE knows how to use this to it's best potential, because I've used this as a primer, a whitening wash, and a whitening pack, please PLEASE pleas leave me a comment explaining. I'd be forever grateful knowing I won't be wasting product.

If you'd like to... try this for yourself :

TesterKorea - USD $19.66 On Sale
W2Beauty - USD $46.48

Hope you've enjoyed this review!
Have a wonderful day, my lovies!



  1. Baviphat always has such unique and pretty packaging *-*

    This is kind of like the Tony Moly Tomatox- you're supposed to massage it into your face for 1-2 minutes then wash it off after 3 minutes ^^ Hope that helps~

    1. THANK YOU GLORIA. I'll be sure to use this pack as you said and edit this review! Thanks for reading and thanks for your help xoxo <3

  2. Oh my >.< cutest packaging ever, looks like nina ricci perfume lol

    The Journey

    1. It's so beautiful. I love looking at it! Thanks for reading Winda xoxo <3

  3. sounds strange but I loved the packaging a lot ~~

    1. Yeah, but now that I know how to appropriately use it, I'm going to see how it works. Thanks for reading xoxo <3

  4. Packaging is adorable!
    Since it has saponin in it, I'm assume it's kinda like a soap! Looks very efficient tho. *^* You should do an update post of how well it works now that you know how to use it! 8D
    Thank you for the review! <3

    1. I will absolutely do a follow up review on this as soon as I get the chance to properly test this out! Thanks for reading Gin xoxo <3

  5. I think you're confusing saponin and saponification. Saponins are used as anti-inflamatories in cosmetics. Saponification is the process whereby soap is produced.

    This product looks interesting. I agree, it's totally pretty. I would have it on my vanity too! The bottle reminds me of a Nina Ricci perfume bottle.

    1. Ah Karen you're a life saver. Thank goodness you told me. Learning something new each day! ^^ I'm going to have to look up this Nina Ricci perfume everyone is mentioning. I may just get that as well. Thanks for reading xoxo <3