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REVIEW : Cosmic Intense - Violet Lenses from ! [ SPONSORED ]

Hello my lovies, hope you've enjoyed your weekend. Tomorrow, I'm considering it a BIG DAY for me. MAC releases it's Kelly x MAC collection and I've had my eyes on it for a month and I'm nervous! It'll be my first time buying something  from MAC on it's release date. Oh, and I've become addicted to watching Attack on Titan. It's nothing I thought I would watch, but it's super interesting!

Today, I'm reviewing the Cosmic Intense - Violet lenses sent to be via Beauty Lenses. I've been wearing these a lot this past month. Something about them just makes me want to wear them! So let's get into the review, shall we? ^^

In usual Beauty Lenses fashion, the lenses come in a cute pink box with their logo on it. The name and color are stuck on the bottom of the box for reference. The tops of the vial have a pretty purple color to signify the color of the lenses as well. I got these with no power as I normally do. 

I love the way these lenses look in the vials. To be honest, I wish there was a way to reuse the lens vials... There probably is, I just haven't gotten around do doing it. LOL

BRAND ] Beauty Lenses - Cosmic Intense - Violet
MANUFACTURER ] Dueba Contact Lenses
MATERIAL ] Soft hydrogel ( Poly HEMA ), saline.
MOISTURE CONTENT ] 38 ~ 42% water.
DIAMETER ] 15.0mm
[ BASE CURVE ] 9.0
DISPOSABLE ] up to 1 Year. ( depends on frequency of use & care )

These lenses are 15.0mm. These are the second or third pair that break the 15.0mm wall I have with lenses due to the fact that I, personally, have a bit of trouble putting lenses bigger than 14.5mm in my eyes. 

With these particular lenses, The front and back look very different. There is a mixture of purple, blue, yellow, and black. It's one of the first 4 toned lenses I have! I really like the mixture of colors.

One In.

With Flash.

Natural Lighting.

DESIGN ] 5/5. The design of these lenses remind me of multicolored sunbursts. The black outer rim always gives my eyes that dolly look, which I love. 

COLOR ] 5/5. A mixture of violet, blue, yellow, and black, the color of these lenses are amazing. I wish there was more violet in these lenses, but I really like the different colors. They all compliment each other very well.

COMFORT ] 5/5. Of course, when first wearing the lenses, they are a bit drying, but these lenses are in a handful of lenses that I'm able to wear for at least 6-8 hours a day. I try to put these in around 8:30 - 9:00 A.M. CT, and I'm not really bothered by them until about 2:00 - 3:00 P.M. CT.

ENLARGEMENT ] 5/5. These 15.0mm lenses make my eyes look super dolly. 

OVERALL ] 5/5. Another pair of winning lenses. I keep these along with another pair of lenses I tend to wear a lot in my purse with some lens solution and safely tucked away in an organza baggie. 

I'm really happy I chose these lenses. I had been thinking about picking a pair of these for awhile but didn't know how I would like them. A very wonderful pair of lenses. 

And if you're wanting to ask, I will DEFINITELY link you to where I bought this headpiece.
There are three types of headpieces that is listed. This headpiece is Bridal Headpiece 01!

And here are some cute pictures with little ham. He was interested in what I was doing and kept trying to grab at my hair piece, so I took the opportunity to take some photos with him!

Hope you've enjoyed this review!
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Have a wonderful day my lovies. 


DISCLAIMER ] These lenses were sponsored & sent to me by for review purposes. All thoughts on the website & lenses are purely mine & mine alone.


  1. Omg it's soooooo pretty I love the color and design, but seriously Ashley the hairpiece is too gorgeous! Where did you get it ^^ aww your cutie pie is too adorable <3

    1. Thank you Misa! I'm about to link the headpiece in the review.
      Hehe, thank you ^^ I couldn't pass up a change to get some "Mommy & Me" pictures.
      Thanks for reading doll xoxo <3

  2. What a handsome prince charming you have! He is so sweet! I hope we get the chance to see more photos of him.

    The Violet Cosmic lense are pretty. There's something about their multi-color that reminds me of a flower.

    1. Thank you Karen. I'm going to try to incorporate him more into photos I post on here. They do look like flowers as well! I really enjoy these lenses. Thanks for reading xoxo <3

  3. Oh my goodness...those lenses are so gorgeous!! <3 The color is just so vibrant and looks amzing on you~ Your cutie is too cute as well x3 So adorable~

    Love, Aimee

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    1. Thank you Aimee ^^ Thank you for reading xoxo <3

  4. Oh very cute the circle lens, btw I love it the music from Kaleido Star is one of my fav Anime!

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