Wednesday, June 11, 2014

REVIEW : Kelly Osborune x MAC Collection !

Hello my darling lovies. It has been awhile since I've done a review, but I've been preparing for the day I was ready to post this, not to mention, I've somehow gotten sick and had to stay home today, but this NEEDS to be posted!

I never really considered myself to be too drawn to higher ended cosmetics like MAC and Estee Lauder. I was always sure of myself that I wouldn't pay for higher priced products when I could get the same thing for cheaper, and while that may be true is some aspects, nothing really beats the high quality of higher ended brands.


So if you didn't know who Kelly Osbourne is, she is the daughter to mega rock superstar Ozzy Osbourne...

This man here. My parents are big fans of his, so I grew up listening to his music.
His family was also on a TV show appropriately named The Osbournes, which gave us a look into their lives, so I've been listening to and watching this family since I was little.

This is the goddess herself, Kelly Osbourne. She has also done some music. From then, to now, her look has changed up so much. She's a fashionista, and a damn good one.  Teaming up with MAC Cosmetics, her and her mother, Sharon Osbourne created collections based off of them.

They're an amazing mother-daughter duo to die for!

Though Sharon's collection was very pretty, I was much more drawn to Kelly's part of the collection. 

This is the entirety of Kelly's part of the collection. 

I'll start with...

Different from the normal MAC packaging, which is all black, these MAC products come in beautiful lavender packaging with the MAC logo as well as Kelly's signature in red. All the lipsticks come in the normal MAC lipstick packaging aside from the color. Both the eyeshadows and blusher have a clear plastic cut out on the lid. All of the products come in MAC's normal packaging, just different colors and with the signature on each of them. These are all limited edition packaging, SO OF COURSE I'M KEEPING THE BOXES TOO. ^^

I'll start with the liner and work my way up to the stars of this collection, the lipsticks*****.

Kelly Lip Pencil in In Synch - USD &16.50
This lip pencil is described as a bright yellow pink.

This works well with a lot of nude, nudy-pink, light pink, and some coral lipsticks. In Synch works really well with Strip Poker and Riot House lipsticks in this collection. It does have a creamy texture and I find that my lips do look nicer when adding a lip pencil in with the mix.  On it's own, it's really pretty [ I forgot a full lip photo ], but is drying on the lips.

Kelly Powder Blush in Cheeky Bugger - USD $23.00
This blush is described as a rosy pink blush.

I really love this blush. I'm not too into loud colored blushes and when I do have a really pigmented, bright blush, I try to use a light hand when applying. While Cheeky Bugger is very pigmented, it's a very light flush of color and I find it works great on my skin tone and blends beautifully.

Bloody Brilliant Eye Shadow Quad - USD $44.00
Some of my very first eye shadows from MAC and I'm in love. It doesn't help that my brushes don't quite apply shadows well, but I'm in love with how smooth these shadows are. I'm already planning to get a MAC palette filled with their most popular shadows.

The shadows included are as follows :

Spoonful of Sugar Sparkling Platinum [ Veluxe Pearl ] 
Tickety Boo Soft Muted Plum Brown [ Satin ]
Fizzy Rose  Pale Lilac [ Satin ] 
 Shadowy Lady Blackened Plum [ Matte ]

I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to have eye shadows that apply like a dream. These are pigmented and so easy to blend. It's unfortunate that the brushes I currently use don't apply these shadows well, so of course, my next purchase, aside from some MAC shadows, is some MAC brushes to accompany them. 

Now, onto the lipsticks. 

Kelly Osbourne x MAC Lipsticks - $17.50 each

I didn't have to put much of a fight for these. In fact, I was playing Free Fall when I decided to go and check to see if they were live yet and they were! I was able to get all four lipsticks, which I feel for a novice like myself, is really awesome. I know some MAC addicts that are seasoned at collection launches and know the ins and outs of launching dates and how to get what they want ASAP.

Strip Poker [ Matte ] 
Light Nude

I used to wear nude lipstick a lot. What I like about this lipstick is that I don't find it washes me out too much. It's perfect for my skin tone IMO. It's matte, so it was pretty drying.

Riot House [ Matte ]
Light Vivid Orange

I think along with Strip Poker, I wasn't sure about buying this lipstick. In the tube, it looks quite orange, and I've never ventured into orange lips before, but Riot House has converted me. I love how this looks on my lips. The application was a little weird for me, but this is a perfect dreamsicle color. This is also matte, so it's pretty drying on the lips.

Dodgy Girl [ Matte ]
Light Lavender

Dodgy Girl... was a yes for me. An ABSOLUTE yes for me. Another matte color, so of course it's drying, but this lipstick just does it for me. It's a beautiful lavender color. I wore this yesterday to work and got compliments on how lovely I looked that day. 

Kelly Yum Yum [ Satin ]
Bright Blue Pink

Clearly a winner in my book, the cousin to Candy Yum Yum is matte and more wearable for me on a day to day basis. I'd have to say satin finishes are my favorite finishes. I also find that this lipstick tints my lips after prolonged wear. I'm definitely getting a second Kelly Yum Yum lippie when I get the chance to.

This collection clearly has converted me to incorporating more higher ended brands into my personal makeup collection. I know in the past I did a haul from Sephora, but I honestly feel buying from MAC gets you more for less, which I'm excited about. Everything about this collection makes me happy. Even though three of the lipsticks can leave the lips dry due to them being matte finishes, applying a lip conditioner or lip balm before applying will help, as well as exfoliating before applying a balm. 

I'll be going into a MAC counter to check out a few of the other products from this line to be sure if I'd like to pass on it or get it. Since it's limited edition, it's worth getting now before it's gone for good.

Hope you've enjoyed my review!
I'll be doing more higher ended brand reviews along with my Korean cosmetic reviews. You lovies seemed to really enjoy my NYX Macaron Lipstick review, so I'm hoping you'll like to see more of these in the future!

Hope you have a wonderful day!



  1. wow. that is totally scream summer to me. I love your swatches and you look gorgeous, dear! the colours are great and most of the colours are wearable to me. I really like Kelly Yum Yum!!
    Thanks dear for this post! Hope you get well soon!
    Love, Mira |

  2. Really like the colors of this series :D