Tuesday, September 2, 2014

♥ Introduction - Klenspop ! Cute and Affordable Circle Lenses ! ♥

Hello lovies. Hope you've all had an amazing weekend. We had Monday off, so I spent my Labor Day just hanging with my family and washing laundry. Such an eventful day! LOL.

Today, I'm going to be introducing you to a circle lens web store many of you may know about already, but if, by chance, you don't, I'm going to introduce Klenspop to you! I've previously purchased from them before my sponsorship with them and both times, I'm pleased with the packaging, lenses, etc.

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There wasn't much on Klenspop's website about them, so I emailed them some questions I felt you lovies might want to know about them!

When did Klenspop get it's start?

" 5years ago, we started business. "

Where is Klenspop located?

 " We are at Korea and deals with Korea authentic color contact lenses. "

What's the message behind Klenspop?

" "K" means korea, "lens" means lenses "pop" means unique+amaze.
as you know,  popcorn, if corns burn, later "bomb"
We want our Korea unique lenses make people amaze like "bomb". "

I found this to be the most clever description for a name in a very long time. I think the popcorn reference is pretty cool. A popping effect for the eyes, like a WOW effect!

What are your most popular lenses and which lenses would you recommend?

" Grang Grang lenses + Claren Iris + illuminate are the most popular lenses. we recommend Claren Iris. nowdays, it's so hot in Korea becasue of advertising.
Miss A Suji advertise for the lenses. "

I actually have a pair of the GEO Grang Grang Big Lenses and I love them. 

What other items, besides lenses, does Klenspop sell?

 " We sell Auto Cleaners for lenses or glass, sunglasses besides lenses. "

I've read a review on the Auto Cleaners for circle lenses. Really awesome product to have if you wear lenses often or like to clean all your lenses regularly.

Customer service is very quick to respond and very understanding. I actually had mistaken my lenses for being two different lenses and emailed Klenspop about it, but upon opening the vials, I noticed they were indeed the same lenses. I emailed Klenspop to apologize and they told me not to worry. :)

Now onto what they sent me!

Seeing lenses come in a cardboard box instead of a shipping envelope is a new thing to me. This method seems much more sturdy.

I ordered the lenses on August 12th.
I received the lenses on August 19th.

That's only a week that these lenses took to get to me!

Upon opening the packaging, everything in neatly wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure safe travel. Nothing was broken when I received the lenses. 

Here's everything unwrapped in the first photo. In the second is everything out of its boxes [ more photos to come when I review the lenses! ]. What I love about Klenspop is that, not only do they send a sturdy lens case w/lens tweezers, but a small bottle of lens eye drops for your every day use. It's good to use right before putting the lenses in as well as when your lenses get dry. 

Klenspop has a wonderful amount of lenses for affordable prices. There are even regular clear lenses for those who don't want to wear lenses with color. What I like about them is that with every order you make from them, they give a lens case as well as a small bottle of eye drops. If you have a small baggie at your disposal, you can carry the lens case and the mini bottle of eye drops for those days when you really need it. I tend to carry mine around with me just in case I want to wear my lenses on certain days. It's also good for me since my drive to and from work is long. The lens case and eye drops make it simple and easy for me to apply these lenses at work. I would definitely recommend this site for circle lenses and circle lens users. When I purchased my GEO Grang Grang Big Brown lenses from them awhile back, they were only $10! To some, that might be worrisome, but the lenses were in top condition and didn't give me much trouble after using them for awhile.

You can find Kpoplens at the following sites :

Hope you've enjoyed this intro to Klenspop! I've started wearing the lenses and am loving how they look on me! 

Have a wonderful day!



  1. I have Sponsorship with Klenspop too and I agree, their lenses are really nice and they're trustworthy! I find the message behind their website name so smart and clever too haha. I kinda sympathize with them even more ahah~~ Can't wait for the reviews about the 2 lenses they sent you! >.< ♥

    Oh, and the solution they gave you are eyedrops! 습윤액 means eyedrops in Korean! I just wanted to let you know because I think it's such a waste to use it as lens solution when you could use them as eyedrops instead (because there's not alot of product in the bottle and it will be used faster as lens solution) I'm sorry if that was a bother T__T Have a nice blogger day~~


    1. I'm surprised how wonderful the lenses are and how affordable they are as well. I love the message behind their name. Super clever! They only sent me one pair, lol, but I'm hoping to keep them as a long time sponsor.

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LETTING ME KNOW. In fact, I had been using it as eyedrops thinking it was okay. Now that I know it is eyedrops, I'm even happier about them. Thank you so much again! And thanks for reading! xoxo <3

  2. I knew the shop and I've read really good reviews about it ^ ^ I'll wait for your reviews

    1. I'm enjoying the lens they have sent me. Review will be up as soon as I've gotten enough time for a good impression.... and when I've taken photos! lol. Thanks for reading xoxo <3

  3. Bookmarking this to try on my next lens purchase! I've never heard of them before I'm a bit excited to try them out! I love the meaning behind their name ^^ it's so smart!

  4. Hi! I have nominated your for the Liebster blog award <3 you can see in this post here http://churichan.blogspot.no/2014/09/leibster-award.html have a nice day! <3

  5. Oh this is a great store, by the way I nominated to you to "Best Friends of bloggers "