Sunday, September 28, 2014

♥ REVIEW : Born Pretty Store Items ! [ SPONSORED ] ♥

Hello my lovies. Hope you're all doing well. This past weekend, I had a blast, so I wasn't able to get done the posts I wanted, so I'm going to pace myself to get as many as I can done, since next weekend is the big wedding I'm standing in.

Today, I'll be reviewing the items that were sent to me from the Jewelry & Accessories section of Born Pretty Stores website.

Before diving into the items, I wanted to show how the items arrived to me since I didn't post these photos in the introduction to BPS. The items came to me in a small, white envelope and was packaged with a big sheet of, what I would call, Styrofoam paper and came with a BPS card explaining BPS.

The items came individually wrapped in their own plastic baggies. 

Now onto the individual pieces.

The are the Posh Frame Sunglasses. I've worn these A LOT since I've gotten them. I wear them randomly for no reason and I love them. The frame is a really sturdy plastic and the lenses are see through and clear. My only complaint is that I've worn them so much that one of the lenses is starting to pop out of it's place and it's hard to get it back in there. I'll eventually find a way to do so. They look so big on me face!

You can see how huge they are on me. Sometimes I feel as if they don't look right on me, but I love them too much to care!

This is the Boho Chain Ring Bracelet. Unfortunately, this came broken, as one of the ring links is missing. No worries. I'm hoping to get this same one in another package soon. I can imagine how dainty this looks on.

Last is the Graceful Heart Rhinestone Bracelet. I was really excited for this one. It's super dainty as well and the rhinestones make such an impression for this small bracelet. I actually have held myself back on wearing this because I plan to wear it to my friends wedding. I didn't want to chance messing it up, breaking, or losing it before that time, so it's resting on my vanity for the time being. 

I'm really impressed with Born Pretty Store and what the sell. Customer service is wonderful and the items arrived to my door very quickly. I have nothing negative to really say at all! ^^

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Hope you've enjoyed this review! If you've bought anything from Born Pretty Store, let me know! I love seeing what people purchase. ^^

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. The glasses give off the hipster vibe hahah I always love these kinds of glasses, sadly i can't wear them cos most of them are too big for my face. I ended up always picking kids-size glasses which isn't much option to choose from. fml hahaha x

    Angelus ||