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♥ UNBOXING : Memebox x Samantha Schuerman [ Bundle Box 2 of 3 ] ! ♥

Collaboration # 8
Samantha Schuerman x Memebox

It's Samantha Schuerman's all-time 'K-Beauty Haul' with Memebox!
Sam is a former hair stylist & makeup artist, but now spends most of her time caring for her two children.
She loves all things beauty and has joined hands with Korea's best beauty experts to personally curate her own box-full of the hottest makeup, hair, and body items straight from Korea! 
We're sure you'll enjoy her thoughtfully chosen picks, so grab your chance to experience the best of K-Beauty!

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RiRe Lip Manicure 13.7g
Full Size Product : 3.7g [ $18 ]

Product Description
Newly launched F/W lip colors from Rire! A richly pigmented and silky smooth lip color that delivers long-lasting color, stay, and hydration for lips minus the flaking or dryness. It's long-lasting and waterproof formula doesn't smudge no matter what, and the formula dries as quickly as 30 seconds so that you can be ready in a split second.

How To Use
Sport various looks with this lip manicure! For a gradation look, dab the lip manicure on the center of lips and pat outwards with fingertips for a gradually fading look. For an au natural look, dab both the top and bottom lip with the applicator tip and tap with finger tips. For a glossy look, apply the lip manicure on lips and add a top coat.

I'm kind of on the fence about this product. I don't mind the color, and I don't much much the smell. If you've ever used Lime Crime's Velvetines, this is ALMOST the same, if not exactly the same type of product. I made the mistake of putting too much on my lip at once and it was a disaster, which is why I wasn't too thrilled about this. However, with altering application, this lip manicure really works nicely. The color is wonderful for the colder months. I got the option in 10 Wine Burgundy, which the name is pretty self explanatory. If I remember correctly, this smells sweet, like cakes!

RiRe Pigment 3 set [ 2.5g x 3ea ]
Full Size Product : 2.5g x 3ea [ $13 ]

Product Description
Add an instant color sophistication and light-catching shimmer to any makeup look by adding RiRe pigment on top of contrasting eye shadow colors to create a unique multi-dimensional effect, or use it alone for shimmering elegance!

How To Use
Use a shadow brush or your finger to spread the pigment over your lids. Mix and match Pigment colors together for different combination looks.

All three, 01 Snow White, 04 A-Pink, and 05 Club Burgundy, are super pretty and pigmented colors. Versatile on their own and great with other shadows. My only irk with these pigments is HOW MUCH FALLOUT THEY HAVE. Holy moly, it's ridiculous, especially with Snow White and A-Pink. They're super chunky and almost feel like they're gritty. It's best to pat these two on, while Club Burgundy, though it still has some fallout, is much easier to blend.

Secret Key New Premium So Fast Hair Booster Hair Pack 150ml
Full Size Product : 150ml [ $24 ]

Product Description
This So Fast Booster Hair Pack restores the protective layer on dry or damaged hair and reduces the hair's porosity by 100%. This hair pack makes dry and damaged hair look and feel like virgin hair and increases the hair's resistance to breakage while healing, protecting and preventing further damage.

How To Use
Gently squeeze out excess water from clean, wet hair. Apply a generous amount of the hair pack from roots to ends. Massage into hair and scalp for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse.

I'm almost out of this Hair Pack. I've been using it ever since I ran out of the last hair pack I got from a Memebox. It does deliver pretty good moisture, but this Hair Pack was probably made for thinner hair types. Since my hair is quite thick and coarse, this only works a bit for me. The smell of this hair pack is amazing. I can't explain the smell, but it's nostalgic. 

M.Daida Butter Cream Lip Mask 20ml
Full Size Product : 20ml [ $13 ]

Product Description
This innovative, soothing, leave-on lip mask replenishes moisture to the lips. Infused with active bio-active blend of organic walnut and shea butter, this Butter Cream Lip Mask will nourish, smooth, and moisturize lips to prep for smooth lip makeup application.

How To Use
Apply the lip mask onto the dry lips. Wait 2 to 3 minutes. Use a tissue to wipe away the mask to reveal plumper lips.

This is one of those items I end up forgetting about because I rarely use lip scrubs or masks. I'm not sure how well this works, but what I do know is that it smells like chocolate cake. 

Youngwoosa I Love You Oh Thank You Green Tea Seed Essence 40ml
Full Size Product : 40ml [ $54 ]

Product Description
This facial essence from Youngwoosa is specifically formulated and packaged as a form of a gift fro expressing love and gratitude towards a precious one. Infused with a Jeju blend of organic green tea seed and 7 different kinds of herbal extracts, it instantly relives and replenishes moisture to sensitive, stimulated skin.

How To Use
Take a couple drops of the essence and spread it evenly over face. Let it absorb completely.

I started using this maybe about a week after getting the box. First impressions weren't so great since my skin was acting up. I thought this essence was making my skin red! However, that wasn't the case. I think this really has made a bit of difference in my skin. Along with my routine, this adds a wonderful step to my skincare. I'm not sure to what point this has done for me, but I can say that it does aide in the help of keeping my skin soft and supple as well as easy on my sensitive skin.

Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Sebum Clear Powder In Mist 65ml
Full Size Product : 65ml [ $8 ]

Product Description
Infused with a blend of cranberry, dragon fruit, apple, mint, and powder, this facial mist replenishes dehydrated skin and locks in makeup in place with a silky, cotton-like finish. Lightweight and non-sticky, Holika Holika Powder In Mist creates a sweat-proof, non-smudging coat over your face for a fresh-looking makeup that does not melt down only couple hours into the day.

How To Use
Spray evenly over face to coat a hydrating and lasting finish to your makeup.

Another product I tend to forget about. I'd be using this daily, but since this smells like fresh cotton, I won't be able to, since my sense would probably go crazy. I really REALLY want to use this mist. This is one of Holika Holika's newly released items and it's super cute packaging makes me love it, but I don't know if I would use this. 

Too Cool For School Play Angel Cheek Blusher 02 Sweet Peach 4ml
Full Size Product : 4ml [ $14 ]

Product Description
Highly pigmented and formulated into a powdery soft texture, Play Cheek Angel Blusher blends into skin for a truly natural flush of color. It can be worn over or under powder to highlight flawless, rosy cheeks.

How To Use
Use a big round brush to apply the blush around your cheek bones. Blend it in naturally.

This blusher isn't as pigmented as it says it is. It is a very pretty color and finish. It might be a good blusher for very fair skin tones or even a highlight. I do think the packaging is super cute. This is my second or third product from Too Cool For School, so I'm pretty happy to have this.

Out of the three boxes I bought in the bundle, this is my second favorite. There's a good amount of items for everything and mostly makeup items, which is what I like in a box. I really would rather get makeup items over skincare since I don't always change mine up, but this box was nice. I'm pleased with just about everything aside from the mist I may never use due to the smell.

Hope you've enjoyed this unboxing.

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Have a lovely evening!

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