Thursday, November 27, 2014

♥ TUTORIAL/DIY : Re-purposing a Cushion Case ! ♥

Hello lovies. Lately, I've been seeing these DIY Cushion Cases that range from USD $5 to USD $10 or so and I kind of wondered to myself "If I already have a cushion case, shouldn't I be able to clean out the one/s I have already and do the same?". So, here we are, with my little tutorial on how to effectively clean out a pre-existing cushion case and refill it with your preference of BB, CC, or DD cream.

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Things you'll need :

- Old Cushion Case
- BB/CC/DD/Foundation of your choice
- Cleanser/Foam Soap/Brush Cleanser of your choice [ I suggest Brush Cleanser ]
- Something to help clean the case out, I chose a foundation brush
- A few towels for drying purposes

I've had my Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion for awhile and it's been sitting in my helmer for months. After using it for awhile and then not using it for longer, I thought that the BB cream in there probably has so many nasties in there that it's time to clean it out and replace it with a BB cream I can't normally tote with me everywhere.

Looks used huh? It was getting hard to get the BB cream out with the puff. I tried to take really great care of this cushion case.

You want to pull out the actual cushion before you start. As you can see, there's still a lot of product in the case, but it's been sitting there. What you're left with is the cushion out of it's case and an empty case ready to be cleaned.

Bringing the cushion and case to the sink, turn your water onto either warm or hot water, whichever you prefer. I used hot water to better melt the old BB cream better.

Look at all that BB cream. It's crazy how much BB cream is still in there.

Initially, I tried three types of cleansing methods out with only one working how I wanted it to.

I thought about using my normal cleanser first.

I quickly realized that the cleanser wasn't working as well as I had hoped, so I moved onto my next option.

Foam cleanser... this didn't work out well either.

Thinking I was totally out of options and that the cushion wouldn't get any cleaner, I saw my Beauty Blender Cleansing Soap and decided to try with that.

I really got lucky here. The brush cleanser got the entire cushion clean. Just a fair warning, this particular cleanser may not be able to be found anywhere. I bought this at my local Sephora counter. I wanna say I paid USD $10-15 for this soap. If you find you can splurge on this cleanser, go for it. It's the Beauty Blender Cleansing Soap in solid form. They also have the liquid form, but I find this works much better.

Cleansed and rinsed, you have a completely clean, BB creamless cushion!

Moving onto the actual case.

Keeping with the same temperature of water, you want to try and rinse out as much BB cream as you can before moving on to cleaning it out.

I decided to go with the same cleanser I was using as well as a makeup foundation brush to help clean out the case as best as possible.

Once you've cleaned with cleanser and rinsed with warm water, you're left with a clean case and cushion. Almost ready to reassemble your cushion case!

For the puff, I, again, used the Blender Cleanser. Came out pretty clean with a few stains.

After all the cleaning is done, lay everything out on a towel to dry overnight. To be honest, you can dry the cushion within a day if you keep squeezing the water out of it.

After everything is all wiped out and dry, put the pop-out case back into the bigger case. 

To fill my clean cushion case up, I'm going to be using my SKIN79 Scandal Rose & Vanilla BB Cream. I started using this BB cream for awhile and stopped due to my skin not acting as it should, but since I've revamped my facial routine, my skin has been doing wonderful and I've been able to use this BB cream.

In the reservoir, you'll want to give a good 25-30 or so pumps of BB cream [ maybe less than I used if you BB cream pumps out more than mine ]. Once you have a good few layers in there, gently tap the cushion case on whatever work surface you're working on or use the palm of your free hand to tap the bottom of the case to spread out the BB cream.

This is when you'll place the cushion into the case sand press down on the entirety of the cushion to allow the BB cream to soak into the cushion. 

I find this next step to be pretty crucial. You'll need to pump some BB cream directly onto the cushion and massage it in with a clean finger, or in my case, the back of the same foundation brush I used to clean the cushion case out. You'll want to continuously do this until you can visibly see a little pool of BB cream when you press on the cushion.

And there you have it!

Now you have a new cushion case with your favorite BB/CC/DD/Foundation and you didn't have to buy a clean cushion case! This is not to say that you shouldn't buy one if you really wanted to, but if you'd like to save yourself a few bucks, this is a great alternative. Entire process maybe took me about 10-15 minutes to clean the entire cushion case. If you clean the included puff, you'll need to allow it time to dry. I suggest overnight for best results.

Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial/DIY. 

I'd like to wish a Happy Thanksgivings Day to all my readers who celebrate this day!

Have a wonderful day my lovies. <3


  1. This is really useful!
    Great tutorial! ^_^ I never thought that the cases could be repurposed so easily :)

    1. I'm glad I posted this. It was an on-the-spot DIY. Thank you for reading~! <3

  2. Usefull info !
    Happy thanksgiving !

    1. Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for reading~! xoxo <3 And Happy belated Thanksgivings to you as well! ( I'm getting to these comments so late ^^; )

  3. This is such a good idea! The one I bought from the lock and summer collection is too pale for me, I may have to try your method and change the bb ^^ Thank you for this helpful DIY!

    1. Please do try this out and tell me how you liked it. It's so messy, but worth it, especially if you love a certain type of foundation or BB cream and it's packaging is too bulky + the color doesn't fit your skin. Thanks for reading~! xoxo <3

  4. ohh so sweeet packaging~ and the shade is pretty!
    Thanks for sharing~
    I follow you on gfc. ~♥ Hope that you like my blog too~ xx
    follow back~ My new post♥

    1. Hey Jurika! I was just on your profile. I'll be following back once I finish this comment!
      I love the packaging and the shade is really nice as well. Thank you for reading doll~! xoxo <3

  5. Omg, the case is just what I need in my life. It's so adorable and girly. I carry a plain cushion case that not cute. Thank you for sharing xo