Thursday, November 20, 2014

This'll be a first for me...

You know I'm not one to openly complain about things over social media. I'm not the type of blogger that gives much insight into my life unless I really feel the need to. Basic information like how Little Ham is doing or how my week has been, if I'm sick or not. I don't like to delve into my personal life very often, and with the few blogger people I do, I speak with them in confidence. They know who they are.

When it comes to sponsors, if you're loyal with me, I am loyal with you. 
Recently, I was approached by a company to review products for them. If you're a friend on my personal Facebook, you'll instantly know what I'm referencing. Of course, I promptly agreed to have them send me products for review as I've been dreaming of the day I would be approached by them for this type of opportunity. 

Emails were sent back and forth. I was notified that I would be getting a shipping email in my box within the week and sure enough, there was one. Inside, it detailed what I would be getting, and this is where it goes downhill. I kindly notify the company that I had already bought the item in question. Again, emails were sent back and forth and I was told to go ahead and keep the item and that I would be sent a different item. I'm thinking how wonderful it is to have such great and quick service. I was hopeful within the next week that I would see another email letting me know about the shipment of a different item.

Weeks past, about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks if I'm correct and I didn't get an email. So of course I sent another email to the customer service rep I was emailing and I got no response from this person. I may have emailed back two times until I got an email from another rep who told me I would be put back on the list and to look out for an email.

A week passes and no email... until I was sent a mass email explaining something within the company would be ending. I thought nothing of it and went about my time, still hopeful for an email about products being sent my way. That is until I came to the realization that what was ending was something I needed to be concerned about.

I emailed once again. By this time, I'm not thrilled to be bothersome. 

This gist of the conversation went as such. I was told that since I had reviewed the item and was sent the same item of no charge, that there was nothing they could send me. They had run out of blogger items... I was then asked to be okay with what I got and I emailed them back that it was fine because what am I supposed to do at this point?

Going through the companies hashtag on Instagram, I notice the company has been sending out free products to bloggers in the past few weeks and it almost feels like a slap to the face. I'm not impressed nor am I happy.

You would think, as a company who has had blogger help to raise your company, you would ask before sending items. I've been buying from this company for about a year now. I've done countless reviews, worked hard to produce honest and clear reviews with good photos. I've over done on some and have changed my blogging style to fit better. 

The fact that I wasn't asked annoys me. Had I been asked, this would not have happened. It would have been cool if they would have given me options to choose from. However, since that isn't the case, I am still going to be highly annoyed. sorrynotsorry

And then to have my face slapped when I realized they were sending items...
I'm almost certain that I don't want anything more to do with this company. I've been a loyal customer. I've been nice and I've been understanding, but when you promise to send someone something, actually do it. I've had this same issue with another company ( coughcough Honest Skin, but that's long gone ), about saying they will send something and not pulling through as promised.

I feel like this has taken a toll on my want to blog the products I've already purchased from them. I feel lethargic when I think about them

If this makes me salty, this makes me salty and I can take that. 
Feel as you please. 
Comment down below if you feel I may be overreacting or maybe if you've had a similar issue with other companies. 

For now, I'll be thinking about the wonderful new vanity and drawer set I'll be getting to put all my makeup and skincare products in. I need motivation to blog.

Thanks for listening. Love you, my ever lovely lovies.


  1. Hi Ashley, I know that feeling.. I've also encountered similar cases like yours before.. Some companies offered me sponsored items, asked my mailing address and later.. *poof!* missing in action :|
    I mean, if they didn't really sure to send me products, they should've not offer anything at first place.

    Cheer up dear Ashley :) there would be more opportunities coming!

    ★ Xiao Vee ★

    1. Hi Xiao :) It's bittersweet knowing other bloggers have this issue as well. You're absolutely right. if they weren't planning on it, they shouldn't have made the mistake of saying they would. This is a huge learning process for me since I've never actually had a company that I really wanted to promote do this. C'est la vie.

      Thank you so much for the kind words. You're such a doll xoxo <3

  2. I had a similar case and I was really dissapointed. It was a blogger event, where people were asked about their favorite bloggers and who should get a sponsorship from the store.It seemed like some people mentioned my blog and after a while I was contacted by the store owner and asked which products I would like to try for a specific amount of money. I selected acouple of items and answered the email...end of the story was that I was told that currently it is not possible to get the sponsorship, but I should wait for in the end, nothing happened...after some weeks there was a second roundup and call for blogger suggestions, and even then there was no email from the company. It seems honest opions are not that important to some companies than for example pageviews/followers are...(I deleted the first comments because of the typos XD, sorry)

    1. What is it with companies not sending things they've promised? I'm so sorry for what happened to you! In some cases, I do find that even with a small amount of followers and viewers ( I've seen some new bloggers get sponsored right off the bat) they seem to be first pick. New bloggers are eager to write good reviews. I just don't find a follower count that important when it comes to how products perform. If it works, it works, if it doesn't, don't lie about it.

      I just hope companies will realize that it's not always about the count. They don't realize one product may or may not work the same for two different people. Here I go, rambling.

      I just hope the company I've written about comes to realize that you don't promise something and don't pull through.

      Thanks for the feedback darling xoxo <3

  3. I'm sorry to read about this! This never happened to me but i can imagine how it must feel! I totally hate companies like that >.< I'm curious though, what company is it? I do not want to ever accept sponsorship or buy anything from them then, its just really, really rude! They should have at least told you the truth if they're not going to send you anything!

  4. I have done a few sponsor post and even thou this has never happened to me, I had similar problems till the fact I would reject all companies that emailed to work with me. I often feel like these companies doesn't appreciate our time spent on reviewing their products, so we get the product free and what?! We should all respect each other, but I am disgusted by some of their behaviors!