Wednesday, January 21, 2015

UPDATE ! Where I've Been & What I've Been Up To (=^-ω-^=)

W e l l , h e l l o ~

I've been gone over a month now... I think that's the longest I've been away from blogging before. Shame on me, :p. 

Just want to give you an update on what I've been doing and such. 

I'm lacking on blogs mainly because I'm out of it. Motivation isn't here much, so I'm giving myself some time to step away from blogging and see how I feel and honestly, I have urges from time to time, so I know eventually I'll be back with full force! 

In terms of my lens reviews that I have been doing since the start of my blog, I'm sad to say that I WON'T be blogging about lenses any longer. The health of my eyes haven't been the best. I'm getting headaches and migraines more than I did before the use of cosmetic lenses and I'm not in the position to review them any longer. I only have one set of eyes. The next one or so reviews will be my last. Sorry to those of you who like my lens reviews! m(。≧Д≦。)m

I have been doing soooo much on my Instagram as of late. Mostly pictures of myself and my Makeup of the Days, some hauls, collections and my new setup for photos and makeup. 
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Desk and drawer are both from Ikea and didn't set me back a ton of money. The desk drawers aren't full, but the drawers are almost full. 

Finally got around to using my Pony x Memebox First Edition Palette and I'm quite pleased. The fallout on a few colors is a bit annoying, but the colors were easy to work with. Next I'll be playing with the Second Edition Palette! 💋 BB Cream💎Royal Nature Original Soothing Blemish Balm - Concealer💎Maybelline Master Concealer in Light - Highlight💎Nars Albatross - Primer💎Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden - Eyeshadow💎Pony x Memebox First Edition Palette all colors except Glam Coca - Liner💎Innisfree Eco Liner and Tarina Tarantino Glitter Liner in Glitter Mist - Mascara💎MAC Opulash and Zoomlash - Brows💎Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde - Lips💎LA Girl Cosmetics Glazed Lip Paint in Blushing. #royalnature #maybelline #nars #urbandecay #ponyxmemebox #memebox #memeboxglobal #innisfree #tarinatarantino #maccosmetics #anastasiabeverlyhills #lagirlcosmetics #fotd #motd #eotd #bblogger #beautyblogger
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Just a few of my most recent Makeup of the Day posts. All information is there if you're wondering. 

And this biggest change to come this month...  

I went ahead and dyed my hair another color. This time... PEACH. It was initially supposed to be a strawberry color, and I guess you can kind of see it, but it's really just a pretty peachy color. Everyone seems to really love it.

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I think my favorite thing about my hair color now, is that it resembles Oerba Dia Vanilles hair color. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED If you've played the 13th arc in the Final Fantasy series, you'll know who she is!

Speaking of Final Fantasy! 
I just started playing Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, so if you're playing, find me! My characters name is Ashton Rose. Looking forward to seeing some friends. Since I just started, I don't know really what I'm doing other than completing quests, which I'm getting a huge kick out of. I really liked how I was able to create my own character!

That's really all that has been going on. Soon I will have a post up, most likely a Memebox Unboxing. I will also being doing a collab with a dear friend of mine, but that's coming at a later date and it's a surprise. :p

Hope you're all having a wonderful new year~!


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