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UNBOXING : Memebox Thanksgving Box Collection #2 For You ! [ SPONSORED ]

Looking for a unique way to say thanks to that special someone this fall season? Need a gift for your mom, sister, or friend hosting 2014 Thanksgivings dinner? Then opt for this ready-made luxury made gift box, specially designed with a Thanksgiving themed box design, and a personal Thanksgiving holiday greeting! Pamper that special lady with this amazing limited edition bursting with the ultimate collection of K-Beauty skin care, makeup, and more!

VIVITO Illust Lumiere Primer 30ml
Full Size Product : 30ml [ $50 ]
Out of Stock in Memeshop

Product Description
A lightweight primer that creates an invisible barrier between skin and makeup to prime your face for extra radiance and glow. Ideal for drier skins, this hydrating formula nourishes with moisture-rich blend of lavender water and bergamot leaf extracts to sooth and prime the skin, allowing foundation to glide on easily and stay fresh all day long. Its 'elastic smoothing powder' component helps control excess oil and sebum while thinly covering up visible pores and fine lines as well.

How To Use
Apply alone or mix it with a foundation of BB cream.

Being the most expensive item in this box, I expected it to be a wonderful primer and my expectations were spot on. I apply this primer before applying my BB creams. When you look at the primer, you can see the luminous purplely-pink sheen, which I really like. The primer smells quite floral, but thankfully, the smell dissipates within seconds of application. I applied one layer and took a photo and two layers and took another photo to see the difference and I honestly like this primer with two layers. It gives just enough glow. Let me not forget to mention my favorite part of this primer. If you're like me and you have parts of your skin that tend to get dry and flaky fast, this primer solved my issues. Let me repeat that, IT SOLVED MY ISSUES. I find if I don't use this primer prior to putting any type of foundation or BB cream on, my skin starts to flake an hour or so later. Needless to say, I LOVE THIS PRIMER!

Shara Shara Miracle Multi Cream 50ml
Full Size Product : 50ml [ $18 ]
Out of Stock in Memeshop

Product Description
A nourishing moisturizer packed with rich nutrients from 30 different kinds of plant oil complex including grape seed oil, rosehip oil, and green tea seed oil. Deliver instant moisture surge and glowing radiance to dry, tired face as if letting the skin rake a rejuvenating winter sleep! It will take care of dry patches and protect from external damages by locking in moisture over 48 hours.

How To Use
Apply directly to face, body, or hair.

Okay, so I might have only used this on my hair. I've used similar products like this on my face and the outcome wasn't great, so I avoided that. This is sort of like a balm to oil formula. It melts very quickly. And the smell? Ugh. It's almost like medicinal citrus. Really lemony. When I used this on the ends of my hair, I found them to look extremely nice afterwards. Now, my hair is normally a frizz puff and my ends need extra loving. Using this really made a difference in how they looked after applying the cream. I feel like if I were to use this daily, I would need more containers of this. I really like it. Would I grab for it daily? Probably not. I do, however, think this would make a wonderful cuticle cream for those of you who do your nails quite often. EDIT : I used this on my face on 02-03-15 and I noticed that it didn't do anything for my skin. It kind of just sat there and didn't sink in. 

Shara Shara Brush Set 5ea
Full Size Product : 5ea [ $24 ]
Out of Stock in Memeshop

Product Description
A set of makeup brushes from Shara Shara packaged into a lovely, pink metallic pouch. It contains 5 brushes in total each designed fro different purposes - 1 big fat brush for applying powder, 3 medium sized brushes for applying eye makeup, and 1 thinner and softer brush for applying lip makeup.

How To Use
Use the brushes according to their sizes and functions. 

I'm going to be completely honest here. These brushes aren't great, especially not for myself. Would I recommend these for those who are just starting into makeup? Maybe. The problem with this brush set is how uncomfortable I was trying to use them, the bigger brush especially. It's not really soft at all and would irritate my skin if I used it any more than I did. The one thing I can really say I like about this set is how stinkin' cute they are. Pretty pink sleeve to put them in and pretty pink handles. They'd look adorable on my vanity, but that's all I would use them for. I'm considering giving them away to someone who would get better use out of them. These aren't brushes I could see myself using, but I was pleasantly surprised they were in this box.

VIVITO Painting Sweet Lip Balm 12g
Full Size Product : 12g [ $24 ]
Out of Stock in Memeshop

Product Description
Formulated with orange peel oil, grape extracts, blackberry extracts, and Vitamin E, this Painting Sweet Lip Balm works to moisturize and revive dry, chapped lips. It's scented with a sweet, fruity fragrance and its unique jelly-like balm texture is also a fun, unique feature to take note of.

How To Use
Apply directly to lips as often as necessary.

Upon opening this screw lid container, I was not so impressed. A clear lip balm? Okay, this isn't what I expected. My mother has the Orange Farm option she got from the Oh! My Lips box and she liked hers, but it had obvious pigmentation, while the one I got was clear. COMPLETELY CLEAR! Imagine my surprise when I went to slap this balm on and it turned the PRETTIEST SHADE OF PINK. From a clear, no pigmentation balm to a pretty pink balm made me so much happier than I thought I was going to be. The tin is also really adorable. It's a light gold color that I really like. The smell, OMG, I don't like grape smells, but this balm is the in terms of grape smells. Really, it seems VIVITO does no wrong when it comes to cosmetics because the two I have, the two from this one box, really have made a lasting impression on me.

Peripera Heart glow Stick 02 Gold Aura 6.5g
Full Size Product : 6.5g [ $14 ]
$16.00 in the Memeshop

Product Description
This Heart Glow Stick in Gold Aura is a natural volume & radiance adding highlight packaged into an easy-to-carry mini stick. Its gentle, creamy formula, consisting of hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, and deep ocean water, apply smoothly otno skin without being flaky or dry and work to add the perfectly dewy and voluminous glow to your complexion.

How To Use
Lightly run the Glow Stick over foundation onto cheekbones, nose, and any other parts of the face that you wish to highlight.

Today it dawned upon me what this cream highlighter looks like. If you're familiar with Estee Lauders Heat Wave Highlighter they discontinued awhile back, THIS IS SO SIMILAR, granted I've never actually seen Heat Wave in person. This cream blends easily and does leave a nice coppery gold highlight on the cheek. Honestly, before I really thought about the color, I wasn't planning on reusing this, but my mind has changed. I was just planning to have it set up on my vanity, because no one can even lie that the packaging is super cute. It does have a light scent, un-describable to be honest, but now that I've realized that this could be/is a close dupe to Heat Wave, I'm pretty much going to be using this a lot. This cream would even do good as an eyeshadow base... which is something I'm eventually going to try.

with shyan Nail Lacquer 15ml
Full Size Product : 15ml [ $4 ]
Out of Stick in Memeshop

Product Description
The Nail Lacquers from with shyan are highly prized for their neon vividness that glides onto your nails smoothly and evenly without leaving any brush marks. The color of the packaging bottle is exactly what you'll see on your nails.

How To Use
On clean and filed nails, apply a base coat. Then using the nail polish color of your choice, place the brush at the base of the nail and spread the polish to the tip of the nail. Apply multiple coats it necessary. Wait a few minutes until the polish has dried, and finally add a clear top coat for longer-lasting wear.

There's not much I can say about this polish. It's pretty, opaque, and goes on with one coat. I got this is Pink Lady, which is a really pretty neon pink color. Even though I'm really not much into nail polish any longer, I do see myself keeping this for when I go get my nails done. It'll be perfect for the summer months. 

SARACEN Fluorescent Glitter 13g
Full Size Product : 13g [ $6 ]
Out of Stock in Memeshop

Product Description
SARACEN's Fluorescent Glitters come in 4 different hexagonal colors - gold, silver, black, and blue. These metallic glitters sparkle differently from varying angles, giving your nails an additional vitality and splendor!

How To Use
Apply a layer of any nail color and before it dries completely, sprinkle the Fluorescent Glitter on your nails, making sure to fill it in thoroughly. Apply a topcoat to finish off when it's completely dried. 

This has to be the worst item in this box for me. The only use I would have for the black glitters I got would be for a makeup look because I am not spending 45 minutes trying to get these glitters off my nails. They're black, shaped like hexagons. Really nothing spectacular or "fluorescent".

Pure Smile Essence Sheet Mask 23ml x 2ea
Full Size Product : 23ml x 2ea [ $2 ]
Out of Stock in Memeshop

Product Description
Replenish your complexion into a baby-face with this milk mask sheet rich in milk protein nutrients, fresh raspberry extracts, Vitamin E, collagen, and hyaluronic acid which all work to moisturize, protect, and balance out the skin for a healthier complexion.

How To Use
Spread the mask sheet evenly over clean face. Rest for 15~20 minutes. Remove and pat in the remaining mask essence for full absorbency. 

I'm really happy to have gotten two masks in this box, especially the milk mask. It was one of my favorites from the Memebox Milk Edition. Both of these masks are very moisturizing and smell very nice. These are really basic masks for daily use if you choose to do so. Nothing too spectacular about these either. I'd love to get my hands on more of the milk masks.

I honestly enjoyed this box for the most part. It's introduced me to an brand I really am liking and products I'll use for awhile. The "For You" box was such a well thought out box in my opinion and really came at a good time for me. The little saying in the inside of the boxes lid really made me happy. The only downside to this box, which others would probably not see as a downside, was the glitter for me, but I'm sure I can find a proper way to use them other than on my fingers. 

Hope you've enjoyed this unboxing! 
Be sure to keep an eye out for new and upcoming things from Memebox!

Have a wonderful day!

DISCLAIMER : This box was sent to me for review purposes via Memebox. All thoughts and opinions on each individual product is honest and all my own. ]


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