Friday, August 7, 2015

REVIEW : NoTS 28 Remedy Juvenile Sun BB Cream. ( SPONSORED )

Hello all my lovies out there. A brand spankin' new review on my blog? 
It's been much much much too long hasn't it? But here I am, back at it!

I am so thankful to Q-Depot for sending me over this BB Cream to test out and review for you lovies today. Hopefully I haven't lost my blogging touch! 

As you can see from the photo above, the BB Cream comes packaged in a grey, silver, and holographic package that, as you know, can be challenging to photograph at times, but this isn't a review about the box. :P

NoTS is fancy. The box is sealed with a holographic sticker wit the NoTS logo on it. 

The BB Cream bottle is fairly simple and clean. No gimmicks here. 

If you've been with me for awhile, you KNOW one of my favorite things about products is that little piece of protection over the opening of the bottle that insures the product hasn't been tampered with or used. I love fresh things.

The packaging was definitely hard to photograph, so I'm going to type everything out.

I got the color option Light Beige.

After using 28 Remedy skin care products, dispense appropriate amount on your palm and use fingers to gently spread on your face and neck along the skin texture.

1. Discontinue use if the following abnormal situations occur. If you continue to use, it may worsen symptoms, consult a dermatologist, etc. A ) If signs of redness, skin swelling, itchy spots, irritation, or rash etc appear B ) If the above signs appear in the applied areas by direct rays of the sun. 2. Do not use over wounds, rashes, inflammations, or other troubled areas. 3. Notice when maintaining and handling. A ) You must close the cap after using B ) Keep out of reach of children C ) Do not keep in the place of high or low temperature and in direct sunlight. 4. Sun Protection Factor and Ultraviolet-A interception grade of this product measured according to Ultraviolet rays interception effect measuring mean and standard that prescribe at Korea Food and Drug Administration.

I also went ahead on the NoTS website and found this about this product. 

  • 28 Remedy Juvenile Sun B.B Light Beige
  • All skin types / Whitening / Anti-wrinkle / UV protection
  • Safely protects skin against UV rays
  • It prevents skin aging and damage arising from UV rays for more than 12 hours (SPF 50+, PA++), a foolproof protection. It offers the dual effect of UV protection and skin protection film as a sunscreen and a nourishing cream combined.
  • Low irritation formula (no parabens, no fragrance, no alcohol) for all skin types including sensitive skin
  • With low-irritant hydrating formula (paraben-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free), various vitamins and plant extracts soothe sensitive skin and bring moisture and nutrients that are lacking. As a result, it alleviates skin sensitivity and increases skin viability, restoring the optimal skin conditions.
  • Covering skin flaws like larger pores
  • As a make-up primer, it effectively covers prominent skin problems including larger pores, making your skin smooth and clear.
  • Skin tone correction with whitening & anti-wrinkle effects
  • It adds resilience and radiance to sagging and sensitive skin through adenosine and niacinamide. 10 Times HF Complex and patented ingredients provide you with soft and moisturized skin.
  • Main Ingredients
  • Moisturizing: Nopal extract
    Acne care: Neem extract
    Whitening care: Niacinamide
    Anti-wrinkle care: Adenosine

  • I can't lie, my first impression of this BB Cream was better than expected. I feel like with most BB Creams, you'll get a grey cast on your face when you apply it before it oxidizes and starts looking good. With the NoTS BB Cream, I felt as if that issue wasn't really that big of an issue. The consistency isn't too thin or thick and it blends well. There is a scent, but it's a pleasant one and a familiar scent to me. Also, the SPF content is wonderful. The sun beats down on my face at certain intervals during the day and it's good to know I have a layer of protection.

    Next I'll be showing you some side to side comparisons. I wore this BB Cream along with a face of makeup all day, which I'll show at the end of the comparisons.

    Comparison #1 
    This is my face with nothing on it except my daily skincare routine on the left.
    On the right is my skin with the NoTS BB Cream on. It's covered up plenty of my imperfections and mildly covered up the redness around my cheek and cheek bone areas. I applied this using my Real Techniques blending sponge if anyone was wondering.

    Comparison #2
    These are shots of the BB Cream on, one without flash and one with flash so you can see how this BB Cream holds up under flash. It still covers up really well. No need for me to add another layer of this BB Cream.

    Comparison #3
    End of the day when I go to take my makeup off. One without flash and one with. The next photo will show how well this BB Cream has held up!

    Final Comparison
    As you can see, the skin around my cheek bone has started to show through and you can tell there's much less on my skin as a result of daily wear, which is pretty common. It's hot where I live and this BB Cream has held up nicely compared to some of the American branded foundations I've used.

    If I didn't know anything about the brand NoTS before, I do now. While this BB Cream IS on the pricier side, I CAN say that it is worth the money if you're looking for a good BB Cream. Would I purchase again? I'm unsure. There are plenty of BB Creams out there I want to try before committing to just one, but this BB Cream ranks up there as one of my favorite ones for how well it's held up on me in the weather circumstances I'm in. I can imagine how well it'll hold during the winter.

    Travel Friendly
    High SPF Content
    No Grey Cast Before Oxidation
    Wears Well

    Pretty Expensive
    Not Widely Available

    You can grab this product here at Q-depot's website. It's currently on special for $34.40!

    Hope you've enjoyed my first product review from being back! I'm really happy with how this has come out and hopefully you'll enjoy this review. Don't forget to head on over to Q-depot for some amazing K-Beauty products. Thanks to Q-depot once again for sponsoring this item to me!

    DISCLAIMER : This box was sent to me for review purposes via Q-depot. All thoughts and opinions on each individual product is honest and all my own. ]


    1. Love the different comparison images and I'm happy to see this review. I already spotted some of the items on q-depot from this brand but there are not many reviews around. I t lokks like a good BB cream as far as I can tell from your review.

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