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[ REVIEW ] : Mediheal N.W.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask ! [ SPONSORED ]

Hello to you all! Hope you're all doing well and happy these falls months. It's only starting to get cooler over where I live, which is a wonderful sign. I live for cooler weather and it honestly makes me the happiest.
Recently, Style Korean contacted me about sponsorship and since I decided to go ahead and start blogging again, I thought, "Why not!". If you don't know by now, Style Korean is the revamped and all new Honest Skin. And I do mean revamped. Style Korean has changed everything and seem to be running insanely smooth since the relaunch of their new website. I was sent a box full of goodies, so I decided to review the easier products first.
With that being said, today, we'll get into reviewing the N.W.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask!

Like a typical sheet mask, it comes in a single use, tear-to-open pouch. This pouch is... blue. I mean it's really blue. I don't think I need any extra photos here to really explain. There is a picture of a glacier! There are, thankfully, descriptions in English for all my English speaking readers. 

Mediheal N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask has water system of Natural Moisture Factor that helps providing abundant moisture to your skin. The thirst of dry skin is resolved through active water systems such as Hyaluronic acid, Ceramide, and more excelling in the N.M.F. It exists in the horny layer of the skin as well as the moisturizing effect while LS 8865, Witch Hazel, and more that have the effect of managing loosened pores by adjusting sebum and tightening pores. - From Style Korean's website

" ' MEDIHEAL' is a cosmedical brand that was created and tested by aesthetic specialists using principles of treatments. 'MEDIHEAL' incorporates special skin prescription and know-how of skin specialist to provide custom solution for individuals based on the skin concerns and renews the skin to look and feel like it has received professional skin management. 'MEDIHEAL' uses a highly concentrated formulation of natural materials, helps your unbalanced skin become healthier by making it resistant to stress and restoring skin balance. "

There's also " NATURAL WATER FACTOR" right under that. Hmm...

1. After cleansing, even out skin using a toner. Tale the mask out of it package, unfold, and place the sheet on the face.
2. Rest comfortably for 10-20 minutes and remove the mask.
3. Remove the mask, and let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin.

Pretty simple instructions for a face mask. It's suggested use is 2-3 times per week.
The ingredients here are a little blurry, but from the looks of it, the main ingredient is water, which is amazing. Also, there's glycerin, caviar extract, flower extract, some fruit extracts, and a bunch of words and names I've never seen before and couldn't spell for you if asked to for one million dollars...

This mask is like any typical sheet mask. You literally place it on your face and leave it there. What I liked about this particular face mask was how SATURATED with essence this mask was. The essence wasn't very watery either, so there were no pools of essence in my hands.
I didn't get a before shot of my skin nor the mask, but I do have myself wearing it. You can visibly see how saturated this mask is.

In terms of scent, it smells similar to the Etude House Collagen collection.. or just the items I've used in my past. It's not a bad smell... almost medicinal. 

The after mask skin. I find that my skin looks much more hydrated and the pores don't show as much. 

Here's the mask pretty much all dried up. I left it on for more than 20 minutes and there was still some essence left in the mask, which I instinctively balled the mask up and started swiping it over my skin to even further hydrate my skin. 

Would I purchase this mask again? I don't know. There are so many sheet masks out there to try out that it's hard sticking to just one mask brand. Is this a top contender? Of course. It works well and I enjoy using it. Is it my top pick? No. However, if you're looking for a decent sheet mask and want to try something new.. I highly suggest looking into this one. 

Works well.
Hydrates wonderfully.

Not widely available.

You can snag it here on Style Korean's website. It's on sale for  $1.26, which is a steal.

Hope you've enjoyed this review!
Have a wonderful day!

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[ Disclaimer - This product was sent to me for review purposes via Style Korean. All thoughts and opinions on the products received on this blog are honest and 100% my own. ]

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  1. This looks like a nice sheet mask!
    I'm like you though- I'm always trying new ones and I never stick to a particular mask x3