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[ REVIEW ] : Tony Moly Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base ! [ SPONSORED ]

Hello again my lovies. As usual, I hope you're all doing well! Halloween is creeping up on me and I haven't even finalized my costume! October has just been one of those busy months where I'm running 1,000 miles a minute, LOL. 

Today I'll be reviewing Tony Moly's Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base, which was sent to me from Memebox. Funny thing is... a week or so before receiving this in the mail, I had seen this at an Ulta I stopped at on a shopping trip and was about to purchase it! Thank goodness I thought not to! In the end, I still get to try this product out! 

The tube comes in a clear, plastic packaging printed with bamboo sticks in mint blue. The rest of the packaging is just white and black. I love the cuteness of it!

And as if you needed any other reason to buy this other than how cute the panda is...
I mean, he's adorable! And he's holding a little bamboo stick!

" Instantly see improvement in the appearance of dark circles with ingredients that soothe and specifically target the under eye region, to visibly improve puffiness, eye bags, and dark circles. Properties also include revitalizing eye wrinkle treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Create energized and brightened under eyes with this easy-to-use, on-the-go skin treatment. You can also use this product as a highlighter, to add definition and create dynamic, multi-dimensional look."

Apply directly to the under eyes where dark circles or puffiness are most prominent. Use as a highlighter and apply to nose bridge, forehead, chin, cheek bones for definition. Blend into skin for s natural and flawless finish. Re-apply throughout the day as needed. 

Here's the description on the actual packaging.

Tony Moly's Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base

This portable stick-type eye base brightens up areas around the eyes with its speedy coverage.

[ Directions ] Apply it around the eyes where you have dark circles and blemishes and pat lightly to absorb.

[ Volume ] 9g

There's also a list of ingredients if you're worried about this product not being something you'd want to use on your face.


Upon opening the product, there is a cover for the stick. One of those just-in-case things that allow it to not get everywhere. 

This is how much product comes in the tube. Granted, you DON'T need that much when you use it in my experience. It's just a white cream stick. It also has a very light, clean scent.

This is about two passes of product. It's creamy and just a touch thick, but blends quite wells and feels smooth. Once blended into the skin, it takes on this slightly tacky base that allows whatever you apply on top of it to better adhere. 

So this is what my under eyes look like. There's not very much darkness under my eyes, but it's not an even skin tone to the rest of my skin either. 

On the left, I've applied the eye base and blended it out. The right has no base at all. I figured you'd be able to see a better representation of how this product works if I only apply the base under one eye.

I applied the Nars Creamy Concealer in Chantilly as my concealer. It's my favorite at the moment. As stated before, on the left is the eye with the eye base applied under it and the right is now concealer only. From here, I can tell there's a slight brightening difference on the left side, which I really do enjoy. I also notice a decrease in creasing of my concealer, which is amazing since I normally have no choice but to bake my concealer to prevent it from creasing. That small wrinkle that I have under both my eyes is definitely less noticeable under the left eye.

I think had Memebox not surprise sent this to me, I would have absolutely regretted not purchasing this. This product does what it says and executes it beautifully. I haven't tried it as a highlighter and that mainly due to the fact that I am worried about it maybe being to drying for certain parts of my skin, but I have no doubt that it'll work amazing as a highlighting base.

Travel Friendly.
Light scent. 
Easy to apply and blend.
Works beautifully.

Not widely available.
Expensive if not bought from online retailer.

If you're interested in this item and want to give it a go, you can buy it from the Memebox website here,for $12!

Hope you've enjoyed this review!
Stay tuned for my next reviews!

[ Disclaimer - This product was sent to me for review purposes via Memebox. All thoughts and opinions on the products received on this blog are honest and 100% my own. ]

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  1. This seems like a really nice product! And it's so cute! ^.^
    Very nice brightening effects~