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REVIEW : Memebox PONY Shine Easy Glam 1 REVAMPED Palette + REVAMPED I'm Lip Crayon and I'm Eyeliner ! [ SPONSORED ]

Hello again my darlings. Hope you're all doing well. I took off from blogging last week to ease my anxiety and I've been doing really good at managing it! 

For this review, I'll be reviewing a few items Memebox has sent to me. Earlier last month, I was lucky enough to receive an improved Pony Shine Easy Glam palette in the mail and just this past week, I was also lucky enough to receive a couple of the improved "I'm Series" products, a lip crayon and an eyeliner. I took the opportunity to use all three items in a second look for this review, all that I've posted on my Instagram already.

So the palette comes in a cream colored box lined and printed with gold, which is different from the other Shine Easy Glam Palette, number 2, which I believe comes packaged in a black/blue-ish box with stars. I was HOPING for the one I was sent to be completely honest... Memebox, are you reading my mind?

You'll have to excuse the growth on my nails..
BUT the palette is all black with gold writing. It also has a sticker with the shadow names and some information on the back, but I didn't snap a photo of that.

Pony Shine Easy Glam 1 REVAMPED

" Korean Beauty fans all over the world have fallen in love with Pony's eyeshadow palette, Shine Easy Glam. In version 2.0, we've improved the formula and packaging for a better experience. Each color has been hand-picked by Pony to help you achieve the iconic looks that define K-beauty makeup."

We've made more to love in the new Shine Easy Glam
- Bigger eyeshadow pans.
- Sturdy and easy-to-open magnetic packaging.
- Multi-faceted shimmer with Jewelry Complex : Ruby, Pearl, Amethyst 
[ proceeds to sing the OP to Steven Universe ]
- Even application and stronger color payoff with Rosehip Oil.

From the Memebox website information on this palette. 
Formula and colors designed by Pony, Shine Easy Glam eyeshadow palette features 8 neutral mattes and shimmers that add a hint of glamour to your eyes in the more natural and flattering way. Formulated with nourishing oils the shadows effortlessly adhere to skin without creasing or flaking.

I'm Eyeliner #EL05 Garnet Burgundy

Your favorite gel eyeliners are back with a new look! The smudge tip has been replaced with an elastic eyeliner brush so anyone can do the winged eyeliner like a pro. There's no need to sharpen these as they are retractable and thinner than the previous I'm Eyeliners. But it comes with a built in sharpener in case you want your eyeliner super sharp!

- Precise and opaque application.
- Elastic eyeliner brush end.
- Budge proof and waterproof once set.

I'm Lip Crayon #09 Irene

I'm Lip Crayon delivers a natural wash of color that's flattering on the lips. Improved with a slimmer, retractable packaging to allow ease of application, this creamy crayon applies semi-opaque and evenly. Formulates with moisturizing ingredients such as Macadamia Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba See Oil, and Rose Hip Oil to nourish and protect your lips.

How to Use : Glide smoothly onto the lips. Apply another layer until desired color is achieved. 

So you get 8 shades in this palette, 4 Easy, 2 Shine, and 2 Glam. They all compliment each other beautifully. It's a perfect neutral palette.

Here are swatches of all the shadows. What I find really good about this palette is that even though it is a basic neutrals palette, there are many looks you can create with this. You could use all mattes, all shines/glams, or a mixture of them all, which I have done multiple times with this palette. As Pony has shown, you can even contour using the matte shades in this palette, which omits the need for contouring items if you're planning to travel light or even forget your contouring products... don't do that though, LOL.

A week or so later, Memebox also sent me two new and improved items from their I'm Series. A lip crayon and an eyeliner, and since the Pony palette was still in my possession, I figured I might as well do a look and review on these as well!

This is my second eyeliner pen from the I'm Series, but I have the color option 01 Night, which is an amazing black liner. I didn't think to take a side by side comparison of the two, but Memebox decided to take off the sponge end, that was used to smoke out liners, and instead added an angled brush to allow you to create some sharp winged liner looks. Definitely a pleasant surprise. I got the color option #EL05 Garnet Burgundy, which is a gorgeous burgundy color with specks of gold all throughout it. 

I feel the only downside to this item could be the liner brush, which only seems like a downside since you would have to take the brush off, swipe it through the tip of the liner, and attach it back in order to use it to its full potential, or you could do like me and run the liner multiple times over the back of your hand and then run the liner brush through that and apply accordingly. I must say, this liner dries quickly, which is good when working on the eyes and annoying when having to apply it from the back of your hand..

Honestly the color is so gorgeous I can just overlook the extra step. I want this in a lipstick.

I have multiples of these awesome I'm Lip Crayons that I've been sent. This particular one is much skinnier than the original I'm Lip Crayon tubes and much easier to apply with if you ask me. I actually already had the color option #09 Irene in my collection, but this new packaging makes me happy regardless. Irene is like a hot pink with no blue undertones from what my eyes can see. The formula is very smooth and applies evenly and like a dream. 

There really isn't any downside to this lip crayon or any of the other lip crayons I've used before. They're pigmented and some of my favorite formulas to apply on quick days 

Here are some makeup looks I did using these products!


Honestly, from the products that I've been sent, the I'm Series and collaborations Memebox has done with others are some of my favorite makeup products. They're continuously coming out with some amazing items, and these three are no exception. I love all three! 

I'm Series Items
- I'm Eyeliner #EL05 Garnet Burgundy
Gorgeous color.
Awesome new packaging.

- I'm Lip Crayon #09 Irene
Also a gorgeous color.
Applies like a dream.
Very opaque.

Pony Shine Easy Glam 1 REVAMPED
Apply beautifully.
Blend together wonderfully.
Good for neutral or glam looks.
Also can be used for contour if in a jam.

I'm Series Items
- I'm Eyeliner #EL05 Garnet Burgundy
Dries up very quickly.
Can be difficult to use the angled brush along with the eyeliner.

- I'm Lip Crayon #09 Irene

Pony Shine Easy Glam 1 REVAMPED


Hope you've enjoyed this rather long review. I know I've taken a bit to get this out, but I'll finally be able to sit down and review things in the upcoming months, so be on the lookout!

Have a wonderful day!

[ Disclaimer - These products were sent to me for review purposes via Memebox. All thoughts and opinions on the products received on this blog are honest and 100% my own. ]

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  1. The colors are so pretty but dangg, Pony's makeup were just expensive including the latest Pony Effect..:(