Sunday, December 15, 2013

MALL HAUL: Victoria's Secret & Forever21!

Hello my lovies. I've been slacking on blogging once again. I'm trying to get myself back up into it. I guess since it's the holiday season, I've been more focused on who I have to buy for & what I need to buy that I've been way too overwhelmed to really blog. I only posted one blog last week! ><

But thankfully, I've gotten just about everyone out of the way & can finally breathe, so I have plenty of reviews & posts to write up.

Yesterday, I went out & did a little self shopping since I'm almost done buying for everyone.
 Let's start with what I bought from Victoria's Secret!

[ The top photo is without flash & is why the shirt looks more pink than white. ]

First, I decided to buy this really pretty PINK long sleeved tee that has rhinestone accents on both arms. I love the design as well as the pretty holographic PINK logo on the front of the shirt. This retails for $39.50, which really is quite expensive, but I couldn't find another long sleeved tee to go with the 2 for $40 deal they had going on.

This is the PINK Warm & Cozy body spray that I've been looking for in the travel size for awhile. I can't always use body sprays & purfumes since my mother is sensitive to scents, so this should last me quite awhile. It has a very warm, fruity scent. This retails for $8.00. Affordable for a travel spray seeing as the bigger size is $18.00.

I also purchased three pair of undies. They are currently having a 50% off all panties promo, so, I decided to just get three. All three panties retail for $9.50 but are on sale for $4.75.

A mint, mesh pantie with lace trim as well as silver polka dots.

A basic cotton hipster, pink with dots of yellow, orange & pink as well as a holographic logo that says "Love Pink".

A pretty pink, coral, orange, yellow, & black floral & chevron cheeky pantie. 

Altogether, a very small purchase from Victoria's Secret. I'd like to start shopping there more, but my wallet doesn't quite agree. 

Next, I stopped at Forever21's plus size section to see what I could find since I'm in need of more tops as well as bottoms. I picked up three items.

I needed a bigger makeup bag to carry all the items I have in my purse. It's quite roomy & fits all of my travel essentials. I'll post a "What's in My Makeup Bag" shortly. I believe this makeup pouch retailed for $6.50.

I picked up this really comfy cardigan in a baby pink color. I definitely would like to incorporate more whites & pinks into my wardrobe for those days I want to have a softer look. This retailed for $19.80 but was on sale for $15.00. 

The last item I purchased is this Street-Chic Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt that I'd been eyeing up on the Forever21+ section of the website. Of course, since my nickname is Mickee, I had to get this. It's super soft! This retails for $24.80.

So that's all for my mall haul. It wasn't a lot, but just enough to make me happy. I still have to get a few more gifts, especially for little man, but I'm almost done, so it won't be too hard. He's easy to buy for! ^^

Hope you've enjoyed this little haul! <3




  1. Love this haul - and omg, that last Micky sweatshirt I NEEDDDDD. ;o; You're definitely so lucky that you're pretty much finished with xmas shopping... I haven't started. Brb lemme cry in a corner. ;o; ooommmg.

    1. Ahhh, hurry & get it done ASAP before it gets too close, since those lines get extra long by the time Christmas is almost here.

      & YES THE SWEATSHIRT IS ADORABLE! I can't wait to wear it. <3

      Thanks for reading June! ^^

  2. woo everything is beautiful! I love it: D

  3. the pink cardigan from f21 is really pretty =)

    1. It really is. I can't wait to wear it.
      Thanks for reading! <3

  4. I'm saving my money up for those after Holidays sales. OHOHO~
    But it seems like you have a great time looking for deals! Those panties are GREAT OH GOD
    VS's stuff is always so expensive. ;A;
    Thank you for sharing! <3

    1. Saving up is always the best thing to do! They have so many New Year sales going on, it's crazy. I try to limit buying from VS when they don't have a sale going on. Thank you for reading <3

  5. I love all the lingerie and fashion pieces in your Victoria's Secret & Forever 21 haul! All three of the panties you purchased are lovely, and the mint coloured mesh and lace panty is especially pretty. I just had a wonderful shopping experience myself at Victoria's Secret at blogged about it at
    I love the look of that baby pink cardigan you acquired and the sweatshirt with the mickey mouse graphic is adorable.