Tuesday, December 3, 2013

REVIEW: It's Skin Babyface Pretty Under Eye Pencil!

Hello there my cute little lovies! Hope you're all having a pleasant week. It's only Tuesday though! I'm super ready for another weekend to relax since all I'll be doing this week is de-stashing all of my stuff in preparations for the coming year. I've already cut my nail polish & make-up at least in half, & now I'll be working on little man's clothing. He's getting so big! I'll include a photo of him after the review! So, let's get started!

Excuse the poor quality.

I bought It's Skin Pretty Under Eye Pencil because I really wanted to get that aegyo eye look that is all the rage these days. I seriously cannot get over how cute it makes everyone look. This was on sale when I bought it, so I really felt this was going to be a wonderful item to get me used to creating that puffy, under eye bags look that everyone goes for.

The packaging is super cute as well!

Pretty Under Stick

"Young eye portrayal with a champagne pearl color."

I love the color of this. It's really natural looking as well.

Pretty Filter Stick

"Shades with a natural brown color and helps portray the eyes in a cute and clear manner."

A basic bronzy color.


Step 1: With the Pretty Filter Stick (thin side), lightly draw the line that appears when you smile from left to right, naturally giving a shade to the skin.

Step 2: With the Pretty Under Stick (thick side), fill in the area between the eyes and the shade.

Pretty basic directions. They were super easy to follow.

I love the champagne color a lot. It's super gorgeous.

Took some photos of me wearing the product as well.

Without Flash.

With Flash.

As you can see, the champagne color shows up a bit more than the bronze color.

And with that, I'm going to explain why I DO NOT like this product. 
This product does not last very long on my eyes as both sides of the pencil are a creamy consistency & tend to rub off really easily. It's not very pigmented & doesn't give me the look I was going for. I had such high hopes for this product, too. I get better results using eye shadow. You may have different results, but this eye pencil definitely isn't for me. That means I'll have to try out other products! Leave a suggestion in the comments!

I think I'll be able to salvage the champagne pearl side to use as a highlighter or an eye shadow base. I don't want to let it go to waste.

If you'd like to try this product out for yourself:

Testerkorea.com - It's Skin Babyface Pretty Under Eye Pencil - USD $7.52
Koreadepart.com - It's Skin Babyface Pretty Under Eye Pencil - USD $10.07

Here's some pictures of little man, as promised!

He's gotten so big! <3

Hope you've enjoyed this rather short review!

Have a wonderful day/night my lovies!




  1. Your boy is so adorable >_< I need to meet him fast before he grows up bigger haha I love babies and toddlers xD anyway it's such a shame it's not a good product. Somehow I don't think it's skin products are good (maybe not all). Their lipstick is a big disappointment for me too, but maybe you can try their tear liner instead :D

    1. Yes! Hurry up & get here before he graduates high school! :P
      I've used the Base, BB Cream, & Poweder, & have liked those, but this product was a total fail for me. Oh well! :D <3

  2. Such a shame that this product isn't good, but I feel like all under eye makers are just so-so. I tried the one from Etude House and it rubs off really easily as well > < Like Misa said, I don't think It's Skin products are good either. I've tried their Babyface Pore Powder and Tear Liner, and both of them were disappointments.

    Your boy is so cute! ^^

    1. Hey Gloria,
      Ah, I see. Maybe I should just stick to the eyeshadow method I've been using instead of buying a product that will do the same. I actually have the Pore Powder & like it, but haven't tried the tear liner, since I want to try Etude House's one before.
      Thanks for reading! <3

  3. hey Mickee! Wah~ Your boy is sooooo adorable! I have a 20 month old baby nephew so yeah, I kinda experiencing how fast he grew up right now! As I'm living in uni and seeing him like twice a month gave me a shock every time!
    I'm sorry that the product didn't work out very well. Sigh. Honestly I never tried any of It's Skin products before so I don't really know but based on your experience, hmm, maybe I won't be getting this. Been looking for a good tearliner actually. :)
    Anyway, have a great week ahead!
    xx, Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com/

      Oh my, these babies are growing up as if we are feeding them some miracle grow. I still don't like thinking about him going off to college. I tear up every time!
      This may work differently for you, but I don't think it'd be that great of a product since it's so easy to rub off. I'm also looking for a tear liner as well! There's so many to choose from!
      You have a wonderful week as well my darling. <3

  4. I love that shimmering effect Ashley! :)


    1. Thanks Elin, it's just too bad it didn't work out for me like I wanted. I'll just use it for other purposes! :D
      Thanks for reading! <3

  5. your boy is so cuteeee, and handsome too of course <3
    I have 13 month old baby girl too ^_~

    1. Thank you Winda! ^^
      Awwwe, she must be the cutest little bundle ever! All babies are adorable.

  6. This product is really similar to the Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker.. but it seems to me that this one is more pigmented than the one from Etude House.
    Really love your blog!! Just subbed =)

    Would be thankful if you could subbed to my blog as well =)=)


    Thank you Aida <3

    1. I actually wanted to try that Etude House product, but from what everyone is saying, I think I'm going to stick to using my eyeshadows, LOL. :P
      I LOVE your blog as well, & your YouTube videos. Your accent is adorable!
      & I've already subbed to you! <3

      Thank you for reading darling!

  7. hello , i'm Nana^^ .
    nice to know you, i really love your blog<3

    aa super cute . i want to try it u,u . by the way your boy is so cute too<3


    1. Thank you Nana, it's a pleasure to meet you as well.

      You should try this product out. It just didn't work too well for me, so it might work for you!!

      Thanks for reading!

  8. he is so cut e^.^


  9. Agh, I love that shimmer effect and got really excited about it until I read the text! I've been looking for a really good cream highlighter .. >.< And your boy is the cutest ever. <3

    ~*~*~*~Btw, please check out my blog! If you leave any comments on my posts, I

    will happily return the favor!~*~*~*


    Thank you!<3

    1. I think you should look into this for a cream highlighter since I believe it'll make a more decent highlighter than a pretty under eye pencil. & thank you so much darling! <3 I'm definitely checking out your blog! ^^

  10. thanks for the honest review doll! it's refreshing seeing a negative review tbh because i feel like a lot of other bloggers don't review negatively in hopes of getting more sponsors...


    1. You're welcome darling. I couldn't try to sell you a product I personally don't like, but this might work out for others better than it did me. I believe some bloggers do that as well, but what sponsors forget is that it's not always about a "good" review, bc all of us are different in terms of our skin type, hair type, what have you. If sponsors aren't willing to read a negative review about a product they've sent you, then what's the point!? :P I could go on all day about this, but I've already typed so much! ^^;

      Thank you so much for reading <3

  11. Gah! Sorry that you didn't like it! ;A; Hopefully you can use it as a successful highlighter.
    Your boy is so cute! ///v/// I just want to pinch his little cheeks ahhh~ <3
    Thank you for the review!


    1. I'm hoping to make it a pretty decent highlighter.. if not... I DUNNO, lol.
      Awe!! Thank you! He's my world, even when he's acting crazy ;P
      Thank you for reading darling! <3

  12. omg such a cute colour! the shimmer stick is so prettty

    lets follow each other! let me know? xx
    Please follow my blog 'Heylinni' at:
    I will gladly follow you back!!! Us bloggers need to support each other

    1. Yes, the shimmer side is super pretty!

      I actually am following you!