Sunday, December 1, 2013

REVIEW: Dia - Black Lenses from! [ SPONSORED ]

Hello lovelies. Hope you've enjoyed your weekends. I spent a lovely four days at my parents house with my honeys & did absolutely NO black Friday shopping, except for Lime Crime. I really enjoyed my peaceful holiday with those that matter most to me.

Today, I'll be reviewing another pair of lenses from Beauty Lenses.

Dia - Black

Beauty Lenses asked me if I would like to review a pair of lenses from Pinkage's Glam Eye collection that Beauty Lenses collaborates with.

My last two lens review:

This time, I was able to take much better photos of the box they came in as well as the vials & the lenses themselves. As usual, you receive a lens case for your lenses.

Beauty Lenses Glam Eye lenses are different than the other lenses. They come with a different wrapping as well. I love the way the wrapping looks on these vials. The bow accent is so cute!

Lens, still in the vials. This is probably the first time I was able to get a decent shot of them still in the lenses.

Looking close up, these lens don't have an inner ring & fade out fairly well. I'm not sure how to describe the design. I really like how the look.

Background Information: 

BRAND ] Glam Eye - Dia 
DIAMETER ] 14.2mm
DISPOSABLE ] up to 1 year ( depends on frequency of use & care. )

There isn't much information on the material or the moisture content of these lenses.

One in.

Natural Lighting.

Inside Lighting.


Onto the ratings!

DESIGN ] 4/5. These lenses have a pretty basic design. Blends quite well into my eyes, but is still visibly noticeable if you're looking up close. Determining what to name the design is pretty difficult, but they're really nice.

COLOR ] 5/5. It's your basic black color, nothing to fancy about it.

COMFORT ] 3/5. For awhile, I had trouble wearing these, so I let them sit in solution for a week more & then had trouble getting them  to fit onto my eye. After awhile, I was able to comfortably wear them, but only for a set amount of time, maybe 3-4 hours before they started to feel dry.

ENLARGEMENT ] 4/5. Only a 14.2mm enlargement. Nothing big to complain about. I don't feel they give me a dolly eye, but they do make my eyes look bigger & wider.

[ OVERALL ] 4/5. I still enjoy wearing these lenses knowing my earlier problems with them. I love how the black looks with my green eyes.


I was trying to take decent pictures with my new hair cut, but one side of my bangs are longer than the other & annoy me so much! 

Showing off the dupe Anna Sui contact lens case I bought off of eBay not long ago.I love being able to switch out my lenses & have a case to bring on the go that protects the lens case. It also came with a small container to put lens solution in as well as a pair of lens tweezers. 

Pretty black lenses that I'll keep wearing over & over now. I really do like them! ^^

As always, you can use the code ASHLEY to get a discount on your lens purchase!

I hope you've enjoyed this review! 

You guys better have an enjoyable week! <3



DISCLAIMER ] These lenses were sponsored & sent to me by for review purposes. All thoughts on the website & lenses are purely mine & mine alone.


  1. Wow you look so pretty with black lenses ♥
    Thanks for sharing ^^

  2. You look so cute on black circle lens :)

  3. Oh wow your natural eye color makes this lens look more amazing! Like... I don't know how to describe but your eyes look sooo cute with the lens on ^^

    1. Hehe, thanks <3 I just realized how cool they make my eyes look. I didn't really even notice before!

  4. omg so cute :) i love any kind of circle lens tbh. ill check out their store

    Hope we can follow each other xx
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    I will gladly follow you back!!! Us bloggers need to support each other

    1. Thanks darling! I'll definitely be checking your blog out!

  5. Damn girl! Look at your rocking those black circle lenses! *A* They look so gorgeous with your stunning green eyes~
    Congrats on your sponsored item! Sucks that they aren't maximum comfort. ;v;

    Thank you for the review! <3

    1. ^^ Thank you Gin! It does really bum me out that I can't wear them for a long time bc these are super cool. These are probably the first pair that I've had those kinds of problems with. Thank you for reading my darling! <3

  6. I just finished reviewing a black circle lenses too, but from another brand XD

    It looks nice and it looks like it's sparkling <3

    1. Thanks Yomi!
      I saw your post & I think you look so much better than I do wearing black lenses. <3

  7. Well the selection of Naturelle Pure Black is so large and in demand here that aside from the normal eyeglass stores, many shops have popped up that are dedicated to selling JUST contact lenses!