Thursday, November 28, 2013

Liebster Awards!

How lucky am I to be nominated for two Liebster Awards!
Since I'm not going to sleep any time soon, I figured "Hey, why not! Answering questions seems fun!"

Here's the rules of each:

This award is to those who have less than 200 followers. 
It allows lesser known blogs to be seen more. All of them are amazing.

If you're nominated, all you need to do is accept the award, as well as follow myself on GFC & Bloglovin'.
I'd love to see my nominees post one of these on their page & see what they answered. I will contact each nominee to let them know I have nominated them. I'm allowed to nominate 11 other blogs.

So, without further ado, let's get on to the first one.

I was nominated by the lovely Joyce of Into Face. Thank you again darling.
Joyce is a very descriptive blogger. She elaborates on each product review amazingly well with pictures galore. She's a super duper sweetheart as well.

Here's the questions she has for me to answer:

1. What is your favorite cosmetic brand?
That's a tough one. As of recent, I've been buying more & more makeup items instead of skin care items, but if I had to choose just one, Etude House comes in first with a close second with Urban Decay.

2. If you could only bring one item with you to wherever you go, what would you bring?
Probably mascara. I feel naked without it. I'm not wearing mascara now & I think I look odd without it.

3. How much do you spend on your cosmetic per month?
Oh wow.. If I had to come up with a rough estimate, about $100-$150 a month depending on what it is. Just this month, I bought most of the Etude House Princess Etionette Collection.

4. When do you start using skincare?
I started really taking care of my skin, strict regime that is, earlier this year. After a horrible breakup, I stopped being interested in nails & decided that I wanted to venture into the Korean Cosmetics department. I've never been happier with my decision.

5. What is the most expensive cosmetic that you've used before?
Probably a hand me down Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette that I gave away months ago. I really don't use expensive makeup. I think the most expensive palettes I have now are the Urban Decay Naked Palettes.

6. Which country do you wish to travel most?
Asia. Specifically Korea & Japan. I've been into the Japanese culture since I could remember. I always felt like I should have been born and Asian. My stepmother swore up & down I would marry an Asian man [ Taeyang or TOP.. yesssss ].

7. What do you do with your cosmetics if it's not suitable for you?
I keep it for another month or so & reuse it to see if it has the same effects as it did last. If not, I probably would hand it over to a friend for their use. No purpose to have it laying around to waste.

8. What is your most favorite gift/present you've received before?
My son. He's the most precious gift God has ever given me.

9. What's your wishlist for Christmas?
I actually never expect anything for Christmas. I don't make a list & I don't really worry about what I get. I like to be surprised & even if I know what I'm getting, I'm thankful. I'm not really a person that makes lists to give to someone. 
However, The Naked3 Palette was on a list & thankfully my mom snatched two up before the sold out so I do have something to look forward to!

10. If there's a product on your wishlist, and after reading many negative reviews, would you still purchase it?
There's always a chance I will, especially if I feel it will work with my skin. However, reviews do play a big part when I go to purchase a product.

11. If you could only choose one: make up or skincare?
Skincare. Taking care of your skin can provide many benefits for when you age. Makeup only covers that up. A clean canvas is better than an uncleaned one IMO.

So that's it for Joyce's questions.
Let's move on to the next one!

I was nominated by Gin from Gin Does Beauty. Thank you my dear.
Gin is the CUTEST THING EVER. She's my sisters age. I could seriously just hug her, she's so sweet & cute. Another blogger with extremely detailed blogs that are picture heavy. Please check her out!

Here's the questions she has for me to answer:

1. Other than makeup, what's something else you love to do?
That's a hard question to answer. I love giving advice. I wanted to be a therapist when I was in college. I also like to make DIY projects when I really want to.

2. Do you prefer cosmetics from where you live currently? If not, where?
I like some, but I'd much rather prefer the Korean Brand Cosmetics. Not only are they cheaper, they're serious great quality!

3. What are your favorite skincare products?
Toners & masks for sure. I used to do a mask every night.

4. How many nail polishes do you own? Which is your favorite?
Oh my, I used to own over 200+ bottles before I de-stashed some, but I still have about 150+ sitting at home. I'm a big fan of holographic polishes & will normally put a coat of spectraflair over any polish I wear.

5. Share your favorite toner, serum, or lotion. Why?
I switch up so many times that I'm not even sure what my favorites are anymore!

6. Have you gone through intense breakouts? How did you cope with them?
Actually, I haven't really experience any major breakouts aside from the occasional pimple here or there. I have more blackheads than I'd like though.

7. Are you insecure about any part of your body?
My weight for the most part, but I am loved by many for who I am now that I don't feel pressured to change, but I would love to drop some pounds! 

8. What is your absolute favorite foods?
Baked Potatoes. I can make them every day & not get sick of them. Funny, my honey loves steak, so we go together perfectly!

9. What is your opinion on plastic surgery?
You have to accept yourself, no matter what. If you can change it, change it. If you can't, & you feel the need to change it, that's all on you. I'll love you no matter what you do.

10. Do you have any home-made remedies? If so, what does it do?
At the time, I really don't. I'll put toothpaste on a pimple to dry it out if that means anything.

11. How much makeup do you wear on an average day?
Foundation or BB Cream, Concealer, Powder if needed, Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter, & Mascara. That's it.

Another wonderful blogger nominated me, so I'm going to add this one in here as well.

This blogger is super cute too! Her name is Misha Lulu from Just Cute Things & her blog is filled with some of the cutest gif images. She's adorably sweet as well, so check her out too!

Here are the questions she has for me:

1. What is your favorite makeup brand?
In an earlier question, I answered that Etude House was my favorite with Urban Decay coming in a close second.

2. How often do you wear makeup?
Everyday, but just what I need for a basic look, except on weekends if I'm just going to be lounging around the house.

3. What are your beauty and skin care must-haves?
A decent toner, essence, cream, morning/nightly sleeping packs.

5. What is your favorite color? Do you often use this color on your nails?
Pink has become my most recent favorite again, & yes I do. I'm wearing OPI's Mod About You with a coat of Spectraflair on top.

6. What country are you from?
The United States.

7. Do you have a favorite clothing store?
Not at all. No stores around here cater to what I want to style myself. If Asian clothing wasn't one size, I'd be buying from online shops for sure.

8. Which makeup product would you like to try out?
A CC Cream. I haven't ventured into using them just yet.

9. Lipstick or lip-stain?
Both, it's hard to choose.

10. Are you into K-pop? If so, what are your bias groups and who is your ultimate bias?
SHINee, SNSD, I know there's more, but my ultimate would be 2NE1 bc they can do no wrong in my eyes. However, I have a soft spot for J-pop, as Morning Musume is my all time favorite overseas group.

11. If you could travel somewhere (fictional or non-fictional) where would you  go?

Ahhh, that's all the questions! That was fun to answer. I honestly love answering questions.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any bloggers in my list that have under 200 or haven't already received the award. I'm bummed! Looks like I'll have to go on a follow spree!

Maybe next time I will be able to give my own questions.

Hope you've enjoyed this random post.
I hope this allows you to get to know me more. <3




  1. Its nice to know some facts about you. Thanks for sharing. :)

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  2. dsbkvgdi I'm blushing! ///v/// <3 Thank you for thinking I'm cute.
    You're so lucky that you don't break out often! *A* I break out seasonally, so my face has constant scars. OTL
    Thank you for answering my questions. <33

    1. You're welcome my darling.
      I just never had an issue with breakouts. It's always been blackheads. I hate my nose!

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all my questions! I'm smiling so hard right now because you think I'm adorably sweet haha :)♥ and I love how you answered "Hogwarts"! xD

    -Misha |

  4. Thank your for nominating me Misha! <3
    & of course you are!
    I had to answer the last question like that, I mean, if only it was possible to visit the real Hogwarts, I'd probably never leave!