Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!: Halloween Look & Picture Spam!

A belated Happy Halloween to all of my darling readers! Hope you had a safe & enjoyable night. Did you get lots of candy? Or did you live up the night? Either way, I bet you had a wonderful night!

I decided to throw together a little something last minute since everyone was dressing up for the Halloween party we had at my house. I knew I didn't really want to dress up nor did I have an actual costume to do so, so I ended up wearing something I feel is super comfy & pretty to wear. 

WARNING: This is definitely going to be a tad picture heavy.

My makeup!

I decided to go with a kitty look. Gave myself some dramatic winged eyeliner along with a small sprinkling of some cheetah print on my eyelid. I paired the look off with my Misty Brown Circle Lenses & an uzzlang inspired gradient lip. I parted my hair down the middle, clipped my bangs back with some bobby pins & wore my flower kitten headband I bought from Charlotte Rousse.

Random spam:

Some edited of myself:

Hehe ^^ Hope you darlings have a fun & safe night. Be on the look out for another post sometime tonight & tomorrow!



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