Tuesday, November 26, 2013

GIVEAWAY WINNERS & REVIEW: Etude House Bling In The Sea Cheek Sun Brightener - Apricot Beam!

Hello my lovelies, hope your week has been smoother than mine. I'm lagging & super lethargic right now that I'm struggling to type this up, but I'm going to get this done! Stay tuned to the end of the review for the giveaway winners!

I don't have many highlighters in my makeup collection, which is really odd. I have more palettes & lipsticks/gloss more than anything! However, I'm super happy to have picked this product up. It's become a new favorite of mine & I literally use it everyday!

This product didn't come in a box, rather sealed in a clear wrapping with a perforated section to tear when ready to open, so I will have to improvise from the description on TesterKorea.com.


Bling In The Sea Cheek Sun Brightener 
Multi powder that gives bright ambiance whenever used.

1. A bright ambiance given from every angle.
This Bling Bean Tran Powder which does not have much refraction helps make the applied area bright as well as keeping it's unique transparent aspect.

2. Smooth and Soft focusing portrayal.
Keeps the skin smooth and bright, fixing flexures.

3. Composed of 2 colors that help make the skin shine.
A mysterious and cold pink #1 and a new/warm apricot #2 are both available based on the color of the skin.

There isn't an exact description on how or where to apply this product. After applying both bronzer and blush, I apply this to the high points of my face [ cheek bones, middle forehead, bridge of nose, cupids bow, & middle chin. ].

You get 4g of product.

I chose option #2 Apricot Beam.

The product comes in a cute jar & includes a small puff for application. It's so teeny tiny! It's soft & does a wonderful job applying the product to your face.

The top photo shows the brightener non-blended while the bottom photo is the brightener blended into my skin. It's hard to tell what it looks like on my hand.

You can definitely tell I'm wearing the brightener on my nose bridge as well as my cheek bones.

I really love this brightener to the max. I love how it looks on my skin tone & how well it applies & blends for a really natural looking highlight. The container is travel friendly & pretty to look at. I take thing along with me for everyday use & touch-ups when I need it. 


Nothing at all negative about this product!

If you'd like to try this product out for yourself:

TesterKorea.com - Etude House Bling in The Sea Cheek Sun Brightener - USD $7.43

Now, onto the winners!

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Congrats to both winners. You've both been emailed.
Remember to respond within 24 hours!

I'm so happy with the way this giveaway turned out. I can only hope to keep the followers I've gained & to be able to do my own personal giveaways as soon as the holidays are over. I only hope that my darlings keep supporting me & reading my reviews. You mean more to me than you know! <3

Hope you've enjoyed this review!

Have a wonderful Thanksgivings! 




  1. aaah, its me :) thank you so much Mickee ^_~

    1. Yaya! <3 I'm so happy! You're more than welcome, doll!

  2. Hi, I've nominated you The Liebster Award :D

  3. Very nice review! I'm surprised it came with small package, i think it's looks like compact powder size. I wanna try it :3.

    xx cherrykuma.blogspot.com

    1. It's small enough to fit in a cosmetics bag, one of those small ones that can only fit a few things. Great highlighter! :)

      Thanks for reading Yolanda!

  4. Congratz to the winner! And this highlighter sounds really good, I'm currently looking for a nice highlighter too eheh~ I will put this on my wishlist for christmas >u< Thanks for this review eheh :3

    1. I promise you won't regret buying either of the colors!
      Thanks for reading darling! <3

  5. Replies
    1. I love being able to carry it around with me. The puff is the cutest! :)

  6. I've been wondering about this product and now that I read this I really like it :D It looks really nice on your skin ^^ Thanks for the review!

    1. Glad you like it! Thanks for reading darling! <3

  7. I really love the highlighter from Etude House they are really great =)
    Nice blog =) how about following each others?



    1. Yes, I have another highlighter I am using & will review & I love that one as well. Of course I will follow you! <3

  8. This brightener is really cute! *A* It makes your nose look really slim and nice~
    (all of etude house's products are so adorable i can't- ;;;;; <3)
    Thank you for the review! *^* <3


    1. I also contour my nose, so that may be another reason why my nose looks so slim [ shhh, it's a secret ]. Etude House product are so adorable that I'm broke... haha.

      Thank you for reading darling!