Thursday, November 7, 2013

REVIEW: Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion & XOXO Minnie Any Cushion Case! [ LONG POST ]

Hello darlings! This post was going to happen.. :D. With the announcement of the current giveaway, you know the main prize is Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion. It's only right I do a review on this product before the giveaway ends. I've only had this product for about a week or so, & I'm head over heals for it. I think I love it just as much as I love my Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream...
Maybe more...

As you can see, I didn't actually buy the original Any Cushion Case. Can you tell why? THE MINNIE MOUSE ANY CUSHION CASE WAS TOO CUTE TO PASS UP! I just made the decision to purchase the refill to accompany the case. I don't regret a thing!

Let's start with the Any Cushion Refill!

The refill comes in a white, plastic packaging. It's super pretty, with silver accents.


Etude House
Precious Mineral Any Cushion 
Light Beige N02

This cushions pack perfects all-day radiant and moist skin with it's multi-function of brightening, wrinkle reducing, sebum control, and flawless coverage.


Pick up certain amount of contents with puff and spread evenly by lightly patting onto the skin.


1. Use only as directed.
2. Avoid storing in high and low temperatures ans areas exposed to direct sunlight.
3. Cease use if problem arise.

Check out that SPF50, darlings. Sun protection at it's finest!

The Any Cushion refill comes with a puff. I was so worried it wouldn't come with one, so I ended up e-mailing the website I purchased the set from & luckily, it came with one! Yay!

I'm over the moon for this. The puff has it's own, personal space to be put instead of on top of the Any Cushion. I love that about this product. It's super sturdy as well. And the cushion has a seal on it to preserve it's freshness.

Cute little cushiony sponge that holds the BB cream in. I haven't experience any spillage while having it tucked away in my purse. 

I find the consistency of this cream is much more liquid than other BB creams I've used. It's very easy to spread with the help of the puff. The cream has a very fresh, floral scent. It fades rather quickly.

This time, I took some face shots with the Any Cushion on.

[ Bare face, no flash ]

[ With Any Cushion, no flash ]

[ Bare face, flash ]

[ With Any Cushion, flash ]

As you can see, it does a pretty good job of covering the redness on my cheeks. It's light coverage, but it covers well enough that I don't worry about my redness showing. I also find that I don't have to really reapply this Any Cushion unless I am planning to go someplace & I feel the urge to touch up in my T-zone.

Before I get onto the ratings, let show off this adorable Minne Any Cushion Case!

A D O R A B L E PACKAGING. Etude House... STAP IT.
I'm lying, I love this. I love Disney & Minnie Mouse so much.
I seriously have a special place in my heart for Disney. It's what my childhood consisted of. I even have a special place in my heart for the Kingdom Hearts series... <3
If you love Disney, you'll love this compact!


Etude House
XOXO Minnie Any Cushion Case
This Minnie Any Cushion case makes your Any Case unique with a lovely Minnie design.


1. Open Any Cushion lid and push bottom of inner container upwards.
2. Any Cushion outer container will separate from inner container.
3. Place former inner container into new Minnie Any Cushion Case.
4. Unique XOXO Minnie Any Cushion Complete.


1. Use only as directed. 
2. Avoid storing in high and low temperature and areas exposed to direct sunlight.
3. Cease use if problems arise.

The actual case is just as adorable as the packaging and is sturdy. Even comes with a mirror for easy touch-ups.. It's not called the Any Cushion for nothing! :P

Overall... Do I really have to?
A major *****/5 for both products! <3

If you'd like to purchase the Any Cushion or the Any Cushion Refill: - Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion - USD $17.65 - Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion - USD$17.90 - Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion - USD $21.83 - Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Refill - USD $14.36

If you'd like to purchase the Etude House XOXO Minne Any Cushion Case: - Etude House XOXO Minnie Any Cushion Case - USD $9.80 - Etude House XOXO Minne Any Cushion Case - USD $9.90

This was super long, but super important for me to post this now. I hope I got you even more excited for the giveaway!

Hope you've enjoyed this review.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!




  1. The Minnie cushion case is to die for! So adorable <3 thank you for the review. I love how you have natural blush on your cheeks haha. My cushion shade is also N02 I'm not sure if it'll be too light for me xD should've picked the natural beige one :/

    1. I love the case so much!
      I've always thought the natural flush was weird. Lol.
      I thought this would have been too light on me as well, but seems to work okay. I'll probably get a natural beige as well once I'm done this one.

  2. The Minnie Cushion Case is super cute. ♥ I'd like to try the Any Cushion as well, but I still don't know which shade to choose :D anyway, thanks for the review!

    1. Hey darling,
      I think I ended up going by the shades of the other BB creams I have, which probably isn't quite accurate. ^^;
      Thank you for reading <3

  3. OMG!!! Aren't these the cutrst thing ever??? Love the fact that you just pick up your refill and Minnie case.
    For me, as I tried this at the store the other day, Honey Beige matches my skin perfectly.
    Anyway, love this review! Makes me want to shop for these like right now!! :D
    xx, Mira |

    1. I had plans to get the original Any Cushion, but once I seen the Minnie case, decision was made! & I'm glad they sell the refills for it. I think next time, I'll get the natural beige to see how it goes with my skin. So glad the honey beige works for you! ^^
      Thank you for reading darling! <3

  4. It's quite hard for me to find the refill here. Thanks for the link~


  5. hi Mickee, envy your minnie any cushion case :D so cute! I bought too early I guess, otherwise I'd go for this!

    1. I think you should still get it! Then you'll have two really cute Any Cushion Cases for when you feel like switching things up. :D

  6. Hi Mickee! Your skin is already good x) I love your face. You are beautiful anyway. Mind to follow me back? Thanks!

    Stay fab, Mickee xx

    1. Awe <3 Thank you so much for the amazing compliments, Elin. I'll definitely check your blog out & follow you back. ^^

  7. I'm a new follower and I love your blog so much!!
    would you like follow me back??

    Moeri chan!!

  8. Hi,
    what is the most effective korean product that can brighten skin? and what is the most effective korean product to remove white head? thanks

    1. Hello Ileen,
      Unfortunately, I'm unable to really give you any information on either. I'm still in the process of trying out different things for those purposes. I hope to fully be able to answer these questions soon. Thanks for reading! <3

  9. Hi,
    thank you very much for replying, i hope when u already know what product is the best, you inform to me, thanks ya :D

  10. Chanced upon your post when I was searching on how to change out the refill. The Minnie casing is just so cute! And I love this as much as the Holika holika Aqua petite BB as well even though this isn't a BB cream, it still works great! ^^