Friday, July 18, 2014

♥ July Forever21 Mini-Haul ♥ !

Hey lovies. <3
I kind of stopped shopping for clothes for some reason. I always feel like nothing EVER looks good on me because of my shape. Most of you probably know I am a big on the thicker side, which I don't always mind. However, when it comes to actually dressing my particular size, it can be difficult to find things that really appeal to me.

And then I found the peplum top... 
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What you're about to see is the first shot of my body I've ever uploaded to my blog.
I'm going out on a whim here ^^;

Forever21+ Floral Poliage Peplum Top [ $11.80 ]

I am so happy to have discovered how well peplum tops look on me! Since the flair starts under my bust, It covers my tummy quite well. To the point where I do not mind wearing this top! I've bookmarked so many other peplum top... I think I may be addicted to them!

I love the floral on this top. I didn't know what to completely expect when I tried this on, but whoa am I happy I got this!

Forever21 Double Chain Bracelet - Pink [ $3.80 ]

There was no motive behind picking this cutie up. I was just walking around the jewelry section, quickly browsing, and I spotted this and picked it up with no hesitation.

The only issue I have with these photos is that you can't see how iridescent the bracelet actually is. IT'S BEAUTIFUL! I love chain necklaces and bracelets. This is dainty enough to wear anywhere.

Forever21 Sheer Highlighter Compact - Light Pink [ $3.80 ]

Doesn't this packaging look similar to a certain Korean Cosmetics? Forever21 seems to be copying some of Korea's makeup and skincare packaging. There was no motive behind this buy either. Saw it at the register and picked it up.

Surprisingly, this highlighter is quite good. I wasn't expecting it to be as nice as it is. I'm going to really enjoy using this. It was too cute to pass up anyway.

Hope you enjoyed my mini-haul.

Just a little disclaimer before anyone assumes anything, I'm very body positive. I may not be 100% body positive for myself, but I want everyone to know you're beautiful just as you are and if you aren't happy, make yourself happy. Do what you have to you. It's your body! <3

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. nice haul! The highlighter packaging is so adorable ^w^ It's a shame I don't have Forever 21 in my country though T T

  2. Nice haul.. did not really notice Forever21 selling cosmetics at my country though.. Do check me out at :)

  3. aww so pretty post ~
    p.s. i really love ur blog design~

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