Thursday, July 10, 2014

UNBOXING : Tokyo Luxey Gift Box!

Hello lovies. Hope you're all doing well! I originally was going to review a lippie today, but REALLY wanted to talk about a new blogger website called Tokyo Luxey and the gift box I purchased from their website.

First, I'll talk about Tokyo Luxey and then get into the goodies inside the gift box.

In a nutshell, Tokyo Luxey is comprised of bloggers worldwide, but they're based in Asia. Tokyo Luxey was started by the company RougeAsia.
" This website focuses on the curation of Japanese cosmetics and beauty products, video streaming-oriented e-commerce, and the LUXE community of women. It is our philosophy at TOKYO LUXEY that, together with the trendsetting women of Asia, we can build a bridge between Asia and Japan. "
You can become a Luxey and help promote Tokyo Luxey as well. They feature some of their bloggers based in the Singapore area. I'm hoping they'll soon incorporate other Luxey's from other parts of the world. From what I've read, they send out products for blogger to test and try out for review, but since the website is so new, there hasn't been much going on other than the meetups they hold. You can check out their Facebook for information on meetups.

For now, I keep in touch with some of the women who work with Tokyo Luxey as well as all the bloggers who've been approved as Luxey's in the Tokyo Luxey Members Lounge. I've met some really awesome beauty bloggers in that group! 

Now let's get into the products of this box! ^^

I know a handful of you like to see Little Ham in my posts, so here he is, holding the Tokyo Luxey Gift Box. I almost didn't get my box back, lol!

The box is this beautiful lavender color with the Tokyo Luxey logo on top of it in shiny silver lettering. The box is really sturdy. Sturdy enough to keep other things in. In fact, I was accidentally sent an empty box like this and am using it to store some other products. 

" Tokyo Luxey presents a brand new "luxe" gift box filled with Japanese cosmetics. You can try these exclusive TOKYO LUXEY Japanese skin care and makeup products that will be featured on the beauty reality TV show "TOKYO-LUXE : A Luxe Makeover TV Series " and airing Asia-wide via Star World by Fox Asia. "

In the description of the box on the website, it says that the TV show features makeup techniques demonstrated by Nobuto Yanagi. He's a pretty popular hair and makeup artist in Tokyo. Some of the products that he uses is what's in this Gift Box. 

The contents of the box. Everything is so nice and pretty. I definitely cannot wait to start using everything.

Evangelist BB Cream

This is the No. 1 BB cream in Japan.

Use this BB cream and you will enjoy smooth, natural-looking skin, due to the cream's splendid concealing ability, as well as skin-care benefits that come from its beauty ingredients, such as placenta and EGF. Although this new BB cream will help you create 3D make-up effects, it is so light that, soon enough, you will forget you are wearing it. 
Is the first BB Cream to win 1st place in two divisions among the @cosme word-of-mouth rankings [ the cream emulsion foundation ranking and concealer ranking ].
Won 1st place in several divisions of the Rakuten rankings. 
Awarded the best-selling product in two divisions of Amazon's Health and Beauty section [ moisturizer and pore concealer ].

I had hoped this would have been a full sample, but I'm just excited to be able to try the No.1 BB cream in Japan that's won many awards. Already, from swatching it on my hand, I can tell that it blends very easily and leaves my skin with a very soft feeling. I also find with this BB cream that the finish is really nice as well. It has SPF 30 PA++, which is good. I received the shade No. 2 Ocre.

Make It & Co. 
Wash Oil & Premium Face Gel

Wash Oil
Organic soy oil with the combination of Lavender, Tea Tree, Citrus essential oils gently cleans by forming an emulsion on your skin. Goodness of aromatic plants cleanses your face and body without irritation and also deals with minor problems, such as intimate and feminine hygiene. 

Premium Gel
Anti aging gel is packed full of actives to help the skin look and feel more soft, supple, and younger. Macadamia Nut Oil has an excellent anti-aging properties due to its richness in antioxidants and vitamins. Rose Floral Water is included for its toning effects.

These seem to be deluxe samples as well. They smell amazing. More like Lavender than anything else. I'm curious about the wash oil. It says it's all organic, which is better for the skin. 

24H Cosme Powder Foundation SPF15 PA ++
Shade 03

24H Cose me 24h Powder Foundation SPF15 PA++ is a "stress-free" natural foundation, which can use for 25 hours! Suitable for gals who like to hang out with friends at nights, who need to wear makeup for hours and who work night shift. It conceals skin imperfections and helps create an impressive and healthy look!

24H Powder Foundation can also moisturize the skin as it contains natural ingredients like minerals, jojoba oils, coral, vitamin E and aloe vera extract.

With no chemical element, the foundation can be removed easily, simply by cleansing or with water, saving all the effort of using makeup remover. It can relieve all the burdens to your skin! With SPF15 PA++, your delicate skin will be protected against the harmful UV lights, too! Good for sensitive skin.

The compact case is really cute and simple. I had to get a full description about this product on Sasa's website, which is a pain since there wasn't any good information on the description of this gift box. I'm worried the shade I received will be too dark for my skin.

Fairy Drops Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder
Dark Ochre

The Fairy Drops Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder makes the skin look and feel super smooth and soft. Cover with thin film and protect from dry and rough skin. Micro-gold Pearl hides scars and freckles without a shiny-effect. Made in Japan with 99% natural mineral powder. Comes with a mirror in the lid, compact for easy application anywhere. If you have yellow or golden undertones, this would be perfect for you.

Until recently, I didn't know Fairy Drops had any other makeup products other than their mascara. I'm also worried about this product as well. I don't normally gravitate towards darker toned makeup items since I'm pretty fair skinned, but I'm quite optimistic about this. It does smell like vanilla, but the packaging says it smells like "sexy vanilla" which I can vouch for. It DOES smell like what sexy vanilla would smell like. I think the cute mirror on the cap in such a wonderful touch, but I don't think I'd be taking this along in my makeup bag. I haven't taken off the safety seal and there's powder already coming out of the container. 

Fairy Drops Waterproof Platinum Mascara

Fairy Drop Platinum Mascara, waterproof type contains 5 kinds of treatment essence and fibers. This mascara fans your lashes out nicely while giving you volume and separates lashes. It does not smudge easily because of it's strong waterproof. Using results in a dramatic curl and longer looking eyes without your lashes becoming clumpy. Easily removed with makeup remover.

I've had a Fairy Drops mascara before, but it wasn't this cute. I don't even think I have the tube any longer. I can't wait to see how this works with my already long lashes. I've read reviews online about this particular mascara and there's nothing but good things said about this mascara.

KIRAAN! Metal Magic Liner
Pink Bird

Glittery pink eyeliner.

" Deliver to girls who sparkle to the world such as imitative word "KIRAANN!" which can be seen on Japanese culture. 
Concept : Enjoy the girl to leave, but I think "Dream world of girls." "Magic World""

I hate to admit it, but I couldn't find any good information on this post besides what Tokyo Luxey has in it's description of this product. I don't even care about that because I LOVE THIS LINER SO MUCH. Immediately after receiving the box, I opened this and put it on and I'm so happy I got the pink version of this liner. It's so pretty on and gives my eyes that pop of color when I'm being lazy.

Koji Lash Concierge
Style 13 Natural Style

Koji Lash Concierge False Eyelash is a kind of fake eyelashes that emphasize naturally dark eyes. The fake lashes are easy to use and make your eyes more charming with increasing volume and lengths of eyelash, allowing you to have an elegant temperament.. Also, glue is included in the package and the eyelash can be used repeatedly.

Basic, natural lashes. These are right up my alley since I tend to not use dramatic lashes. I think I own one pack of dramatic lashes while I own multiple packs of natural ones. The style of these are really wispy and pretty. Glad this came with some glue.

My high expectations for this box weren't let down. Even though I would have rather a full size of the BB cream, the Fairy Drops powder and mascara, and the KIRAAN! Metal Eyeliner really made me happy. I am a little concerned about how the BB cream and the Powder Foundation will look on me since I don't buy darker shades of makeup. The Fairy Drops powder concerns me as well, but I'll have to really try everything.

I do plan to completely review each of the items that I received. Possibly a makeup look using all of these. It's a thought. ^^

I'm hoping Tokyo Luxey will come out with more of these awesome gift boxes. Japanese cosmetics aren't readily available to me, so I'm perfectly fine purchasing a gift box with these kinds of goodies.

For my Singaporean readers, you can purchase this gift box here.

And for those who don't live in Singapore, you can purchase this gift box here
The gift box is USD $32.00 with a shipping price of USD $20.00. Seems like a lot, but I personally found it worth it to pay the price for the products I received. 

Hope you've enjoyed this unboxing! ^^



  1. Hey Mickee!! Nice post on the box from Luxey :) Hope they have in Malaysia soon :)

    1. Thank you Miriam! I hope the start shipping to Malaysia soon as well. Maybe you should email them and ask if they will. Thanks for reading xoxo <3

  2. Aaaaaah Ashley I want want want this box too now! Haha they all look so pretty and I have not tried any of them before so review all of them please? Haha great post <3 and cute little baby is featured I can't be more happier! <3

    1. I wish you would have gotten this one! Everything is so nice! I promise to do full reviews on each of these items. I just have to get good photos of them, LOL. Little Ham loves photos! <3 Thanks for reading babes xoxo <3

  3. Hey Ashley, love your review and Little Ham is such a qt! <3

    -Angelus /

    1. Thanks Angelus <3 Thank you so much for reading xoxo <3

  4. I'm really curious with KIRAAN! Liner! xD

    1. That might be the first product I review since I personally love the color and the product so much. Thanks for reading doll xoxo <3

  5. This is super cute! I love the package that the items came in <3 I really want to check this out!! <3