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REVIEW : Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Clay Pack !

Hello there my lovies. Hope your weekend was relaxing and peaceful. I attended my Junglefish's 5th birthday party with Little Ham and Honey and we all had a blast. I won him a cool Chuck E Cheese sippy cup and plush toy! The things a momma does for her baby.

I really enjoy using facial masks when I feel that my skin needs some extra purification. I'm not entirely sure why I decided to purchase this mask, but I'm certainly not disappointed with how it works for me. I know this mask was picked as an Editor's Pick for 2013's Korea Allure, so that might have been why. ^^

The container is a baby blue plastic with a silver metal cap. It's a little weighty. I love this color blue. It definitely does remind me a little of tropical waters. This also came in a plastic box packaging.  I was able to get a shot of the description and another part of the plastic box. In the photo above this one, you can see how pretty the plastic box is. Really tropical.

The metal cap has Nature Republic's logo embossed into it. A really cute touch. Upon opening the container, there is a protective lid that separates the metal lid from the actual product. 

Hawaiian Fresh Clay Pack
Pore-cleaning Clay Pack that tightens pores, making the skin feel fresh, soft, and smooth.

How To Use
Apply a generous amount to the entire face, avoiding the sensitive eye and mouth areas. Leave it on for 15~20 minutes or until the face feels dry and then wash off with lukewarm water.
For Caution list as well as Ingredient list, please click to enlarge the photo.

This description on the box shows where they get the Hawaiian Deep Sea Water used in this clay pack. I've never been to Hawaii before, but I'd love to go!

The clay pack is quite tan/beige in color and has a thick consistency, but still easily spreadable onto your face. What I really want to note on this product is the smell. THIS HAS A STRONG, PURFUMEY SMELL. I feel like I can kind of smell a "tropical" scent in this clay pack, but all I really smell is strong, floral notes. Maybe this is a smell to a certain flower in Hawaii.

Dollop on hand.

L : Spread evenly onto skin.      R : Completely dry.

As I said earlier, this mask is thick, but I find it's still easily spread. I use this with a clean foundation brush so I don't get much bacteria in the container. This doesn't come with a spatula at all. I can't say that the smell dissipates a lot either. I can still smell this as I wear it. 

This pack most definitely isn't a "holy grail" mask pack, but for what it does, I do use it quite a bit. I find that it does make my skin smooth, tighter, and somewhat brighter. What I don't notice happening is this clay pack cleaning out my pores at all. You know how most clay masks will draw out the excess sebum from your pores and you'll be able to visibly see the oil dots in the mask? This clay pack doesn't do that for me when every other clay mask has. I'm not sure if it's cleaning my pores at all. I also don't think this is a mask for those who have really sensitive senses. If you get major headache from strong scents, then I really wouldn't buy this product. There are probably better clay packs out there that will better clean the excess sebum and oils out of your skin than this one does. I still find myself using this one due to how nice my skin looks after. I probably wouldn't purchase this clay pack again.

Pretty Packaging.
Made skin smooth, tighter, and in my case, brighter.

Doesn't come with spatula.
Scent isn't for those with sensitive senses. 
Doesn't really suck any excess sebum and oils out of skin.

If you'd like to try this product out for yourself :

Honest Skin - USD $748 [ ON SALE ]
 Koreadepart - USD $8.88
KollectionK - USD $17.02
Testerkorea - USD $10.20

Hope you've enjoyed this review!
Have a wonderful week.. tomorrow is only Monday ;)



  1. The cap reminds me of Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask!
    Haven't heard of this product before. :D
    Nice post! Thanks for sharing ^^


    1. I really want to try that mask out, too. This mask is okay, but it's nothing to totally rave about. Thank you for reading Jessica xoxo <3

  2. Dang!! I bough this last year and then haven't tried it (almost forget about it) Thanks for the review! I didn't know it has strong scent!!! usually I avoid this kinda mask! Well let's see if I can bear that or not!!

  3. Oh! I think I'd like to try this one out even though it's just an okay product~ >.< I think I have a soft spot for 'Hawaiian' products just because I live in Hawaii xD But it looks like something I'd use just for fun and with my friends~ Thanks for the review!

    Love, Aimee
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