Wednesday, August 6, 2014

♥ REVIEW : Caramel Cappuccino Choco Lenses from ! [ SPONSORED ] ♥

Lovies, it's been much longer than I had expected. I initially wanted to review these lenses weeks ago, but something always seems to get in the way of my reviews! Dx 

Let's just cut to the chase, shall we?

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As usual, the lenses come in the Beauty Lenses trademark pink box. The labels on the vials match, while the caps have the power of the lenses. I always get mine with no power.

I removed the labels to see how cool the lenses looked sitting in the vials... 
So science-like. :P

These have a smaller diameter than I thought they would, but I can't really tell the difference once wearing them.

When you really think about it, and look closely at the lenses' design, it almost looks like what a fancy cup of cappuccino would look like. I'm craving some Starbucks as I'm typing this up!

[ Design ] 3/5. There really isn't anything spectacular about the design of these lenses. Although, I do find them to mimic what a cup of coffee would look like. The color wisps in towards the middle of your eye. 

[ Color ] 4/5. A basic brown. This was only a one color lens, so there's no darker outer ring. I don't mind this at all since it looks very natural.

[ Comfort ] 3/5. I had trouble with these lenses when I got them. I couldn't wear them for very long, even after soaking them for days. I've been putting off wearing them for awhile and picked them back up a week or two ago to find them to be super comfortable. I guess some lenses need more time to soak than others?

[ Enlargement ] 3/5. It's only a 14.3 diameter, but it does give my eyes a dolly effect, but a subtle one. 

[ Overall ] 3/5.  Even though I did have some issues with the lenses, I do find that I wear them more now that they don't irritate my eyes any longer. I love how natural they look. ^^

Only one photo this time :P
I'm enjoying my new hair color!

Hope you've enjoyed my lens review!

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Have a wonderful day/night my lovies!

DISCLAIMER ] These lenses were sponsored & sent to me by for review purposes. All thoughts on the website & lenses are purely mine & mine alone.


  1. Relly pretty lenses color ^ ^ it looks very well on you!

  2. These look really nice and natural. I like the color, too.

  3. These lenses do look really pretty and dolly on you! : )
    I'm craving for Starbucks right now too haha, they somehow look like a choco flower to me though hehe~ I totally love the pink packaging of the lenses, it looks really pretty ^-^ ♥

    Mindy ♥

  4. they look good on you, Ashley ^^
    so natural :D
    Unfortunately it's not so comfortable :s