Wednesday, August 27, 2014

♥ REVIEW :FAIRYDROPS Waterproof Platinum Mascara ! ♥

Hello lovies. I'm back with another review! I don't normally buy waterproof mascaras due to how hard some are to get off, but I got this Fairy Drop Waterproof Platinum Mascara in the Tokyo Luxey Gift Box I recently got. I've used this quite a few times now!

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The mascara comes with this bright pink, colorful packaging with a step by step pictorial on what this mascara does. " Fabulous!" 

Close up, you can see even more detail with this packaging. I love the cute stars and the photos that show you how to use this mascara.  There's a lot of detail to this.

The back of the packaging is just as pretty as the front is. I'm glad to see there is a description in English. There's no ingredient list in English, so I'm not pleased with that at all. What I can gather from the front and back of the packaging is that the wand is shaped weird. It looks like three ovals attached to each other. Interesting.

" Fairy Drops was created by a Japanese TV personality to make you photogenic and give people a great first impression!!

Double!! 5 Kinds of treatment essences!!
Long time curl keep!!
Extra volume & long!!
Waterproof type!!
Deep Glossy Black!! "

Fairy Drop Platinum Mascara, waterproof type contains 5 kinds of treatment essence and fibers. This mascara fans your lashes out nicely while giving you volume and separates lashes. It does not smudge easily because of it's strong waterproof. Using results in a dramatic curl and longer looking eyes without your lashes becoming clumpy. Easily removed with makeup remover.

With all these claims, I'm sure this mascara works amazingly well.

I so love the design that's printed onto the tube of the mascara. Ribbons, diamonds, and eyes with long lashes are printed all around the tube in white, with the brand name on the handle of the mascara. The background is almost a rose gold/copper color. I like the contrast between the colors.

A close-up shot of the tube. So pretty! 

The label on the bottom of the tube. Mostly in Japanese, but the expiration date is there. 

Now for the most important aspect of this mascara other than the formula; the mascara wand. I really had to ask myself about this. Years ago, I owned a Fairy Drops Mascara, but it was long before I got into blogging. This wand is something I've never encountered before and was reintroduced to it with this wand.

It's slightly curved, but it waves in and out.

How does the formula perform?

The mascara curls, defines, volumizes, and lengthens as it said it would.


I honestly don't know how much I like this mascara. I love what it does for my lashes, but the formula is so... goopy to me. I'll apply it and it'll be okay, but in order for me to do any movement, i.e. rubbing my eyes, adding a shadow, applying circles lenses, I have to wait quite awhile for this mascara to full dry. I wasn't even able to get this mascara off with my oil foam cleanser, which normally gets any kind of makeup I have off.. The mascara just got clumpy and stuck my lashes together, which I then had to scrape the mascara off my lashes in order to get it off as much as I could. Maybe this mascara would come of better use if I wasn't in a hurry doing my makeup on a daily basis.

If you'd like to try this out for yourself : 

If anyone has any idea where to get this other than eBay, please leave a link in the comments.
You can also get this by purchasing a Tokyo Luxey Gift Box.

I hope you've enjoyed this review! Stay tuned for another Memebox unboxing!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Aw the packaging is so pretty! I never saw such a mascara wand before too, I usually just use a maybelline mascara and not these fancy japanese mascaras lol. I saw this mascara in Sasa, Bonjour and Colourmix for only around USD13$. I didn't know that this Mascara stays that well on the lashes and curls them that nicely, would have bought it then. It's a pity that it's hard to remove though >.< but most waterproof mascaras are like that I guess ;;;;

    1. This mascara really does wonders for my lashes. I think I need to give it a few more chances before I completely write it off. I love the packaging! lol Thanks for reading xoxo <3

  2. wow I see.. but it looks so good!
    Thanks for the review :3

  3. I reviewed the Platinum Film Type mascara from fairydrops a while ago and it is my favourite mascara at the moment. The filmtype mascara can be easily removed with warm water and stays during the day perfectly. :) Thanks for the review dear ♥

    1. I think I've had the Flim Type before [ it was in a silver tube if I'm not mistaken ] and I remember it just coming off so easily in the shower, but it's been YEARS, lol. Thank you for reading darling xoxo <3