Tuesday, August 19, 2014

♥ UNBOXING : Memebox Special #17 K-Style Cosmetics ! ♥

Hello lovies! The other day I got three Memeboxes in the mail! So many unboxings to do! I wanted to start with the K-Style Cosmetics box, not only because it's one of my favorite Memeboxes to date, but because I'm able to to a full made up face with these items. That being said, I WILL be doing a tutorial on how to use your K-Style Cosmetics box for an everyday makeup look, so stay tuned for that!

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Bbia Pigment 1.8g
Full Size Product : 1.8g [ $5 ]

Product Description
Glam up your eyes with jewel glitters with glides onto your eyelids smoothly with just enough pearly effect and, more than anything, lasts for all day and night! With Bbia's Pigment, it's possible to feature a glittery, real K-pop idol-like makeup in no time!

How To Use
Take out an adequate amount of the Pigment on it's lid and use your fingers to apply it to your eyelids.

I honestly don't know if I got one that was featured on the card because the bottom of the container says 03 as opposed to the 01 Mild, 02 Sour, or 04 Sweet the card says you'd receive. It resembles 02 Sour, so I'm assuming that's what it is. The shadow is really great quality and blends easily with your finger, but I find since it is a loose pigment, that fallout happens. 

awesome Aqua Radiance CC Cream 30ml
Full Size Product : 30ml [ $29 ]

Product Description
This all-in-one CC cream offers everything from balancing out skin tome & texture, treating fine lines & wrinkles, maintaining the moisture/oil balance, and covering up skin imperfection! There's no need to worry about which shade it is, because it doesn't chance the skin tone but rather brings out your most naturally glowing complexion.

How To Use
After skincare routine, apply generously over your face to simply moisturize or to ready the skin for the next step of makeup.

I tested this out on my hand the second I got it and I can say that it covers up fairly well. I'll need to really test it on my complexion. It smells fresh and has a pump for easy application! I'm thinking that maybe I need to use this more often as opposed to heavier BB creams.

RiRe Luxe Auto Gel Eyeliner Champagne 1ea
Full Size Product : 1ea [ $14 ]

Product Description
Waterproof, long-lasting, and smoothly applying, RiRe's Luxe Auto Gel Liner in Champagne works wonders for featuring the sweet baby pink daily makeup also highly popular amongst Korean ladies. It can be worn for work, dates, and even for a quick walk in the park with your dog.

How To Use
Apply a light shade of eyeshadow or powder before applying the eyeliner. Draw onto your eyelids with the liner and then apply a darker eyeliner to fill in between the lashes, for a more defined look. Apply the shadow under the eyes as a highlighter.

When I took the cap off of this one, the entire product slipped out, so it did get damaged during transit, but I was able to push it back in a fix the issue. This liner is a really pretty white/cream/almost a hint of pink liner with shimmers. It's a smooth pen. Really easy to work with. Doesn't rub off unless you're putting pressure down. There's also a sharpener hidden at the bottom of the liner to keep the tip sharp when worn down.

RiRe Lux Auto Gel Liner Choco Brown 1ea
Full Size Product : 1ea [ $14 ]

Product Description
Waterproof, long-lasting, and smoothly applying, RiRe's Luxe Auto Gel Eyeliner in Choco Brown is the perfect shade for featuring the popular softened yet defined eye makeup that Koreans so enjoy! After all, it's about how natural your makeup looks but at the same time how far from natural it really is.

How To Use
Apply a lighter shade of eye shadow or a powder before applying the eyeliner. Draw onto your eyelids with the liner, carefully finishing off with a clean tail and filling in between both upper and lower lashes.

I'm not a big fan of brown liners, but for the sake that this liner is just as good as the previous, I'm not going to complain. A brown with copper flecks. 

A'PIEU Full of Nature Mascara 4.3g
Full Size Product : 4.3g [ $3 ]

Product Description
The mascara brush and the setting wax formula combine to elongate your eyelashes and fit it up for a lasting finish. Various grain, berry, and flower extracts also help maintain healthy lashes.

How To Use
Use the eyelash curler first to shape the lashes. Then apply the mascara from the very ends of the lashes, going through in a zig-zag motion towards the very tips of the lashes.

I actually already own this product and I'm surprised to see that it's full sized... it's super small! It really just seems like your run of the mill mascara. I guess once I test it out, I'll really get a feel for it because I didn't even open the last one I got.

Shara Shara Femininie Blusher 1ea
Full Size Product : 1ea [ $7 ]

Product Description
Adorably cute and petite in its packaging, this blusher is extremely long-lasting with silica components which work to maintain your skin soft and silky. Plus, it's very easy to carry around and well be perfect for quick makeup fix-ups or finish-ups by adding some color and radiance to your pale cheeks.

How To Use
Use the included cushion puff to apply and blend in the blusher onto your cheeks.

I've never had a blusher so cute before! The packaging and the puff is cute. However, I don't think this blusher will be too opaque, which isn't bad, but I do like to see blush on my cheeks. This is another product I'm going to need to test. I received the shade OR201 Warm Apricot. 

Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow 3.5g
Full Size Product : 3.5g [ $24 ]

Product Description
Secret Key's Sweet Glam Tint Glow is a moisturizing, long-wear lip tint for adding a radiance and natural glow to your dry, dulled-out lips. Also it comes in 3 different colors - lovely Baby Pink, flower petal-like Juicy Orange, and vibrant & sexy Puscia Purple

How To Use
Apply the Tint Glow all over your lips. For featuring gradated lips, apply another layer of lipstick along the inner lip contours. 

I'm really thankful I didn't get the pink version of this, because I have a light and darker pink version of these tint glows. I would have much rather the purple version than the orange, but it doesn't look bad on my lips at all.

I still think this is one of my favorite Memeboxes to date. Everything was full sized and it's all items used for a full face of makeup. Of course I wish I would have gotten a different colored shadow and tint gloss, but I'm content with the ones I got anyway. I've already used the CC Cream today and I'm loving the mess out of it! A tutorial on usage of each of the products will definitely be done soon!

Hope you've enjoyed this unboxing!

Have a wonderful night!


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