Tuesday, April 8, 2014

REVIEW : Makeon ChokChok Shining CC Cushion!

Hello my lovies. I haven't posted in a minute.. I have good reason. Over the past weekend, I have been doing damage control, well, not so much control, on my hair. I've been trying to get my hair a silvery/lilacy/grey color. For three days, I toned & dyed the mess out of my hair. So bad that it needs a trim on the ends, but I'VE DONE IT. I've gotten the colors I want, so I will be doing a post about my blonde to the color I have now post. 

But for now, I'm going to get into depth with the CC Cushion I received from Memebox's Superbox #2. I've gotten a few requests to do a full on review of this, so let's get started!

The packaging is really simple. White with pink & holographic accents. There isn't much English on the package, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how to apply a cushion foundation/bb/cc cream on.

Outside of it's packaging, the CC Cushion's case is sleek white with holographic writing on top. I love how simple this looks as well as how compact this really is. It's smooth. The SPF of this CC Cushion is really high. Great sun protection.

Upon opening the Cushion case, there is a mirror, a puff, & the divider that separates the puff from the cushion. I actually really like how well made the packaging is. However, the puff is something I could live without. It's not soft like the Etude House puff is. It's much more abrasive like on my skin. I have to really moisturize before using this puff or I fear my face will start to flake before finishing my makeup.

Of course, there is a safety seal over the cushion to prove that it's sanitary & hasn't been used before. 

When I got this, I didn't know if there was any color to this CC Cream, so I ended up pressing my finger into the cushion to check & make sure there was something there. The cushion has no color to it, so I was worried that mine had nothing in it!

The CC is quite liquid. It's not runny to the point where it drips off of your hand or the cushion.  It's very easy to blend into my skin.

Swatch on hand.

Before                                                 After

This CC Cushion does block out the redness in my skin as well as covering some of my blemishes. Of course, being a CC Cream, it's not going to completely cover all of the imperfections that my skin has. What I like to do for a normal day of work, I apply the CC Cushion after my normal skincare routine, then I take my Missha concealer and dab that on certain areas on my face that need extra coverage. The staying power of the duo is wonderful. I applied this onto my face around 5:45 a.m. central time. At 2.15 p.m. central time, I checked my makeup... still flawless.

Overall, I'd have to say for my first CC Cushion experience, aside from the really rough puff that comes included with the Cushion, was really wonderful. I'm glad that this is easy to apply. It give the right amount of color control & a tiny bit of coverage for those days when I don't want to wear too much makeup. Perfect for those lazy days. Also perfect for those who don't like to wear too much makeup. If you have perfect skin, you DEFINITELY can get away with just applying this & some translucent powder to set. If you aren't a fan of that "dewy" look, then you may not want to buy this, but you can use some translucent powder to settle that.


If you'd like to try this product for yourself :

I've only been able to find this on Memebox's website.

I do highly recommend this to anyone. 

I hope you've enjoyed this review!

Please keep a look out for my hair post that I'll be doing in a few days. My ends need a trim after all the damage I put them through! 

Have a wonderful day, my lovies.


Disclaimer : These ARE the photos I used in the Memebox Superbox #2 Unboxing. Sorry for the repetition, but I felt there was no need to retake pictures. xoxo <3


  1. Woah, I've never heard about CC Cushion! Great idea :D
    and I love dewyfinish ><
    Maybe I should try this :D
    Thanks for the review ^^


    1. I think you definitely should try this out. It's a wonderful CC Cushion.
      Thanks for reading xoxo <3

  2. thank you for great review Mickee <3

  3. Pretty packaging a bit like banila co cc cushion ^^ but cheaper (I think) haha but it doesn't cover much as expected from cc xD thank you for your review Ashley!

    1. I might wanna try the Banila Co one now. Does the Banila Co CC Cushion cover better than this? Thanks for reading xoxo <3