Sunday, April 13, 2014

REVIEW: Missha Signiture Extreme Cover Concealer !

Hello there lovies. Hope you're all doing swell. Last night, I had a wonderful dream. I went shopping for cute clothes, went visit some friends, then went ice skating... that was all ruined when I noticed a HUGE ROACH on my shoulder. I woke up so quick! Ugh, I won't ever get used to those creepy crawlies! Thank goodness, it was just a dream. PHEW!

I've mentioned this a few times, even gotten my mom wanting to purchase one. I found it funny that I purchased this AFTER buying another concealer. Started using this one & I never went back.

Want to know why I rave about this so much?
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Getting into the review of this, I should let you know about my deal with dark circles. They aren't the darkest, but they are noticeable. I couldn't tell you how much sleep I get on a daily basis. I do know that I wake up very tired, as if I hadn't gotten much sleep at all. So, I do have a bit of brown-reddish purple dark circles. It's mostly right under my lash line. Even in the inner parts of my eye & a little further down can sometimes have a purple-ish tint.

Fancy packaging! Again, just like my Lioele BB Cream, this comes in a beautiful gold packaging with holographic accents. I need more gold products in my life. I think I'm becoming addicted.


Missha Signiture
Extereme Cover Concealer
SPF 30 / PA ++

[ UV Blocking Cosmetics ]
- No. 21 -

Pot type cream concealer to perfectly cover skin flaws.

* By effectively dispersing skin friendly Amino Acid Coating Pigment, it perfectly conceals skin flaws.

* Long lasting polymer improves not only adherence but long - last benefit and prevents moisture loss as a moisture shield.

* Containing brightening focus powder and double convex powder, it's reflection and scattering of light brightens up skin ton and dull complexions.

* Containing Glycerin, botanical butter and Collagen, it makes moist and elastic skin.

* It is handy to carry and comes with a concealer brush.


After using BB cream or foundation, take an appropriate amount on the brush and apply over the face. Pat with finger tops for better adherence.

1 ) To cover small area - Take an appropriate amount on the brush and dot it on the area and pat with finger tips for better adherence.

2 ) To cover a large area - Take an appropriate amount on the brush and spread it over the area and pat with finger tops for better adherence.


For external use only. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

Net. Wt. 10g


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Upon opening the box, there is the beautiful concealer pot as well as the brush that comes along with it.

The brush is small, but works alright. I have to clean this regularly or the concealer won't apply as nicely as I'd like it to. I really only use the brush when getting concealer out of the pot.

There's a divider between the concealer and the cap. It can be annoying at times, but it's good in case you travel with it & it starts to melt.

Lovely, creamy goodness. The pot can be annoying if you have longer nails like me & can't dip your finger in to get some product out, but no one should really do that, especially with the accompanying brush.

The concealer is very creamy & blends easily with your fingers.
I prefer to apply this to my face with the brush, then using a damp beauty blender & blend it into my skin.

Before                                               After

You can definitely tell the difference when the concealer is applied. 

What I love about this concealer is how amazing it works for my skin tone. It's very easy to blend with a beauty blender or your fingers. It lasts all day. Literally lasts all day.

In my Makeon ChokChok Shining CC Cushion review, I said that for my everyday makeup routine, I start off using the cushion, then I take this concealer & apply it in spots to my forehead, the bridge of my nose, under my eyes, to the sides of my nose, under my cheek bone, & to my chin & blend it all out with my beauty blender. It's perfect & flawless for me.


If you'd like to try this out for yourself :

Missha Haus - USD $20.00
Honest Skin - USD $14.10
Cosmetic-Love - USD $20.99
Koreadepart - USD $11.90
Twofacemall - USD $21.25
Qoo10 - USD17.90

I hope you've enjoyed this review! 
Have a wonderful day my beautiful lovies.



  1. nice review Mickee :) I see a significant change in you, the packaging is also very beautiful and luxurious ^_~

    1. Thank you for the wonderful compliment Winda! I'm doing my best work that I can :) Thanks for reading xoxo <3

  2. It blends really well on your skin. works wonderful. love the packaging too. is it cakey or not? esp for under eyes, and how about in hot weather?

    1. It's not cakey at all. The weather hasn't been very hot where I live lately so I can't accurately tell you if it works well with hot weather. It does stay on all day! Lol. Thanks for reading xoxo <3

  3. It looks great! How does it fare with creasing though? I have an under eye line from hell that I can't seem to make work with anything. Ashley, I'm getting old.


    1. Thanks boo. I think since I don't blend out with my fingers, the concealer doesn't crease as much as others have under my eyes. I have those weird under eye creases... if it creases at all, it's only slight & easily blended back into your skin & stays that was for the rest of the day.

      You're not getting old be quiet. :p

      Thanks for reading xoxo <3