Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sunshine Blogger Award!

The beautiful Fräulein of Berries in the Snow nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you so much. You rock!

I totally enjoy answering questions, but I suck at asking them, so let's see how I do with this nomination!

 Here are the rules:
1.  Post a picture of the Sunshine Award
2.  Post 11 random facts about yourself
3.  Answer 11 questions from the nominating blogger
4.  Link back to the blogger who nominated you
5.  Nominate 11 wonderful blogger, that you feel bring sunshine to the blogging world. (Be sure to notify them)
6. Write 11 questions for your nominated blogger

So for random facts, I'm gonna get a bit weird for this one.

1. This one is going to sound so weird, but I want to get what I feel is this most odd fact about me out of the way. I'm sure most of you have seen Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure. The theme song? That plays in my head many times a day. It's playing in my head now. I've officially made it my personal theme song... I don't know why >.< Don't judge!

2. I'd rather watch someone play a game over Youtube than actually play myself, unless it's Dark Cloud 2, Final Fanstay X-2, or the Final Fantasy XIII games. I enjoy seeing the players reaction.

3. I'm addicted to watching creepypasta videos. I like being creeped out. 

4. I've researched the Silent Hill franchise more than I'd like to admit. In fact, I wanted the first movie, & as soon as it was over, I had a sense of self, as if I knew that I was worth more than I thought I was. Like there was something destined for me. 

5. I refuse to watch the Human Centipede & most classic horror. I think the whole killer aspect chasing around people to murder them boring. I prefer movies with haunts or ghosts.

6. I'm a plus sized beauty who wishes she could wear certain clothes, but worry I won't pull it off. Cute pastel skater dresses, or cute shorts & tops with thigh highs. I want to be able to wear those things & feel good about myself.

7. I have a hard time blogging when I get home, so I work from work! I feel I can easily think while I'm at work. Plus it's easier to blog at work since I have to tend to little ham.

8. I fear little ham growing up. I have this ongoing thought that I will lose him or something else. I'm paranoid when it comes to little ham. As much as I want him to grow up, I want him to stay little. I cherish every moment with him.

9. I secretly wish I could be granted magical powers to create the best environment for my family, so that we want for nothing. Dreams, baby!

10. I'm easily annoyed, especially in the last year or so. I feel like I never actually have time to process anything.

11. To liven this up, I consider myself a on-the-spot comedienne, meaning, I don't pre-think funny lines, they just happen. I'd do horrible if I took it up as a career, but I love making people laugh by being as stupid as I can possibly be & making funny remarks to certain situations. I think laughing is one of my favorite things to do.

That's it. I figured if you guys really want to know me, you can deal with my weirdness as well.

Now, onto the questions!

1. What's your favorite must-have beauty product?
In terms of skin care, it's a toss up between facial wash & moisturizer. I shift between brands of them both every so often. For makeup, concealer. You can use it to conceal certain blemishes for days when you barely want makeup, or use it all over.

2. What do you prefer : reading a book or listening to an audio book?
Reading. I like to create my own images & voices of the characters in the books & if someone is reading it to me, I feel like I'm unable to grasp the story like it needs to be.

3. What made you laugh today?
My little ham. He's adorable when he wakes up in the morning. He likes to get dressed & head straight for his Nina & Pop's room to tell them good morning.

4. Potato-chips or Chocolate?
Oh, tough one. Salty chips or sweet chocolate? Since neither is necessarily healthy for me at the moment.... I'D STILL PICK CHOCOLATE. 

5. Your favorite spring color?
Pastels & Peaches. I'm living the spring dream with my lavender hair. 

6. You prefer watching DVD/Bluray or going to the cinema?
I DEFINITELY prefer a night at home with movies. I really dislike being around crowds of people. Plus you can pause the movie if you have to use the bathroom or need to grab more snacks & there's a bed to lay on with pillows & blankets & cuddles.

7. Are there any items you are potentially hoarding?
That's easy. Korean cosmetics. 

8. What is your weakness?
Little ham. I'm also a sucker for my close friends. I can't see any of them in pain & I feel a deep sense to help out in any way I can. 

9. Your favorite ice cream?
Chocolate chip cookie dough has been an ongoing favorite for years. Only recently has that changed to Ben & Jerry's Core Ice Cream, Hazed & Confused. 

10. Tea or coffee?
I drink coffee on a weekly basis, but if I had to choose, tea for sure. Green tea. <3

11. Do you prefer BB creams or CC creams or foundation?
BB creams. CC creams don't cover completely & some foundations are too heavy for me.

I'm horrible at asking questions. I think most, if not all the bloggers I'm subscribed to have gotten this award before. If I am wrong, someone tell me, I can totally do my best to ask some questions. LOL ^^;

Hope you've enjoyed getting to know a little more about me. Don't think I'm too weird, okay??

EDIT:  My lovely Misa nominated me as well for this award, so I am going to include her questions here as well. :D

1. What music you listen to when blogging?
Sometimes, I don't really listen to music, but if I choose to, it's the playlist I have up on my page, especially " Laura Plays the Piano ". It has an eerie sound to it, but it calms && helps me focus when I'm ready to blog.

2. What's your favorite hair product?
My Shimmer Lights Shampoo & Conditioner. Helps keep my hair it's color.

3. Have you ever had writers block before?
I have writers block all the time. It's why I am so late at posting most of my reviews. I try to do review posts at work when I have nothing to do so I can focus on getting some done.

4. If you ever get the chance, which country would you like to visit? Why?
Asia, more specifically, Japan. I picked Japan over Korea because I've been in love with Japan as long as I could remember, but of course I'd visit Korea in a heartbeat.

5. Do you buy brand or off brand clothes?
I buy whatever looks cute on myself, but I haven't even had the time to purchase any clothes lately... 

6. What's your daily night routine?
It depends on how tired I am, but I shower, wash my face after, get dressed, & put my facial oils, cream, etc on.

7. What's your favorite circle lens brand?
I don't really have a favorite brand.

8. What pet would you like to have and raise if you could choose one?
I'd love to have a cat, but I'm deathly allergic to them.

9. Do you like dewy or matte?
In between.

10. What was the last movie you watched?
200-lbs Beauty. I don't know what language it was since it had captions, but it was such a feel good movie about loving yourself for who you are.

11. When you're not feeling good, what do you usually do to cheer you up?
I normally buy things, but I've been trying to save up my money for other things.


Have a wonderful day!


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  1. I know you just posted this but I also nominate you for sunshine blog award XD

    ps. I didn't know you like being creeped out XD