Thursday, January 2, 2014

MALL HAUL: Forever21 & Journey's!

Hello again my lovies. As I said in my last review, I'd be back with a Mall Hall post! My first haul of the new year. I'm starting to buy more clothing items now since I had this fear I'd always just wear what I had. There's so many cute clothing options for bigger women like me that there is NO EXCUSE for me not to be able to dress as cutely as I want to be. I think one of my New Year's Resolutions is to limit my spending but buy an equal amount of clothing as I do cosmetics, so that I'm able to have enough of each.

Let's start with what I purchased at Forever21.

I have been searching high & low for a well fitting blazer & I just so happened to be searching around the coats & found one right for me. I'm super happy about this since I've been looking for this exact style of blazer for years.

The inside is a faux silk material.

Also with "pockets" for decoration. They don't open.
This blazer retails for $32.80 & was the most expensive item I purchased at Forever21.

I picked up this super comfy mustache sweater. I'm not a huge fan of mustaches, but I like how simple & cute it looks as well as how comfy the material of the sweater is. Soft!

Anyone who loves mustaches would love this.
This sweater retails for $22.80 but was on sale for $15.99.

Next, I bought this pretty blue & black knit long sleeved top. I was hoping to find another color, but this was all they had. I might have loved this better in white or creme, but I still love the overall look of this top.

The detail is super pretty. I'm not sure how to describe it.
This knit top retails for $22.80 but was on sale for $15.99.

Next, I decided on getting this Ivory Knit Top after deciding that I could wear a strapless bra with it & it would look really cute with some jeggings.

I was wary of the lace detailed top, but I will try my best to style it accordingly.
This knit top retails for $19.80 but was on sale for $13.99.

The last shirt I bought from Forever21 is a Logo Top. It looks a bit more tough than what I would normally go for, but I love how comfortable I feel while wearing this.

The logo is pretty cool.

The shoulders have this sort of faux suede material that almost makes it look like leather.
This top retails for $19.80 but was on sale for $13.99.

This next item I almost bought one time before when I thought they were on sale, but came back when I got an email that all booties & boots are 50% off.

Aren't these adorable! I'm so happy I decided to bring these to the checkout counter for a second opinion on if they were on sale, bc one sales associate told me they weren't listed under "bootie" so thank you to the awesome cashier/worker/sales associate that checked me out that day. I love these so much. 

These are taupe wedges with faux sheep fur around the flipped top of the shoes. Super comfy as well.

A closeup of the faux fur. It's quite soft.
These wedges retail for $36.80 but I got them on sale for about $18 and some change.

Really successful haul from there.

Next & last item I bought was from Journey's.

Leopard print Vans! I needed a better work shoe than flip flops & decided I needed a pair of lace up shoes period. I was worried these would make me look like I had clown feet, but they don't at all. These are very comfortable & I look forward to wearing these.

A closeup of the shoes detailing. I love leopard print.
These Vans retail for $54.99.
I also bought some white no-show socks to wear with these.

Well, that's pretty much it for my first Mall Haul of 2014. I love everything I bought so much.
Here's to the start of a wonderful 2014!

Hope you've enjoyed this Mall Haul.

Have a wonderful day! <3




  1. Omg I love everything in this haul!!! The lacy shirt is so cuteeeee I also love the shoes you pick :D

    1. Thanks Sis :D The shoes are my favorite part of the haul! <3

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    1. Thank you Hina, I'll be checking your blog out ASAP.
      Thank you for following & reading! <3

  3. LOVE this haul! :D I was just at F21 yesterday (and the day before...) and am totally loving their stuff lately. That "bound for glory" shirt is my favourite in here! :D <3 Tough girl swag buahhaahaa. <3

    1. Thanks June! <3 I've been loving F21 lately as well. I remember when they never used to have plus sized clothing but now I'm happy that they do. I love that shirt as well. It was the first one I picked up :3.
      Thanks for reading doll! <3

    I looove Forever 21. <3 I always find the cute thing there for an amazing price. Need to check later if their boots sale is still on.
    Thank you for sharing! <3

    1. I literally couldn't leave either store without getting them. It was fate that I found the last size 8 at F21. I love their sale rack. I just wish they had way more of a selection of clothes in the plus sized section, lol.
      I think the sale ended on the first.
      Thank you for reading, <3

  5. LOvely haul ^^

    恵美より ♥